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  1. (I'm into polygamy so if a person wishes to post and be two characters you can. Or if two men want to be with my character then I'm all for it. Just...figure that out amongst yourselves. Just know that I'll end up with both characters at the same time with both of them knowing. xD So yea)

    Bet'anya Apolloymia Panatricia was the daughter of Set the Egyptian God of Chaos, Storms, foreigners and Darkness and her mother was Symfora the Goddess of Death, Sorrow and Woe. Bet'anya was the Goddess of Wrath, Misery, Justice, and the Hunt. She had many weakness's. As in she doesn't really have a heart, or emotions. She was what balanced her fathers Chaos. She was control. Whatever he was dark, she was light. She helped give out vengeance and justice to those that need it and call for her to serve it. Unconsciously as well as consciously.

    Bet grew up half of each year on different Pantheons she was meant to be with. Sadly her parents couldn't be together because of her mother being of Atlantean origins and her father being Egyptian but that didn't stop them from loving each other any less. And though their responsibility's kept them apart, some how they seemed to know what they were doing at any time or place. And they were very loyal to one another.

    Bet was very old. So old that she was in her teenage years as Apollymi (Goddess of destruction, end of the world, death and wisdom) destroyed Atlantis. It had been so bad that she was actually couldn't protect her people from that but she had justified this epic rage with her own. Making the Goddess that was far older then her trapped inside of Koaloses. The hell of their Atlantean people that no one but her can exist in.

    Now in 2014 Bet was still alive and kicking, as was all the Gods, give or take. Some Gods had turned human, sense they lacked so much in their life. Only people that exist in the Atlantean Pantheon was Acheron (Good of past, present, and future), Symfora, Styxx (twin brother of Acheron but is human with his life tied together with Acheron so in turn he became a God Death Bringer.), and three other demi gods. Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, and Roman Pantheons were surprisingly still kicking. But sense Atlantis was nothing but a myth on earth, they really didn't exist.

    Bored of doing nothing but helping Acheron set everything in life in motion and in a peaceful way, she decided it was time to just relax. She didn't turn human completely but changed her form to change it and once a teenager she would walk towards a school that she had randomly picked that was in her territory. Either Egypt or the U.S.A. She couldn't go into any other Pantheon territory or that would mean war. So she surprisingly picked Missouri.

    Now inside of the school office, she faked her smile as she spoke with the principal. She had made herself to be a regular girl but was Puerto Rican in race and dressed like a Greek. Traditional clothes that is. Wearing a white dress that stitched together at her sides she made sure that it hid her form while showing off her lovely curves. The large but moderate bust, small waist, wide hips, thick thighs, and nicely structured backside. She was breath taking like this, her hair that reaches mid thigh was let up in a thick ponytail.

    She walked out of the office with two teachers in tow. Interesting, this place was so big. How did people not get lost in this place? Then again she was used to being moderate so this was just extraordinary. Who knew the first emotion she would get when she got here was fascination.

    (First is her goddess form. Second is her war or destructive gear. And last is her human form)



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  2. I would be interested in this, I would need some time to create my character and study the background for your character. :-)
  3. Im a romance forbidden romance girl. So come at me with anything. xD A typcal high school romance if you count out the fact she is a god expierencing emotions for the first time in her long life
  4. That would be interesting. I will be making a male character. I am open to any kind of scenario. :-)
  5. Thats awesome. Just reply when you can i guess. Though i have been waiting for a few days xD
  6. I will do so in a couple of minutes. Just need to do some research and plot my appearance for my character I should be done in a few minutes.
  7. Understood. Lmao So anyway just reply when you will
  8. Basics
    Name: Shin Haruto - Hachiman
    Date of Birth: December, 21, 1994
    Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
    Gender: Male
    Species/Racial Origin: Human, Half American, Half Japanese
    Language: English/Japanese
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc.: Mother and Father (Living in New York)

    Physical Description

    Height: 6’ 5”
    Weight: 230 lbs.
    Body Shape: Muscular, Toned Muscles


    Personality/Attitude: Cold and Apathetic
    Skills/Talents: Martial Arts, Weaponsmith, Long-Range Shooting, CQB
    Favorites/Likes: Quiet and Serene Places, Music, Guitar
    Most Hated/Dislikes: Annoying People, People that Decide things about him, Punks, Idiots, Self Absorbed People
    Fears: Dying Alone
    Occupation: High-School Student.

    Short Biography

    Born in a family of mixed parents his mother was American while his father was Japanese. His mother came from a rich family, her father and mother were both business leading people running two separate companies that grew into large conglomerates over time, her father led a oil conglomerate which is in operation to this day and currently is ranked as the worlds second supplier of oil and gasoline. On the other hand her mother developed a successful electronics company specializing in military grade computer software and hardware and are currently contracted with the U.S. Army and it's sub-divisions. His father comes from a long line of martial artists that originated in Japan, their goal was to achieve martial arts supremacy by training their bodies to know each and every martial art that existed and ever so often continuously working on perfecting them and advancing them to the point where their bodies changed drastically, their kin was more often born with well developed muscles and some instinctive knowledge regarding martial arts. The family has proof they have shown that their family has been around since the 1165's or commonly known as Feudal Japan but before that point it is unknown from where exactly did they come from, currently they own several family estates over Japan and have increased influence in the major companies such as Mitsubishi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Yamaha Corporation.

    His mother met his father during her vacation on Mount Fuji in Honshu, his father was the local tour guide there that was stepping in for a friend that couldn't come to work. They quickly fell in-love together and two years later had Shin after which in short time they married. He grew up in Tokyo with much of his time spent with the family there, training martial arts like his relatives did for so many generations, his elders and father himself were amazed to how quickly he managed to take grasp off all the martial arts they taught him and in five years they managed to pass all off their knowledge to him. In his last test with his elders was to challenge his father to a duel; naturally it was only to test his strength and limit but all were shocked when he managed to defeat his father. While his father showed no signs of defeat he ceased with the challenge, making him think that he proved worthy... but he managed to prove more than that. The elders were slightly worried about him but the only thing they could do was hope that he would come out as a good human being. Now at the age of 11 they moved with his father and mother to the United States to live with his grandfather and grandmother, they lived in Missouri for quite some time before his father and mother moved to New York for business reasons and left Shin in Missouri with his grandparents to live a calm and serene life in this small town. His grandfather being a soldier in WWII wanted to pass on to Shin somethings he was taught in the army, that sparked Shin's interest in the military and firearms... with the free time he had before he had started to school he quickly grasped the ropes of long-range shooting, CQB and combat tactics. His grandfather surprised at his knowledge wanted to send him to military school, but his parents disagreed harshly, they wanted Shin to start in a normal school and be a normal child. Starting school very late he was much older than the other kids, but that did not prove to be much of a problem he had a handful of friends but he was content with that. Now second year of high school, again much older than the other kids he does not seem to have much problems here either, although he does not have much friends.
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  9. Ok. That's awesome. I like your character. He's 20 right? Or...19? At the moment im brain farting so don't jugde
  10. He's 20 years old, no worries. Everyone sucks at math when they just woke up, which I am guessing is what is going on. :-D
  11. Yep I just woke up lol. Anyway. That explains my character but can also be used as the starter. So should we start this?
  12. Yeah, would you be able to start it?
  13. Maybe? No? Yes?
  14. xD but my post could be used as a starter thouuughhh. xD
  15. Replied! :-) I will be replying quickly at least for a couple of hours.
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