"If I hug you, you'll what?!" [Fruits Basket RP]

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  1. [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Haru Sohma[/BCOLOR]
    "Hey, we should meet up this weekend!"

    "Did you hear? There's suppose to be a new kid coming today."

    "Really? I wonder how they'll turn out."

    A blond boy sat on top of his desk, listening to the conversations taking place around him. He was able to catch snippets here and there. A new student, huh?, he thought. It was rare that they got new students at Emma Rose High School. The thought of a new student made him smile. A new friend to make! Everyone then got quiet and scrambled to their seats. Haru hopped off his desk and slid into his own seat, assuming that the teacher had finally come, popping his lollipop in his mouth.

    "Alright, class. Settle down, settle down. I know we're all excited to meet the new kid," the teacher paused, glancing at everyone. "So here he is. Mr. Soto, may you please come here?"

    Haru, along with the rest of the class, eagerly waited to see the new student.

    [Just thought this was a good way to start. Everyone can be in the same class or not. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm powerplaying >.<]
  2. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]:heartbeat:Ophelia[BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][ Katy ] [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]Sohma:heartbeat:[/BCOLOR]

    Ophelia lifted her head of the desk slightly, she had just woken up from her third nap of the day, and heard about the arrival of a new student.
    She stared at the front of the room curiously. The teacher had introduced him as { Mr. Soto }, so he had to be a boy. Ophelia wondered what
    kind of new student they were getting. Was he going to be nice? Was he going to be mean? Ophelia pondered on what kind of boy he might be,
    but she settled with 'easy to manipulate'. She grinned, if only she could get someone easy to manipulate. She would make them do her homework,
    buy her lunch, and who knows, maybe even clean her room! Okay, she was joking on the last one. Her room was way too messy for anyone to clean.
    She suddenly came to a realization that if he was going to be easy to manipulate, she would have to fight others for him. Ugh, all that thinking made her sleepy again. Time for another nap. She buried her head into her soft, tan colored sweater, drifting into her fourth nap.

    ( :banana:I'm going to bed for now, see you all tomorrow after school. )
  3. Dexter leaned against the wall outside of the door, clutching his backpack strap in his hand. He make sure to position himself so no one inside the classroom could see him. He looked up at the corner of the wall, where it met the ceiling, and sighed. He was nervous. And he hated to admit that to himself. Usually he'd be all excited and ready to do something like this. But not today. This was the first time he'd ever been a new kid. Why couldn't he just go back to his old school. He knew everyone there, and was on good terms with pretty much every one in his grade. What if they don't like him here? He hadn't had the chance to talk to anyone who went to this school yet. Are they mean? He closed his eyes, trying to make himself disappear.

    His thoughts were interrupted when a voice from inside the classroom called his name. It was deep--much deeper than a student, Dexter assumed. It must be the teacher inviting him in. Another exhale escaped from his lips as he gave a great big heave of his shoulders.

    A huge grin found its way onto Dexter's face. He wanted to make a good impression on these people. After all, he'd be spending the rest of his high school life with them. "Hey there," he said towards the group of students. "I'm Dexter Soto. Nice to meet you all!" And with a wave of his hand and a slight bow, he sat down in an empty seat near the window.
  4. "Make sure that you guys are nice to Dexter. Show him around and help him when needed," the teacher said, looking at all of the students with a stern look. "Now, on to the lesson!"

    Haru wasn't exactly paying attention. His gaze was on the new kid. Dexter, he thought. He rested his cheek in the palm of his hand. He seemed nice enough. The bunny wanted to meet him personally, face to face. His friendly nature was taking over, urging him to talk to Dexter. In due time, he thought. Right now, he had to focus on the lesson. He needed to keep his grades up like they are.
  5. Avery Sohma - The Monkey :bananaman:
    Avery was slouching in the chair with his legs on the table part as he hears one of his cousins talking about a new student coming into the class. His arms folded behind his head until the teacher walks into the class sitting up quickly before he could get yelled at. The teacher introduces the new kid then he raised up his hand making a light gesture. "Hey....Welcome to class 7A." As Mr. Soto started to talk about the lesson he slouched more groaning a little getting a bit bored.​
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  6. Ophelia {Katy} Sohma
    All the noise awoke Katy from her nap. She raised her head groggily off the desk, ready to kill everyone. She scanned the room until her eyes landing on the new kid, Soto? She grinned, looking at him curiously, like a cat looking at a box, wondering what was inside. [ CATS LOVE BOXES EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. ] She smiled at him, he didn't look particularly weak and manipulatable but then again, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. As the teacher continued with his lesson, Katy put her head down once again, decided to nap just a little longer...
  7. "Thanks," Dexter whispered to the dark haired boy who greeted him. He swung his backpack over the back of his chair and sat down. At first, he tried to pay attention to whatever the teacher was talking about. But he couldn't concentrate. Instead, he stared out the window for a while. It was sunny out, and probably warm too. He lightly tapped his fingers on his desk as he watched the clouds glide by.

