If there are so many reality shows....

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Would you join a reality RP?

  1. No. Because I'm awesome.

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  2. Yes. Because I'm awesome.

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  3. I don't know, depends on what's in it...

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  4. We can DO THAT?..... Why would you want to, though? That's boring...

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  5. No, because I don't think it would work.

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  6. Yes, because I could see it working.

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  1. And we are so proud of you.
  2. Oh no the country will definitely kill the unprepared and those not genetically modified to deal with it.

    Especially the Drop Bears, Skippy and the Combat Wombats
  3. Nice! But I'm talking about a NORMAL, HUMAN RP... like... actually similar to reality shows.

    The horror?
  4. this also owned power rangers before selling it back to Saban.

    You know what they also aired for 3 (or 4) seasons on abc?
  5. I don't have television. I also rarely use Netflix. I mostly watch YouTube.
    I'm not a fan of anime. The only exceptions are Full Metal Alchemist and One Punch Man. Also, streams are boring typically. I usually watch parts of it. Yes, I do watch YouTube on a regular basis, but it's not restricted to just video game YouTubers.
    Pretty much.
  6. What we need is someone to play Minnesota Fats, Pool Legend
  7. Thanks guys, and happy birthday Josh
  8. "Sariel is the name of a female guardian angel. Also fictional. Even if it's not, you never cared about my affairs."
  9. Alexander sighed* "can we go out now?" *alex laughed softy
  10. "Then say what you mean to say."
  11. "John was right next to us... he's gone.. I can't even feel him anymore."
  12. I would not be able to kill the corpse god's followers would I?
  13. *executes vay for heresy*

    not likely, unless you rp'd a warhammer40k player.
  14. NOW THAT I COULD DO!!!!!!