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  1. What Happened First
    The Grid dropped at 8:00, there was no wi-fi, cell service or electricity. Any serious bloggers were hitting their great grandmas connect-to-the-wall compuuters to get out the first news. At 8:30 the radio announced school was still in session and the buses would be there. At 9:30 the halls were full of pissed teenagers with their phone in their backpockets, purses, bags, boots or vagina lockers considering they didn't work anyways. At 10:30 bombs fell from the sky. At 12:30 anyone who'd decided to keep their cellphone not on them was missing. At 1:00 gases flooded Scylla and anyone who was over 27 went missing. At 2:30 fire rained down and anyone who was under 7 went missing. At 3:00 a voice came from nowhere but was clear for anyone to hear:
    "Curiously, humanity will not end. But i've always wanted to see your reaction to an apocalypse."
    What Happened Next
    Over the span of 100 years the sadistic voice gave itself the name A. Some worshipped A, some feared A. Some wanted to beat the living shit out the bastard and see how he liked existing tied to another being- but that's a discussion for later. The 800 people left after the calamity that day went missing themselves then everyone was replaced back where they were in Scylla at 9:30. The original people who went missing forgot what happened but the 800 remembered. Scylla got the grid back but different. It now restricted you from leaving the country. The 800 reproduced but anytime they had a baby, 6 months later a baby dropped out like normal. Except they weren't. They had powers.

    What Happens Now
    In the year 2115 two groups arose. Colored, a faction of goverment where the people with powers work to destroy all others with powers to be granted riches and life as long as they never reproduce among eachother. (If a person with powers reproduces with a normal human then no powers are transferred to the child.) Then there are the Colourless, a group that exists to protect other people with powers and to stop the Colored generally. It's more of a dream they have to kill A, since nobody knows what or who he is. Only referred to as he because he refers to himself that way. But it's public knowledge all Colored claim to know A. This is actually true, A is the sadistic immortal president of Scylla right now. But nobody knows this, the Colored only know they recieve all-knowing notes and tips from him.

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  2. Akira

    Long locks of black-blue were sprawled everywhere. She lay curled in a fetal position, her knees tucked loosely into her chest and a curled up hand receiving an angelic kiss from her lips. Her dreams led to a monochrome romance. Though, the heroine wasn't her. She was a omniscient observer.

    She awoke at a blaring siren, red lights flashing through her room that resembled the same steampunk/gothic Victorian theme of the entire house. The siren was clear on its meaning. It meant, in all exactness, that colored were invading from the left wing of floor 1 which wasn't the first floor, it was just the first above ground. Conveniently where Akira remembered TEN's bedroom being placed. When he woke up there'd be he'll to pay. Akira however was on floor 2 and most of the others were underground.

    She jumped up, about to run out the door when she got self conscious about the fact she was wearing only a bra and pajama shorts. After about three minutes of changing and putting her hair back into its normal style she was running out the door and heading out to the west wing of floor 1.

    As soon as she got there she saw dead guards on the ground. She looked up at the Colored members killing off the rest of the guards. She didn't recognize any at first, they were obviously irrelevant no-alias members.

    She hadn't made any noise and hadn't attracted any attention. This was good considering she couldn't effectively fight without Arcturus, her Full.

    Slow. Why am I the first here and I stopped to get dressed.

  3. Ren

    Ren ruffled through the fridge, fully dressed. She was in the kitchen on floor -1. She found a pre-made sandwich that was obviously handmade by one of the guards wives or something. It looked tasty and had a lot of love put into it. So Ren leaned against the counter and began to eat it. It was delicious, the guard was missing out.

    Suddenly she heard the alarm blare and began choking on the sandwich. She coughed the piece up and spit it into the trashcan. She sighed, wondering how much she really cared today about defending the home. She did pretty much want to eradicate the Colored in order to find A and kick his ass but there were plenty of other people to operate while she finished her sandwich. That was when she realized: Shit, that's where TEN's bedroom is. What are they doing there? What are they planning to be so bold and enter our home.

    She ran up the stairs since of course they didn't have a elevator. Akira was there before her and standing entirely motionless. Ren apparently made too much noise coming up because attention immediately turned to her and Akira.

  4. ✡Ten✡, #B22222

    Blood, blood, blood. Ten was practically drowning in the sticky liquid as he floated face first above the gloop. Out of all his previous dreams he had to admit this was one of the best. The only downside was that there weren't any people to play with but the stray floating body parts that seemed oddly familiar. Moments later deep burgundy colored storm clouds swept through his vision, completely blocking the white colored sky. Then it began to rain little medical syringes with needles the size of his foot. They fell in torrents all around him, some disappearing in the sea of blood while others pierced his limbs. With a start Ten realized that this wasn't just a dream but a strange vision of his past. A crazed laugh escaped him at the realization as he looked around for any further clues and information. He could care less about his past but that didn't mean he wasn't the least bit curious. That was when he noticed a partially disfigured head floating his way. He tried to reach for the severed limb but it the needles had paralyzed his arms into useless noodles by his side. But just as it was about to reach his out stretched fingertips he was pulled back to reality.

