If you could pick any anime, which one would you live in?

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  1. Pick an anime that you see yourself living in, or that you would really like to live in!

    As for me..

    Fuck this is hard... probably Black Butler. I want a demon butler/maid.

    Or Attack on Titan. I'd like to slay some Titans and meet Captain Levi.

    Maybe if I'm feeling daring, I could be in Future Diary, or Death Note, or maybe even Blue Exorcist.. or, I could be in Another.

    Might consider Date A Live; or the universe of Wolf Children.

    But what if I want Slice of Life? I could just be in the Ouran High School Host Club. I could meet the hosts.

    Then again, I like video games, and Sword Art Online could really make me SO happy.

    ..but I also kinda wanna bend blood like Ganta in Deadman Wonderland..

    So many choices!
  2. Vampire Knight.
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  3. nasuverse is best verse
  4. Earthland from Fairy Tail


    Earth in Dragonball Z
  5. Log Horizon might be neat.

    The rest would probably end up with me dead.
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  6. Eureka Seven. It's a colourful, happy world, filled with stuff that won't get me horrible horrible murdered.
  7. Pretty much any Studio Ghibli film. Because fantastical landscapes and my chances of surviving my adventure would be pretty good. Even if I were a villain.

    And the food.
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  8. Where would I choose if I got dragged to hell and had to decide which Anime to be trapped in for all eternity?

    I suppose Ghost in the Shell. It has wires and boobs and stuff.
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  9. Now if that world also has anime physics that the show had I would pick Earth in Gurran Laggan, cause who doesn't want to be a badass mech pilot.
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  10. Yup, Studio Ghibli film for me too. Spirited Away is my favorite movie so if I could go there I'd be happy. Just not working at a bathhouse. >_>
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  11. Wasn't that about giant robots surfing on rainbows in the sky?

    Is it worth watching?

    My wife thinks Soul Eater would be fun going to the meister. Or Steins:gate if she was allowed to be a lab member.
  12. Log Horizon's world looks absolutely beautiful to me. I really wouldn't mind living in a virtual world where I couldn't really 'die' and where I could have cool skills, hang out with friends and go on raids.
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  13. Yeah. It's pretty good. It's made for a younger audience (there's a lot of angst) but it has some truly admirable and likable characters, and the aesthetics are sheer eye candy. After a few episodes, it'll start hitting you with whammy episodes too. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worth watching.
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  14. Mang, I'd love to be in the world of Yozakura Quartet. Probably not as 'beautiful' of a world as all those other settings, but it feels like such a chill place to be. Of course, there's that whole 'apocalypse' thing that's gonna come around, but meh, it's worth it to be amongst such a colorful cast of kewl dudes.
  15. Since I am a romance and supernatural addict at heart I'm going with @Alexa . We shall be wreaking havoc together in the Cross Academy xD

    That and being a vampire there with plant powers would be great. Blood whips too! And I wanted either Artemis Scythe or Bloody Rose xD
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  16. Pokemon, durr.
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  17. This was my answer, verbatim.

    As fantastical as the other universes might be... My god, they're all crapshoots.
  18. Maybe probably Shugo Chara

    It'd take me a lot of thinking to decide lol T w T
  19. Oh hell

    Pokemon is a good one like @Minibit had mentioned, and I'd be a badass dragon tamer

    Ouran High School Host Club would be an absolute yes! Twins, here I come <3

    Spirited Away's bathhouse and general magic would be lovely, an interesting place for sure

    I'd even enjoy being in the world of Infinite Stratos, as long as I could stay the hell out of the harm -.-
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  20. Yes, the twins! <3

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