If you could be a Pokemon...

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  1. As the title states if you could be a Pokemon who would you be? Before someone starts Legendaries are out of the question. Overpowered and just ridiculous.


    Similar to the Your Familiar thread. If you had to choose one Pokemon to have who would you choose? Who knows this may be different then if you were to actually be a Pokemon.

    Thanks to Pokemon talk earlier XD

    If I were to choose one to have, it would be Salamance pretty much hands down. Or Scizor he rocks too. Hmm or Ditto I mean change into anything? heck yeah.

    Also here is a link to a picture list of them all.



  3. I only know anything about the very first set of pokeymanz. t___t I dun know anything about the newer ones!

    I'd prolly be a pichu. >>

    I'd like to have a Psyduck or a Ditto! >:D
  4. Ninetails, vulpix or evee.
  5. Well since I have take a couple Pokemanz quizzes in Facebook, I always end up with Mewtwo...So I guess I am Mewtwo.
  6. yuggernaugt.

    as CoD6 Juggernaught Yuggernaught.
  7. I would love to be an Arcanine! XD

    Flight... awsome psycik powazz badass backstory and and and PSYKIK POWAZ!
  9. If you are going to say a Legendary then choose another Pokemon that isn't. Because who wouldn't want to be a Legendary? I want to see how we choose, based off of our personalities.
    Though truly that is up to you.
  10. Abra then

  11. I'm practically a ditto anyways.

    But I was always a fan of the squirtle family.
  12. I like Abra. I would take Abra over any of the legandary pokemon.
  13. *Watches Seiji teleport away*


    So hard to catch those buggers.
  14. Here is what we will be using for character template.

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  15. Shame that Seiji hasn't posted yet... *teleports away*
  16. Well if I were to be a poke'mon I'd probably be something like Haunter or Gengar. Those two always are cool cuz they are ghosts.

    As for owning a familiar it would be an Eevee. So versatile they are just right for me.
  17. Hmm, probably a Starmie is who I'd be most like. Or Electivire. Hard to decide, both are my favorites.

    As far as familiars go, Mew. Mewtwo? PIFT, Mew can learn ANY TM or HM, and almost any move. The original is far more versatile than the clone, although not nearly as intimidating or cool looking. But almost any move, it can do a lot.. Shooting thunder, fire, water, psychic blasts, etc, flying, diving, rock climbing, transforming, etc.

    If I can't choose Mew as a familiar, Smeargle then. He CAN learn any move, just has to see it in use to copy it. :P
  18. Its a toss up between Alakazam and Blaziken.
  19. Persian or rapidash or gyarados or hypnos or or or lapris or or or dragonair

    Can you tell that I can't decide?

    For a familliar, I'd pick one of those as well.
  20. HRM...

    Espeon and Umbreon get much love from me, though Grovyle and Shedinja are coolio, that lightning sheep is cute, and Gardevoir is pretty..there's also that unique electric ghost thing.

    In the end my POKEMON PAL would probably be an Espeon, because psychics are kinda cool, and the ghost electric guy is possibly a legendary.