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If you could unsee a movie:

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lovie, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Which would it be?

    What movie(s) were just a waste of money, a loss of braincells, and just a waste of time to see?

    The top ones on my list would be Bruno. >>; That movie was...*no comment* e.e; Though, I did like the end, the rest of the movie was a horror to the eyes. D:
    And then there's Twilight... *shiver* Sparkling vampires...*shiver* D:

    So, again, which would it be for you?
  2. Well I have never subjected myself to Twifag heresy, I have seen a couple of movies that I want to unsee, mostly "horror" movies that were just a gore/tit-fest with no actual horror....not even a slight shiver, case in point Slither.
  3. OTTO. That movie was terrible. D:< Instead of a fun a quirky zombie romance, it was some deep and artistic metaphorical nonsense about gay love. I hatew artsy metaphorical crap.

    And there was something called Taintlight. c___c We were expecting a funny Twilight spoof, but it ended up being really disturbing in all the unfun ways.
  4. Bruno. A part of me says that I'll need a great memory wipe, but I take consolation in the possibility that I'll never see anything more sanity-fraying.

    Bloodrayne. Ugh, why did I even go to the theatre for this? It was fucking unremarkable by a longshot.
  5. Street Fighter, Van Damme style
  6. I agree with Nick, Bruno was an awful movie.

    Anything staring Charlie Sheen.
  7. Crippling Creek, I love crappy horror movies, but this was just people drinking for an hour being stupid, then 5 minutes of a sad excuse of a storyline at the end. Plus it looked like it was taped on a cell phone.

    OH I didn't even think of Taintlight....*shiver* Just BAAAAADDD!!!!
  8. Aliens Vs. Predator
  9. This. Then I watch horror I want to be scared shitless.
  10. I got two. One - Meet the Spartans = a Loss of Brain Cells.

    Two would Twilight. Now, its an alright movie when you understand they aren't vampires just fairies that need animal blood to thrive on. But I had a room mate that swore the books were awesome (I went back and read them after watching the movies and they're alright) and the previews I saw showed some awesome action flicks. So me and a male buddy went to the movies and from our selection we chose Twilight based off of my room mates opinion and the previews... What a terrible, terrible evening. Two guys, sitting next to each other sharing pop corn watching Twilight.