"If I hug you, you'll what?!" [Fruits Basket - Sign Ups/OOC]

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  1. [BCOLOR=#ff6600]::Fruits Basket::[/BCOLOR]

    It's a whole new generation of Sohmas! And you're apart of that generation! This is our story of how we get through life while keeping our secret a, well, secret!

    ~Give others the chance to post!
    ~Be mindful of different time zones and such.
    ~Romance is allowed, but this isn't a Libertine RP. If you want to do smexytimes, take it to PM!
    ~Adding on to the previous rule, make sure that the other roleplayer is in YOUR AGE GROUP. I can't stress this enough.
    ~Follow Iwaku's Rules as well, obviously.
    ~You are allowed to have as many characters as you like.
    ~You are allowed to have 'Human' characters.
    ~Ask the person if you can crush on their character before you do.
    ~No fighting in the OOC! It's suppose to be a place to chat and discuss when you're waiting for someone to respond or want to share an idea. It is NOT a battle arena!
    ~You don't have to fill out the character sheet, but, if you want to, it's there for you.
    ~Have fuuuuuun, nya~!

    Character Sheet
    Bio. [optional]::
    Anything else?::

    ~Rabbit [Haru Sohma, 16 years old, Kitsune]
    ~Tiger [Alexander Sohma, 16 years old, Serpentine]
    ~Cat [Ophelia Sohma, 16 years old, princxss]
    ~Dog [Tomio Sohma, 17 years old, Tooru]
    ~Monkey [Avery Sohma, 18 years old, Azumari]
    ~Riceball [Dexter Soto, 17 years old, oxo]

    [Will add more as people join]
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  2. [BCOLOR=#ff00ff][​IMG][/BCOLOR]


    Haru Sohma


    16 years old


    Haru is a cute, cuddly rabbit with a few key differences. The blond's nature is, overall, bubbly, friendly, and care-free. He always has a smile on his face or is laughing at what someone said. He tries not to stress too much and go with the flow of things. He's a kind-hearted boy, always helping people when he can, enemy or not. Some people have told him that his kindness will be his downfall one day. Along with his short temper. As said before, there are key differences and this is one of them. Over the years, Haru's temper has shortened so much that he causes a fight, verbal or physical, over the smallest of insults. He doesn't care if people think he overreacts. The rabbit hybrid isn't going to let anyone insult him and get away with it without some scratches.

    Haru may seem naïve, unwise, but he's the complete opposite. Past that innocent outlook is a teenager who understands more than some adults. He's very intelligent and looks at the world in a different perspective. He can be a bit emotional, a bit sensitive, at times, crying at movies or books. Sometimes, crying at insults that hit too close to home, but he doesn't let anyone see. That'll only add on to some people's doubts about him and, possibly, prove them right. Haru can't have that. Especially with how insecure he gets sometimes. He works hard, yeah, but there are days when he feels like it'll never be enough.

    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Bio. [optional]::[/BCOLOR]
    To be revealed.....



    None yet

    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Anything else?::[/BCOLOR]
    Theme Song:
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  3. Ahhh this is adorable.
    Could you reserve Dragon while I make my profile? Thanks..
  4. Of course!
    I also plan on making Kiyoshi Haru the most adorable character evah~! :3
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  5. cat.jpg
    Ophelia Sohma

    Katy ( sounds like kitty )



    Ophelia, although not always in her zodiac form, behaves like a cat.
    She is quite the lazy one, lounging around all day.
    Having a cat side, means doing cat like things, right? Right! So number two and three on this cat's
    to-do list? Eat, and get sidetracked by things that move.
    She is very cheerful, and optimistic, but that doesn't mean she isn't also pessimistic.

    Bio. [optional]::




    Anything else?::
    Changes into her cat form when hugged by a non zodiac.
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  6. Can I reserve the monkey? :o!
  7. Of course!

  8. Name:: Avery Sohma
    Age:: 18
    Gender:: Male
    Personality:: He is kind, polite,and cares more for others around him than for himself. He tends to be a trickster.
    Bio. [optional]:: Mmmm that's classified ;)
    Sexuality:: Bicurious
    Zodiac:: Monkey
    Crush(es)?:: N/A ill update after the rp start.
    Anything else?:: He eat bananas like a monkey. and he turns into a cute monkey when hugged by non zodiac members. He is blessed with a extremely agile body, able to climb to high grounds easily. He is also blessed with a highly reflexed body. He's about 6 foot 3
    Show Spoiler
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  9. Accepted!


    Have you seen the anime Fruits Basket before.....?
  10. No, no, no! I was referring to @princxss
  11. Nooo! I heard it's really good but so far I'm finishing a couple other shows.
    Do you recommend it?

    Hey, could you explain a couple things to me?
    Bc I'm still pretty new to this website, what is a CS? Also, how would I
    find this thread after? Like the official
  12. Yeeeesssss!

    But this RP is based off of the anime soooo.....

    Would you like me to give you a quick summary just so you won't be confused during the RP?
  13. YESSSsssSssSSSSsssSSs please c:
  14. o.o hmm should we have the riceball and non zodiac members listed too?
  15. So, basically, there's a family called Sohmas and they have this curse. The curse is that, whenever they are hugged by a non-Zodiac member of the opposite gender, they shift into their Zodiac [animal form] and stay in that form for a short amount of time before shifting back [without clothes, mind you]. A girl named Tohru ends up finding out their secret and getting caught up in everything, but doesn't tell.

    That's basically the gist of the whole anime.

    But they don't have magical powers or anything like that. They just shift into an animal.

    And the Cat/Dragon has two forms that it shifts into. It usually wears a bracelet or something so that, when it shifts, it shifts into a cat. But, when the bracelet or whatever is taken off, it'll shift into a dragon.

    If you have any questions, just ask me or PM me! Or, look it up on the Internet.

    Hope that cleared some things up. ^3^

    @Azumari I was thinking about that! It wouldn't be fun without them because no one would shift then....So, yes! We shall have the riceball and non-Zodiac members as well!
  16. random question isnt the seahorse and dragon the same thing o-o i thought the cat was separate lol
  17. Ooooo then I'll change my profile a little c:
  18. @Azumari IS IT?!?! Oh my gosh, I haven't seen FB in years.

    Just looked it up and, yeah, the seahorse/dragon is the same thing.


    So....what is Kyo when he changes into that weird-looking thing at the end of the series? Is he still considered a cat?
  19. o_o i have no clue lol demon thing