If you could get away with it...

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  1. We're usually raised as good contributing members of society. Follow the rules, behave, and all that jazz.

    But sometimes we just wish we do something bad and get away with it. Cause it just needs to be done.

    What is something you would do if you were sure you could get away with it?

    Pick your favorite roleplay character. What is the one thing THEY wish they could get away with?
  2. Pedestrians and bikers that cross in front of me without any good reason while I am driving... While I really can't wish true harm to them, I still want to hit the jerks... Same for drivers that ignore crosswalks.... Can I just hit people upside the head when they are stupid in general???

    Well I was gonna say Babs would like to get away with murder.... Except she has and likely will again given a reason. Babs is crazy of course though.

    And everything I can think Cythina might want to do she likely will get to as part of her job.

    Sasha might like to repeat the whole space whale in the public pool stunt again....

    Man, my characters get away with all sorts of shit!
  3. Steal top-secret access to the governments nukes and detonate them.
  4. Steal information documents and hard evidence in a way that forceably Pulls the proverbial stick from the american governments ass and reveal the truth about aliens. yes or no, that way everyone can stop wasteing their time worryign about if their existance. does the goevernment really think such knowledge is going to destroy economies, ruin peace treaties or create riots?

    Uhm.. i don't have any char.'s to get away with anything yet, Haven't developed theri personalities in RP enough yet
  5. Blow something up. O.O
    It would be awesome.
  6. I would make being a highway man popular again.
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  7. Kokei wouldn't mind going to an all girl school and flipping some skirts.
  8. For more normal desires, I'd love to be able to go to my Physics professor and tell him EXACTLY what I think of him. Needless to say, he probably wouldn't want to put it on his resume. In fact, I'm planning to do so after my graduation; would be kinda suicidal right now.

    Also, I wish I had the courage to steal my Biochemistry professor's cactuses. Why? 'Cause he has turned this school year in a living hell for us and he takes great pride in his cactuses. Besides, it seems like the most epic theft ever. I would break into his house, bypass all the locks and take NOTHING but the cactuses. Police'd be confused as hell :D

    Last but not least, I want to blow up our laboratory. So far, I have experienced only two explosions (one thanks to improper usage of sodium, the other... Well, I don't even remember) and they were rather boring, without any interesting effects... And someone else caused them. I desire my very own explosion, and grand one at that! :D
  9. I'd like to absolutely ruin the lives of the "dumb" kids in my English class. You know the ones. The ones that keep chortling and being smartasses and slowing things down? I'd like to ensure that each and every one of them lives a life of utter depression, pain, and fear. Then again, I imagine they're doing that to themselves, so I guess I shouldn't worry.

    King Cerril El Estafador would really like to blow up anyone who opposed him.
  10. Release a new plague that wipes out a huge portion of the human race and leaves the rest with some kind of unique genetic trait.

    To kill/destroy all the god's who manipulate existence. - ???
  11. I'd rob a bank. I would want to wear the mask and everything. Just to see what it would be like. And obviously for money and all that. XD I wouldn't hurt anyone though. That's pretty mean. But yeah just for money.
  12. Go the ten items or less line in the super market, even though I clearly have more than ten items. Cut the tags off of mattresses. Eat grapes in the store. Expose my bare ankles.

    Getting all excited, best settle down. :|
  13. You bitch, I keel you!
  14. I would hijack a plane and make the pilot take me to southern california so I can see my best friend.

    Thenn from there I would steal all of his mother's fresians and keep them.

    I would make a secret Headquarters all for me, with awesome rooms with hidden trap doors and rooms, etc.
  15. Sometimes I have the urge to scream at people and throw things? I think the one thing I'd love to do is to unleash hell on my highly conservative family members. And come out of the closet. That'd be nice.

    For my characters... Hm. Depending on the Dom (there's a billion of them) he wants to totally make out with Arty and then hit him. Or hit him and then make out with him. He's unsure which should come first. Also. WALLSEX. ANGRY ANGRY WALLSEX.

    Brody would like to get away with taking his shirt off at a beach and not feeling like a beached glow in the dark whale or have kids tease him.