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  1. 'He'll never love you'

    Kandee shook her head, she had to get out of this horrid mindset that nothing was going to go right. She had just baked a new kind of muffin that she had never tried to make before and it was time to go to her taste tester. Ayame helped her out quite a bit in this aspect as always gave true and in her eyes; wise feedback.

    As she finally mustered up the courage to walk through the doors to Ayame's shop, she rang out in a sing song voice "Ayaaame, try this!"

    Though the man wasn't within her eyesight, she knew he was there otherwise, the shop wouldn't be open. Her violet eyes wandered around, looking at some of the new creations Ayame had thought up. He was so creative, maybe that's why the two got along so well and why Ayame was able to help her with her baking.

    It was great and all but Kandee was worried, what if he didn't like it? What if he hated the muffin so much that he thought she herself was disgusting? What if he never talked to her again?
    "That's silly, it's just a muffin." She murmured to herself
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  2. Ayame had been working on a new design for over a week now.
    He couldn't seem to get the skirt right, it always seemed too boring, or too out there.
    He was frustrated and had a headache.

    Sighing, he sat back in his chair, rubbing his temples.
    He needed to have confidence in himself. How could he not?
    He was Ayame Sohma.

    Hearing Kandee call out to him, he smiled slightly and stood, making his way to her.
    "Try what, my dear?" He asked, standing too close to her, as always.

    Ayame loved making people blush, or nervous.

  3. Kandee grinned at seeing the older male, she felt a sort of warmth being so close to him. In fact he was so close if she tried she could probably kiss his nose but instead she popped the muffin into his mouth and giggled.
    Kandee bit her lip gently, hoping that he would have some feedback on it and hopefully he didn't completely hate it. Even so a part of her knew he'd be gentle about it. After all, that's just the type of person Ayame was, trying to please people. It was part of what attracted her to him so much. Just the fact that he would take time out of his busy schedule to sit there and talk to her, give her advice, was really nice.
  4. Ayame's eyes widened when she popped the muffin in his mouth.
    Chewing gently, he let the flavor fill his mouth before swallowing.
    Savoring it for a moment, he smiled.

    "Mm, Kandee, you've been holding out on me, dear! That was marvelous!"
    He smiled at her, taking her hand gently.
    "You must make more!"

  5. Kandee's eyes lit up at hearing Ayame's reaction to her muffin. He really did like it! Though the lump in her throat still sat in the same spot, making her worrisome about what her emotions. Tears filled up her eyes and she pulled her hand away, hiding her face.
    "I thought you weren't going to like it, I-I was scared."
    Again, getting worked up over a muffin was silly, so why was she?

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