If Only (MxF Fantasy RP)

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  1. Hello all,

    I highlighted the important things so, you don't have to read my long-winded explanation if you don't want to.

    I have been gone a lot recently due to a family emergency and then school starting back up. I feel that I am finally in a place where I can manage to start a role play and hopefully I can find someone who is interested in my idea or at least interested in helping me tweak and improve the idea until we are both satisfied.

    I would like to say that I would prefer to play the female, but I can make exceptions if you are willing to double or do two role plays at once. I don't have too many requirements other than the fact that I'd like you to write at least two to three paragraphs or more (I love when there are more) per character you play (this is only if we double) and I will do the same. I would like at least one or two posts a week, but more are certainly welcome. I am going to do my best to reply everyday, but it also depends on the amount of home work that I have. Being a history major, I primarily have papers to write so, I can get tired of writing some days, but role playing and writing essays are two different things.

    Anyways, other than the few things I listed above and proper spelling and grammar, I really have no requirements. There are somethings I will not do (e.g. rape. I will do physical abuse though because this particular role play involves a small amount of it.) If there is something you love in role plays, but it is a little odd just ask me and I'll give you a definitive answer.

    Before reading the rough outline of this role play, keep in mind that I am open to ideas and suggestions. This is by no means concrete. I primarily want to keep the twins and the girl in the story, but all other details can be tweaked to both of our liking.

    On to the idea.

    Essentially, this takes place in modern times in either Europe or America (up to you. I'm open to some areas of Asia as well) and it deals with elementals. In this role play the elementals wear glowing necklaces which hold their life force. If an elemental were to lose their necklace they then belong to who ever posses it. If the elemental tries to disobey or betray the holder of the necklace, they will die. If the necklace is destroyed, they will die unless they are saved by their mate(e.g. soul mate). I have not established how the elementals obtain their powers, but some are born with it and some are deemed worthy to have the power.

    This role play will deal with a female earth elemental who has her necklace stolen from her by a male fire elemental. The fire elemental then uses her to act out some of his dirty work and help him hunt down his twin brother. Little does the earth elemental know, the brother that she is tracking down is actually her mate. The evil twin actually knows what his brother is to the earth elemental and specifically chose her because he knew she would easily be able to get close to him.

    Eventually, shit will hit the fan, I just haven't decided how yet.

    Basically, this will deal with a lot of action and romance. Like I said, I don't have everything worked out yet and would love it if someone were willing to brainstorm things with me. Please PM me if you're interested or comment below.

    I really want to do this so, if you read something you don't like then message me anyway because we can work together.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.