If Iwaku was a Fighting Game...


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I won't lie. I've been playing fighting games a lot lately with the release of Blazblue: Continuum Shift and it got me thinking about an old thread on the forum where we turned a character of ours, or even our mythos self, into a fighting game character and made movesets for them. Why is this important? Well with new members and time come new characters from members old an new. So I figured I'd give this its own gig since I actually had a blast thinking of moves last time.

So let me break it down for you folks who might wanna try this but are fighting game illiterate. Basically most people follow a system where directional input is based on this setup and assuming the character is facing left...

456 ===Character facing this way===>

Light, Medium, Heavy, and Special attack buttons are typically addressed as A, B, C, and D.

So say you want a move to use the basic quarter circle forward towards your opponent and an attack based on your characters special attack button. The input you'd put in would be...


Make sense? Well if it doesn't watch the other fighting game junkies put it in, look at the number diagram, then it might make more sense.

I'll have to do mine later when I'm not exhausted.

Oh yeah, if you make a move set, don't forget to make an Ultimate Attack for that last round finisher. I guess make a nod to the mythos and call it a Cyclic Finish?

EDIT: Imma apply my old button lists for mine, hold on.
Yes, I remember this was PaoPao's thread in the past. Uhm... I don't quite remember what I used to do...

Can I throw trains at people?
Throwing trains...sounds like a special meter move to me.

Anywho, I'm still tweaking ideas for mine, but I know I'll be using Altair Fairchild.
._. What happened to the good ol' days of QCF+P and DP+P, are they not good enough for you whipper-snappers? Huh? HUH?
I admit I game rarely, but I do love fight games, though I have no idea how to translate the concepts in my head into proper moves.

Accurate depiction of an Iwaku fighting game.
No Ampu. You're a warclub that fights gators.
If Iwaku were a fighting game, I'd wanna be like the girl character who looks all cute and stuff, but kicks butt. The one your guy friend always makes fun of you for picking, but regrets when you beat him with :D
I want to be the one with the ridiculous weapon and a super move that could not possibly happen in real life. With a theme song on the soundtrack instead of just an arena song. And that my English Voice is actually better than my Japanese one.
I wanna be the one who's fighting style makes no fucking sense, but because I'm so unorthodox, I end up getting some absurdly easy infinite the devs didn't see coming because even THEY didn't know what sort of monster they were creating at the time.

Also, my weapon would be shotgun tonfas; combines my favorite weapon from Ninja Gaiden II with my favorite weapon from nearly every FPS ever.

I'll be a Ranged beam-type like Cable.

OI can see tourneyfags using me all the time.
Hm. I can't really think of what kind of fighting character I'd want to be. However, reading, I must translate people in their fighting game characters their tactics resemble.

Sakura: Taki. F'in Taki. Soul Caliber

Towarzyz: Eddie. Tekken

Orion: I think Yoshimitsu fits you. Though his weapon isn't extreme. Maybe M. Bison. Looks all wimpy than, BAM, flying forward with energizing fires swarming around him. Tekken, Street Fighter

Daiki: Even though you didn't say what you would be like, you'd be Smoke. Mortal Kombat

This reply was kind of random. But it works in my head.
I'd be a massive rush down character with a few limited long range zoning attacks. That one character who has that one special that is hard to do, but when its off it hurts like hell.