If The Person Above Were To Enter Your BedRoom....

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  1. This is a simple, yet fun game ^^

    If the person above were to enter your bedroom, what would you do?


    *pokes you repeatly*

    *runs away and hides*

    ~End Of Example~

    ^^ Me First!

    *climbs thru your window like a stalker cuz doors are overrated* *grins at you like a madperson*
  2. *waves* Hello do you want a cookie?
  3. *tackles you cuz you offered cookies* PLEASE?!?!?
  4. ((not sure if I am suposed to reply or not))
    Gah *is tackled* Ok, ok just get off me and I will give you one from my cookie jar.
  5. ​GTFO my bedroom. >:C moochers.
  6. Ohai Hubbu
    wanna start a mosh pit?
  7. Umm Hello there... why are you in my room?
  8. *stares until he goes out*
  9. Care to join with video games? :D
  10. GTFO back to your own room so we can play multiplayer.
  11. Can't an alien have any privacy?
  12. Why hello there..

    Door is that way.
  13. My bedroom isn't the party room.
  14. You have two choices
    1. leave now
    2. loose your manly parts *takes forth an axe*
  15. GTFO this is my room. *Takes forth a grenade*
  16. *Glares and says abso...


  17. [video=youtube;u2ALsvU50wQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ALsvU50wQ[/video]
  18. -stare for a long, awkward period of time-