If Today Was Your Last Day

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  1. If today was your last day, and you knew it, what would you do?

    Would you say goodbye to everyone?
    Would you be in good terms with your foe?

  2. If today was my last day I would

    `Cry like there is no tomorrow and say goodbye to friends and family
    `I would eat until I am sure I will puke my last bite
    `Go horse back riding
    `And lastly watched the stars until my time comes..
  3. Dance in the street; twirl and twirl until my legs buckle under me and I fall
    Laugh as hard and as loud as I've ever laughed and get strangers to join in with me
    Run as fast as I want to, as long as I want, race the wind across a field
    Hug everyone I meet
    Eat ice cream, get some chalk, and write poetry on the street
    Play with colors
    Leave with a smile on my face

    I also appreciate the idea of watching the stars until my time comes.
  4. * Stare in shock for a moment.
    * Drive EVERYWHERE I wanted to beforehand. (Not too adventurous.)
    * Not tell a single soul about it. At all. NO ONE.
    * Party as much with my friends that day as possible. No matter the weather, or whether they worked that day or not. Kidnap time.
    * Draw, write, sew, RP, and any other of my 10k hobbies I have all at once.\
    * Marry my fiance'. Fast. :(
    * Play Skyrim for at least an hour.
    * Reflect on regrets and bad decisions, but mostly focus on what good I'd done in the world for a good note. Everyone does both good and bad.
    * Snuggle up in my PJ's with my favorite book, relax, and wait my last hour out alone. With no one worrying on me.
  5. You sew? D: Me too! I am just bad at it though...And Skyrim T^T I should NOT have traded it for MW3.
  6. http://ivyleavesjester.deviantart.com/art/Cloth-Doll-Jester-288117094

    Yes, yes I do.
    I'm actually sewing doll bases right now, so I can sell them for some money. :) It's quite fun actually.

    OH OH. To add to my list:

    * Finally start an Etsy shop, and sell some of my creativeness. D: I have TONS of it laying around, and if I'm going to be dead, I'd like it to at least go somewhere and be useful.
  7. I would:
    • Write letters to the people I love, telling them that I love them
    • Find some way to spend time with the person I care most about
    • Try some stuff I've been curious about, but never done because I care about my health
  8. Say goodbye to the people I love.
    Try to finish what scraps of novel I have around here.
    Apologize to everyone for dying so early.
    Eat sushi and sashimi, along with nice hot soups.
    Pour all my creativity into a hot mess everywhere.
    Curl up under some warm blankets and sleep until it's time to die.
  9. This is what I would do and hopefully I would have time to do everything on the list xD

    - say goodbye to all my friends and families.
    - Tell one of my old teachers that she suck at teaching and tell her exactly why, all for my fellow classmates that thinks the same x)
    - Eat as much of my favorite food as I can
    - Kill someone just because I always have wanted to know how I would feel if I killed someone (Maybe I wouldn't do it but I will still have it on the list xD haha)
    -answer to as many roleplays as I could just to kill off my characters before I die.
    - Reading as much manga as I could untill I died.
    - Dying!
  10. I would go to an all you can eat place, play some games and say goodbye to everyone.
  11. I'd prolly spend the entire time crying and feeling sorry for myself. .____.; I have issues with death, and I don't think I would be mentally capable to handle knowing I was about to die. O__O
  12. I don't want to die, but at the same time I am pretty ok with death so I would do what I do on any other day of my life. Maybe drink all day, too.
  13. -adds killing my economics teacher on the list because redblood gave me the idea-
  14. ​Spend it with my mom. Done.
  15. I'd spend it at the bar.

    I'd be playing D&D with shots for dice rolls. With myself.
  16. Drive, because I really want to, aha.
  17. I would throw a party with everyone I know and for everyone I can't meet today I would tape videos.
  18. Drink until i pass out and wake up probably covered in urine and vomit, literally a couple of minutes before the end.
    You know, just enough time to go AWWWWWWWW ~sigh~