    Ten slowly sat up in bed and rubbed his still sleep weary eyes. Dark circles were present under the gold colored orbs, a sign of his sleep deprived state. He barely spared a glance at the smoking hole in the wall where his dresser used to stand and the battle raging between the colourless guards and the intruders. He was half way across the room when a sword came flying his way but it didn't hit its original mark as a guard came jumping in and was impaled by the weapon. Blood sprayed against Ten's bored expression as he continued his slow pace towards the opposite end of the room. After walking through several dead bodies he finally reached the flashing red light of the alarm as well as the intercom that blared by its side. Bending down, he picked up a short blunt knife from the grasp of a corpse and proceeded to stab it repeatedly against the speakers until it was just a broken piece of circuits and wires.

    Of course it attracted quite the attention as one of the intruders quickly appeared by his side, weapon simed straight as his head.

    "Don't move or I'll splatter your brains!," They threatened.

    "You know I was dreaming that I was floating in a sea of blood"

    The strange statement confused the enemy as they wore a puzzled expression. But before they could get a word out they were suddenly missing both of their arms. A blood curdling scream barely escaped them when their head was sliced clean in two. Ten stood over the disfigured corpse, licking the blood off the blade of the knife.

    "Tsk there was a lot more blood than this," He speculated before looking up at the rest of the intruders with a sudden look of wild delight. "I guess I'll just have to cut through all of you".

    But just as they about to let loose a barrage of gunfire his way a loud commotion came from the entrance of his bedroom. Ten didn't have to look to see that it had been Ren who had just burst in as he could feel his energy already resonating with hers. His abilities were momentarily blocked however as the rest apparently didn't trust him with his powers activated even in his sleep.

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  5. It was generally well-known that Zack Levosaro could sleep like the dead through a thunderstorm. He'd done so before. While he easily responded to the sound of a voice calling his name, he'd developed some kind of insane immunity to things like sirens, as if just to spite their existence. Maxine knew this particularly well, as she rarely spoke unless she needed to and had spent several mornings trying to wake him up by smashing pots and pans above his head. That had not earned either of them points with their floormates and as the years had gone by, they'd been pushed to the end of the corridor on the very bottom floor with Zack's room sandwiched by the wall and Maxine's room. Today, however, the racket resounding throughout the entire complex had nothing to do with either of them, and Maxine knew that Zack's unfortunate... constitution would simply be another annoyance to add to what was already an annoyance.

    The invasion didn't really worry her, or if it did it didn't show, and the other people down the hall who had begun stumbling out of their rooms, blearily pulling on their day clothes or failing to do so, barely even noticed her as she strolled from her room to Zack's, already fully dressed, hands over her ears, and parasol hanging from one arm. She stood in front of his bed, watching the lump on the bed in slight boredom, then pulled her right hand off her ear long enough to take her black parasol and smack it across his side. He woke up with a loud "urk!" Finally hearing the sirens, he panicked, reached for the katana sitting on the wall next to his bed and promptly fell out of the bed and flat on his face. He dragged his hand across his face and pushed his messy blue hair back, not that it helped with that bed head of his. "Who's attacking?!" He shouted over the sirens, clearly not completely in his right mind.

    "The colored." Maxine said, shortly, both hands back covering her ears. That much should've been obvious. Who else would be attacking?

    The confused man picked up his katana and tried attaching it to his belt before realizing that he wasn't dressed properly enough to have a belt. Suddenly understanding what a muddle he was in, he paused to catch his bearings. According to the sirens, the trouble was with the colored on floor one. Zack scowled and understood why Maxine was just standing there, waiting for him to do something rather than being urgent about anything. Burgundy was on that floor. If there was a battle there, he'd be in his element. While Zack was a good fighter and cared for all his fellow colorless, that was one thing he did not enjoy watching - Ten in his element. A good number of the colored would be dead, but he was forced to remember that there were also colorless guards there and the other colorless were running to the rescue. Swearing harshly several times, he messed up his hair roughly, pushed Maxine out the door and was out, dragging her with him, in a few minutes. It was such a pain to be on the bottom floor, all those flights of stairs to go up just to reach floor one. By the time he got there, corpses were already littering the floor and he saw Ten awake, Ren and Akira on the other side of the hall.
  6. Ren

    She didn't have to search for TEN, she was close enough to feel him. But she was a bit worried about him over killing so she didn't really consent to the use of his powers, therefore he couldn't use them. Ren realized that and calmed down, going back to her previous non caring attitude. TEN could now use his powers, not that he needed them from the blood she saw just near him.

    But now to deal with the fact Leader might not be the happiest if that his half was killed because he wasn't there to activate her powers. A Colored jumped towards Akira, a few actually. With that agility of hers she managed to dodge every single knife, gun or attack using powers but it wouldn't last forever.

