If you could choose, what fictional universe would you love to live in?

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  1. Of all the fictional universes that exist, from any medium be it film, or literature, or video game, which of these universes, if given the chance, would you like to live and participate in?


    Star Wars, no doubt.
  2. Star Wars for me, too. Obviously. :B

    If not that, then the world of Pokemon, fo sho. I want to catch them all and become the Pokemon Master. I'd also use my Pokemon's powers to rule the world. *evilnerdface*
  3. Robotech. No doubt.
  4. Demonic fantsy... I have an obssesion with Incubus demons
  5. For me, pretty much anything that allows me cyberware or it's equivalent.
  6. I would live in the 'Verse of Firefly so I could be a gun toting cowgirl and whiz around in a spaceship.
  7. Doctor Who.
  8. *highfives Lunatic*

    That's one of my choices. But the universe of Final Fantasy. Which one, though, I'm not sure.

    ... Or maybe Pokemon. For reasons Fluffy has already described.

    ... Although, being a Mage in the world of Fairy Tail would be awesome...

    ... Then again, I could use Saidin, if I chose the universe of the Wheel of Time...

  9. Lol I get you Moon
  10. Moon, Demons run when a good man goes to war.
  11. In choosing universes, I take into consideration the happiness of the average person in the setting.

    -40k is good, but only if I'm Ork or Dark Eldar. Seriously. Orks thrive on krumpin'. Nothing like punching the boy next to you for his teef. Death is trivial and even funny. Meanwhile, everyday Dark Eldar life in Commoragh is dynamic, where everyone is high as a kite, toying with slaves all day, jerking off to gladiatorial matches, going out into the Materium once in a while to fetch playthings, all while competing with their neighbors for dominance. I'm willing to bet that even the pizza delivery boys are hardcore.

    -Homeworld? What? Why did I even mention this? Civilians are almost a myth in here, much like 40k. Dunno. Maybe being Bentusi would be worthwhile.

    -Starcraft. Huh. While being in the Space West can seem carefree, I don't like the thought of Zerg showing up at my doorstep, what with most Terran organizations being uncaring assholes. Might as well stay on Earth. At least everyone speaks English there.

    -Fallout is pretty much a shithole. I'd be lucky if I became a Ghoul running a business in the NCR, and even that isn't easy. The only other good things to be are either prospectors or fucking raiders, which are actually better. Being part of the Enclave would qualify if they didn't work exactly like the government that was happy with screwing up the rest of the world in the first place.
  12. Kicking around in Firefly's 'Verse would be some pretty epic shit, I gotta agree with Tiri on that one.

    Other than that, bring on the dark future of Cyberpunk. I wanna replace my internal organs with bioware and become an unscrupulous black-ops mission operator.
  13. Phyrexia, I want to be remade into a corrupt machine. Besides everyone knows in magic that the word Phyrexia automatically makes you three times cooler.

    Star Trek, because I love the whole system of trying to better yourself than paying to better yourself. Truly means I can do what I want so long as I show the motivation to.

    Poke'mon-mon-mon-mon-mon. Simply because
    Show Spoiler

    Doctor Who only if I could travel with the doctor instead of be the guy that stays on earth and chats with him every ten episodes.

    Think that just about does it. I would say final fantasy but usually that means your either with an oppressive government or your with the good guys trying to fight the entire government + monsters + summons (depending what game you decide on) + Ancients.
  14. I LOVE the Firefly universe, but I am so terrified of Reavers that I couldn't live there by choice. O____O

    I'd have to go with the Star Wars Universe, or perhaps from Terry Prachetts' Discworld. XD
  15. The world of Final Fantasy X-2! Everything's so pretty there and I love the level of technology and fun. I'd hike up and down that world so often. Of course if I had a choice I'd love to be an Al Bhed.
  16. Oz would be cool. Also Middle Earth.
  17. The Nine Kingdoms from the movie 'The Tenth Kingdom.'
    Or the Old Kingdom from the 'Old Kingdom Trilogy'.
    ...Or maybe just goddamn 'Plansecape', from, well 'Planescape.'
  18. Heaven sounds cool...of course, I'm assuming it's actually fiction here...
  19. Rurouni Kenshin. Think about it. Even world-weary heroes who have backgrounds that give them every right to be ultra-angsty "dark" antiheroes instead choose (and succeed!) to be immensely upstanding, polite, and Lawfully Good paragons. Even Lawful Neutrals like Aoshi and Saitou end up having paladin-like moments. Also, Shukuchi is my favorite supermove ever. Also katanas. Lots of katanas.

    Yes, surprisingly, I went with the universe with the most optimistic view of Lawful Good instead of, say, the Batman universe. Mainly because of all the retcons that make me rage.