If Iwaku were...

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  1. I have a cold and I was bored. >:[

  2. Wait, you're supposed to be Fry.
  3. Good news everyone!

    Asmo the ruler of Omacron Percei 8 has hires us to deliver his extra dipping sauce.

    No theres no danger at all why would you even think that now I just need all your signatures making me the sole beneficiary of your wills and life insurance policies.
  4. Asmo...Bored?!.....*examines work a moment* hmmmmmm *rubs chin in thought* hrmmmmmmm

    sure why not!
  5. ... I completely forgot about Morbo. Approval stamped.
  6. Forever Alone.
  7. That is awesome.
  8. My tits sag to my knees! 8D
  9. That's what old age does to you...

    and bad posture is what all that slouching has done to me.
  10. I am totally okay with this.

    *relieves all thread viewers of their wallets*
  11. Glory to Hypno Toad.
  12. I approve this message.
  13. So yeah, I've still got the cold.

  14. :D <3<3<3 I APPROVE.

    I also am VERY amused with Jinxbro being Chris, and Osso-sans being Conseula.
    I didn't spell that right.. IT'S OKAY.
  15. ASMO: Hey Ozzie, can I get that post?

    OZZIE: ... noh... e' no heer.

    ASMO: It's just one post Ozzie. I ne...

    OZZIE: ..noh... soreh... rohlplay post no heer.

    ASMO: Well, okay, could you maybe write half of it?

    OZZIE: Noh... e' no heer.

    ASMO: Er, well, how about...

    OZZIE: I nee more Cbox Pledge.
  16. Ooh! Ooh! Do Archer next!
  17. You're supposed to bring the Cbox Pledge yourself, Ozzie. I thought you knew that...
  18. Who's this Jackshade-guy who's banging your wife?

    And now I know more about Vay and Diana then I'd like to :(
  19. "Go to hell Tom."

    "Already there, dear."

    Yes, this is a day in my life...