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  1. If you could climb into a machine and live out your perfect life would you. Anything you wanted and you wouldn't know it was fake , would you and what would you choose?
  2. No, I wouldn't. My life isn't perfect, but it's blessed with two beautiful kids. Anything that I would change would involve a better future for them.
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  4. This is a first, and probably only, time I've been told someone loved me with such animated images. ;) Thanks.
  5. Humans by nature need disorder and failures. Through which we strive to evolve and adapt in an impossible feat to obtain what we perceive as perfection. If we ever find ourselves on the top of this ladder of progression life would become dull. With no longer a need to improve one would find them complacent. And a complacent being is a weak being. Furthermore the long term psychological effect of living in a utopia like state would be frustrating. Perhaps even maddening...

    Your mind and body will know that the conjured reality was a fake. There is an episode of the old twilight zone in which a robber is killed and wakes up. An old man tells him he is in paradise and everything he desires will be his. He gets every girl, money and social status he ever wanted. But the problem is he couldn't fail. Everything lost its flavor for it was simply handed to him. In the end he cries out and the old man reappears. He tells him that he is in the wrong place and wishes to go to hell. The old man chuckles and informs him he was already there, never once did he say this as heaven.

    The moral of that story is that getting everything you ever wanted is a curse. If not merited...

    I believe this episode resonates well in expressing my problem with thequestion posed.
  6. I wouldn't. Life might suck a lot of times, but I'd see it as quitting on myself and everyone I love if I left it all to live in a fantasy world. I'd probably do that if I was losing control on my life completely. In that case, I'd flee to a land where I can roll amongst the panda bears, practice lightsaber battles, eat all the cupcakes I want, and have a farm of cats... Yisss...

    Heh, anyway. There are too many challenges and goals in my life that I want to achieve. Ain't no way I'll abandon that.
  7. I would advance human civilization far into the future, figuring out modern problems in only a matter of hours. Bringing about a new golden age to society as we launch into space exploration with unprecedented force and aggressiveness.

    Because who doesn't want to go into space and explore?