If Staci were an Admin on Iwaku


Cosmic Orion

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I'm not clicking, there's eyelashes on that woman's boobs!
:D <3


Bruds-sama is the lion on the left,
Octo-sans is the lion on the right.
Kyari... pamyu pamyu...tsukema... tsukeru. Kyari pamyupamyu tsukematsukeru. What...? *starts video* What the--? I remember seeing this madness! *foams at the mouth* おもしろかった...ちょっと こわかった も >.> I think the scariest part was her stomach opening up to reveal a mouth... Or is that normal?
Do it staci do it :D I want to see that iwaku xD
What.... What did I just watch?
My brain went numb.
The lions taking off their faces... that was a little nightmarish.
So, pretty much a normal day here on Iwaku.
I so totally do not have a hidden life raft in case this happens.

Not any possibility.

At all.

Needs more Napoleon XIV.
I definitely do not have a stolen life raft from Chaos hidden away in case this ever happened.

Or any life raft, for that matter.
And ever in you did, not saying you do. It wouldn't save you.