    Soon, his gaze wandered back into the classroom. Not at the teacher, but at the students. They didn't look like the vicious new-kid-eating monsters he figured they would be. In fact, they looked just like the kids he used to know. Nothing scary about them, that Dexter could see at least. So far so good.
  8. Alexander "Zander" {The Tiger}

    Zander turned to the new boy, Dexter and smiled. She saw Avery had already introduced him to the class, but wondered if she could still say hi. Clearing her throat, Zander turned in her chair and looked over at the boy, giving him a smile. "Hey Dexter, welcome to the class. I'm Zander." She said quietly, but loud enough to where he could here. Zander turned towards Avery and gave him a smile as well before turning to Dexter again.
  9. Haru smiled at his family greeting Dexter. He decided to get in on the greetings as well. Why wait when no one else was waiting? Making sure the teacher was busy, the blond faced Dexter. Beaming, he whispered, "I'm Haru! Welcome to Emma Rose," he said in a kind, cheery voice. "I'm related to Zander," he jerked his thumb towards her, "and the other boy who said hi. His name is Avery." Everyone knew about the Sohma family being at the school so he thought that he should tell Dexter as well.
  10. Dexter snapped out of his daydream at the sound of another student's voice directed at him. He looked up at the girl who addressed him. He smiled, "Oh, hey Zander." He was about to give her his name, but stopped himself. The teacher had already introduced him to the whole class, after all.

    His head snapped around once he heard another voice. Well, these guys are a lot more friendly and inviting than the kids he used to go to school with. "Hey Haru," he said to the boy. Since people were already introducing themselves to him, he better start remembering some names. He said aloud, mostly to himself, "Avery, Zander, Haru. Got it."
  11. TOMIO SOHMA (my Dp :p)

    'OH CRAP!' Tomio thought as he stood in the hall way in front of the class room door. 'I cant believe am late, I guess I stayed up playing video games a little too much...will no point regretting now..here goes' He lightly knocks on the classroom door before entering. He avoids all possible contact with the teacher as he slugs to his chair pretending to be invisible.
  12. Avery Sohma - The Monkey :bananaman:

    Avery grinned seeing one of his cousins Katy taking a nap in her desk. He ripped off a small piece of paper out of his book balling it up tightly throwing it at Katy's head while the teacher wasn't looking snickering a bit. Tomio enters the room late he looks over at him chuckling a little then shakes his head it must of been a long night for him.​
  13. Zander smiled and giggled softly as Tomio stalked into class, quickly finding his seat. "Video games? Again?" She asked quietly, making sure the teacher couldn't hear her. She raised an eyebrow and smiled at Tomio. He looked a little tired, and seeing as he was late, that must have been the most accurate reason she could think of.
  14. Tomio was held back at how accurate her prediction was,through his expression she figured she made the right guess.Tomio awkwardly rubs the nap of his neck as he replied in a low voice. "You know me so well Zander.Since the cats out of the bag..you know there is a co-op mode in this game that I really wanna check out" .He hinted as he started making a 'just saying' expression on his face- but again, she can figure out he is indirectly asking her to come over and play with him.
  15. Zander's eyes widened and she smiled. "Really? I love games! Can I come too?" She asked, getting the hint. Zander was only slightly surprised that the teacher hadn't caught them talking, so she turned back to the front of the class, to look like she was paying attention. After a few seconds, she turned back to Tomio and smiled.

  16. Tomio smiled back in a playful expression then pretends to be paying attention like she did.Through class he often looked over to were the new student was with thoughts like hey i wanna talk to him- is he nice?- oh wont he make the first move! look back at me pleeeease .
  17. Haru noticed the looks that Tomio were giving Dexter. He rolled his eyes at the boy in a good-natured fashion. Glancing at the teacher, he whispered towards Meo, "Just say hi, Tomio!"
  18. Dexter tapped his pencil rhythmically against his desk, nodding his head to in imaginary tune in his mind. It was his first day and he was already tired of school. He looked up at the clock. When did this class end? He should of had his schedule out beforehand and given it a good look-over. He didn't want to make a bunch of noise by fishing the piece of paper out of the messy back pack.

    He looked around at the classroom. Nobody was paying attention. It seemed as if they were as bored as he is. He smiled to himself. He noticed a raven haired boy who was looking at him, and smiled at the boy before looking back at the pencil in his hand.
  19. Despite not doing anything about it really ,Tomio felt proud of himself for having Dexter smile at him.He silently strikes a 'yes' pose.

    Tomio might have a very lively personality but he is actually quiet shy meeting new people and making friends.
  20. Ophelia Katy Sohma

    Katy knotted her brows, feeling something hit the back of her head. Lifting her head off her desk, she looked around and her eyes landed on Haru. 'HaruUuUuUUUuu! Did you just throw this paper ball at me? You know I hate getting woken up from my naps,' Katy whines, picking the paper ball off her desk, completely oblivious to the fact that Avery threw it. She ruffled her hair, annoyed and grumpy from getting woken up. The teacher, although appearing to be teaching, had no one listening. Looking around, everyone was doing their own thing. Her eyes landed on Dexter. She smirked, he seemed to actually be taking notes? She could be wrong, he just seemed to have a pencil in his hand.
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