If you could only listen to 3 CD’s for the rest of your life, which would they be?


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If you could only...

Listen to 3 CD's for the rest of your life, which would they be? And why?



Buckethead - Decoding The Tomb of Bansheebot

Cause this is when he began to start playing with random artists. The level of improv is amazing.

Megadeath - Rust in Peace

Torando of Souls. What more do you want?

Tool - Lateralus

Because everytime I hear Lateralus, I get this feeling that I have such incredible potential... I don't really know why.
Genders You Prefer Playing
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
Moderate to aggressive.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Genre You DON'T Like
I'll try just about anything. I'm not overly into RPs where the prime focus is romance. I'm not too hyped on fan based anime rp either.
Iron Maiden - Power Slave

Powerslave is probably my favorite album of all time. I got my first copy when I was like 7 or 8 and I've never gotten sick of it, its amazing.
(Favorite songs - Aces high, Powerslave and The Rhyme of the ancient mariner)

Metallica - Master of Puppets

Master of puppets always gets me Pumped up, so if I ever needed workout/rage music this would be good to have. Also Its just a great album; All the songs Kick ass.
(FSs - Disposable Heros and Orion)

Opeth - Orchid

Opeth is a very original metal band, and this is my favorite album by them. There is so much variety in this album.
(FS- Twilight is my robe....this song is amazing from start to finish)