If You Could Have A Super Power To Use For Mundane, Everyday Events, What Would It Be?

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  1. Ok, so the title is pretty self-explanitory- If you could have a super power, any super power, to use for normal, day-to-day activities, what power would you choose?
  2. To become healthy and function exceptionally by eating fatty foods.​
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  3. The ability to levitate objects so I wouldn't have to climb scary ladders to put boxes away on the tippity top of the backroom shelves at work ._.
  4. I'd like to be able to go about my days on no sleep. Sleeping is such a waste of time.
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  5. To be able to point at a pile of laundry and have it fold its self.
  6. Oh the fatty foods one would definitely be one to take.

    But I want endless amount of energy. >=] Probably the same kind of wish as not needing sleep but eh.
  7. I want the power to obliterate dust! So I never ever have to dust! 8D
  8. The power to always have no less than $100 in my wallet every single time I open it.
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  9. The ability to mute people without actually muting them; they are mute to me, all I see is their lips moving, but no sound, but they themselves are still talking. Not like being deaf, I can still hear my music or movie, just not them.
  10. The snoopy power where I automatically know someones face behind the username or avatar >:D

    In Diana's case it would be seeing through the sticky note hehehe :P

    I'm a snoopy person okay? No judging xD
  11. I would want to be able to glimpse 3-45 seconds ahead in time so I can anticipate awkward moments and head them off. Guy about to walk into a tree while texting? Random superpower moment, remind him to look up every once in a while. Got caught picking my nose? Nope, not gonna pick it anymore, I know someone's watching. I would also baffle my mother and have her convinced I suddenly got really really really good at Jeopardy.

    Also, it would sometimes save me from l'esprit de l'escalier (lit. the spirit of the staircase, or that moment when you think of the perfect comeback when it's too late to deliver it.) and make myself seem really suave.
  12. Flight so I never have to climb a ridiculously long staircase to get from the parking lot to the campus proper in Southern Californian heat again.
  13. I'd want to be able to see the stories of how objects managed to get wherever they happened to be. Especially antiques. Who built them, why, for what purpose, for who?
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  14. I actually have that superpower. I developed my concentration and not-giving-a-shit-ability to the point I can voluntarily phase in/out ANYTHING. Of course I look like a fucking asshole when I do it and people catch on it (it's essentially a non-verbal "Sorry, I don't give a damn so I wasn't listening. Got anything interesting to say?"), but damn it's useful.

    It can be scary though. I can actually hear the silence behind the noise.

    To answer the question, omnipotence. Sure it's a slippery slope, but as stupid as it sounds I just would love to cut corners on many things. Don't feel like commuting? I can either just fly there or just BE there. No resources to do something? Whatcha talking about, it's right there!

    So yeah. I would use omnipotence just to be actually able to do stuff that I actually want to do without jumping through hoops.

    Although I guess a cubic metric kilofuckshittonne and a half of money would have the exact same effect for all intents and purposes.
  15. (this seems to pop up every once in a while)

    True shape shifting, not that half assed version you see in the comics either.
    What I'm talking about is complete an total modification of the self, not limited simply to the shapes of other creatures or people, or even normal biological properties. To be limited, body and mind, only by myself
  16. Mind reading so I can help my students say what they really mean. >_>
    Teleportation for perfect attendance! Takes me 1h30m to get ready for work.
    While I'm at it, the ability to speak every darn language! This one is theoretically doable.
  17. THE ABILITY TO CONTROL ALL SOURCES OF TIME! Basically, I just want to sleep in an extra 5 minutes and never be late for work and classes.
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  18. Fair enough; but sometimes, people's stupid is hard to ignore. Especially when they follow you out of the library and won't stop talking.
  19. I can make myself "hallucinate", in a sense, an armada of rocket-powered helicopters, sound et al. Your point is moot. If I can't phase them out through silence, I can out-noise them.

  20. Some of us are a little bit more quiet than you. Not everyone is a boisterous young lad who makes situations such as that so funny, some of us choose the quieter way of ridding ourselves of said problem. anyways, I'm gonna stop plaguing this wonderful young poster's thread, this is spam. We could continue the conversation via message if you should desire it.