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  1. Imagine you are a character in a modern, realistic world very much like the one we know offline. Imagine if you just happened to know some form of martial arts. One style is all it takes. Let's say you could do a couple cool things, like complicated techniques and maneuvers, or leap just slightly higher than your street lamp, because you just so happened to work harder than most other people.

    Imagine if you were to be one of these people, but among many others. And you're already juggling normal life's difficulties. Perhaps you've gotten a new enemy with another fellow while you're trying to bring up a failing grade from one of your high school classes. Or perhaps you're juggling taxes while your ex hounds you for dating someone else because your ex is a jealous bitch you dated outside of the Aikido circle. Then again, maybe some hooligans are roughing up the tea shop you own/work at/etc and you can't help but get into a sweet battle utilizing all of the items in the store as your personal arsenal. All in all, you can't just be that wandering badass, or something. You've got a life to live. You just happen to have a chunk of your time dedicated to training, and random stuff inbetween that and all your other chunks to go on adventures with your fellow masters of the fist.

    Little Details:

    - In terms of any powers or the sort, there will be a couple little extra things here and there like super agility or being able to break hard wood and stone, among other things I'll have to decide whether or not they're okay. A bit of minor Chi use is also currently acceptable, as long as you don't do any insane WTF energy blast spam that levels entire continents or anything.

    - I also don't mind a couple of crazy individual special moves like maybe a special pressure point attack that makes people hold their arms behind their backs or a machine gun punch , but like with special powers and such, I'd really rather not have anything too strong, like energy beams the size of SUV's, or making people explode.

    - Just a personal thing, but I'd like to use real life martial arts styles for characters. Weapons and weapon based styles are fine too.

    - This story is going to be mostly comedy and such. Every now and then a serious story arc or something may pop up, but regularly it'll just be some free roam chopsocky fun. The setting is primarily in a normal town near a city, complete with forests mixed with tropical jungles complete with hidden temples and such, among other things.

    - Oh, and it'll be conducted in a group with multiple topic threads and such, rather than a normal roleplay.

    Any takers? Any suggestions?


    Anything? D:
  2. Well, you have one taker. Seems kind of fun. So Nothing along the lines of Kenshiro or Goku, but anything else is pretty much fair game?

    Bear fist initiated.
  3. Mhm. Fist Of the North Star SSJ4 shit is off limits. Yeah, everything else is fine as long as we stick to being street level-ish or so.
  4. I might be up for this. It'd be fun to play a drunken fist artist that happened to have a legit alcohol problem.
  5. Do want that character in mah roleplayz.
  6. I wonder is self-taught is okay. xD

    I so want go So Shoryuken on someone. xD
  7. I'm not fond of self-taught martial artists, I prefer being grilled by an actual mentor who'll push you past your limits whether you want to or not XD

    But, then again, That's one of the things that made Jann Lee from DOA cool, so maybe?
  8. The self-taught is for weapon related.

    Un-armed I chose Baji-pigua, with some shotokan moves. :P
  9. Hurm.

    Even with a weapon, I still have some reservations, especially for his training regiments.
  10. I wish I'd know European-based style beside freaking fencing. xD
  11. What is the restrictions upon Iaijutsu or Battojutsu?
  12. I have no issues with weapon based arts, but was there anything you had in mind that you feel would have been a problem for the RP? something overpowering, perhaps?
  13. If you'll trust me to bend the rule about only real world arts, I'm interested.

    You see, I'm a big fan of martial arts and martial arts movies. I love fight scenes and styles. I like the idea of the strength level you've suggested for this. But I find the idea of sticking to a single, real world style too restrictive.

    I promise I won't do any nonsensical stuff like "He had me pinned, sitting atop my chest with his hands around my neck. So I did a backflip, ending with a roundhouse and kicked him in the back, freeing myself."

    If you'll allow a fictional hybrid style, I'm interested.

    Even if not, I supposed I could do the classic exaggerated martial Tai Chi.

    So is this still alive?
  14. A basis in a real martial art and a degree of hybrid arts are all fine. That's kind of what I had in mind for the martial arts present in this RP when I first came up with it.