    Ren stopped focusing on TEN for a second, she grabbed a pencil and paper from her pocket and drew a Scythe, no Time for anything fancy since it seemed the colored had figured out she couldn't use her powers.

    She then materialized it, swinging it towards Akira's direction. The only person who could react fast enough to jump over it and not get cut in half was Akira.

    The siren started blaring a different tune. Colored were now coming in from the East entrance of the first floor. Considering they were on the East entrance that meant: behind us. Shit.

    "Behind you." Akira's voice came, in its usual unaffected and emotionless manner.

    Ren didn't react fast enough, a punch to her back sent her flying forward and coughing up blood. But she didn't let that stop her from quickly swiveling around and swinging at that guy, purposely stopping her scythe from chopping him fully in half. She left the scythe there and wriggled it around a bit to exact her revenge. He screamed out in agony. Ren finally chopped him in half.

  7. ✡Ten✡, #B22222

    It didn't take much at all to kill the surrounding colored with or without his powers activated. But it was fun to watch them panic at the loss of their eyesight and carelessly kill their comrades in the process. He was halfway through his little puppet show when he felt a strange tingling sensation that spread all along a tiny corner of his back. A small inaudible hiss escaped him as he viciously impaled the blunt knife through several of the intruders. Ten himself had forgotten how pain truly felt but every single time that careless women would be injured he himself would have to feel it through their connection. His frustrations immediately turned to a form of giddy glee however as he watched the red liquid pool in sticky consistency against his bare feet. The sight of his little handy work seemed to 'calm' him considerably as he casually stepped over and sometimes onto the bodies that littered the floor with a childish bounce.

    When he finally did reach Ren the room was practically overrun by colored guards who were still pouring in considerable numbers. It didn't take a genius to know that they were surrounded. But Ten ignored them all as he slowly leaned forward and whispered something in Ren's ear before licking the fresh blood that coated the corner of her cheeks from her earlier coughing fit. To others it may have seemed like an intimate gesture but the words exchanged were anything but.

    "Be more fucking careful next time"

    Seconds later the colored intruders fell like flies around them. Each one crying in agony as their bones cracked and split as an unknown pressure built inside them. Lungs burst, blood vessels imploded, and wind pipes collapsed as if gravity was crushing the life right out of them. Ten preferred to slaughter others single handedly but these men weren't worthy of anything but a slow pain filled death. That and his patience of this crap was already as thin as it could get.

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  8. Delilah

    If there was one thing Delilah hated about herself (though the number certainly exceeded one), it was that more often than not, she slept like the dead. It was natural given her frequent late-night patrols, but it was vexing nonetheless. When she finally awoke to the sound of the siren, she quickly got out of bed, thanking her sleepy mind for choosing not to change into pajamas last night. She had left a dead squirrel under Ten's bed, probably unbeknownst to him, figuring that the man's fondness for death would make the body seem innocuous. Though its glassy gaze, Delilah could see Ten's feet, and quite a bit of blood. Unfortunately, due to her lack to familiarity with the squirrel, she couldn't see much else. Bringing her own vision back into view, she grabbed her metal bat and opened her door.

    She slowly left her room, glancing around to ensure she wasn't about to be attacked. Finally, she made her way to the hallway in which one could find Ten's bedroom. Ten himself was already there, along with Ren and Akira. Though she knew she had to help somehow, she was unsure of what precisely to do, as Ten's attack had taken care of all the guards in sight. Then she saw another Colored making its way to the others. She brought her anger at the intruder into being, and Anger rushed to the soldier, not caring how much noise she made. The soldier seemed slightly bemused, which made sense; Delilah hadn't given Anger her weapon, so this "other her" looked relatively harmless. But this Colored was about to find out how easily feelings could get through with the merest touch.

    Anger gripped the soldier's head, and before he could do anything else, she set her victim's mind aflame. The Colored screamed in pain as the fire spread through him, falling to the floor, and Anger flickered slightly as Delilah began to feel guilty. She hadn't gotten used to seeing people die by her hand as some of the others had, but this person was actively trying to kill her friends, so she reminded herself that this was for the best. But that didn't mean she couldn't try to end this man's suffering quickly; in fact, she was surprised she hadn't thought of this sooner. Sleep deprivation had gotten to her even more than she originally thought.

    She erased Anger and replaced it with Loathing. For a while, Loathing just stood there, having a difficult time choosing between her favorite victim and this intruder. Eventually, she decided that Delilah would not succumb as easily and knelt over the Colored. She reached into his chest, causing tiny pinpricks of pain that quickly increased in intensity. At last, Loathing pulled out the soldier's heart and disconnected it from the body, stopping the pain altogether. Delilah erased Loathing and leaned against the wall; perhaps she had done a bit too much.
  9. Ren

    "Suck. One." Ren replied easily, she shoved the man away from her. Not that she didn't care for TEN, they were connected so it was hard not to. She just didn't take bullshit off of him. That's around the time people started dropping like flies. Most thought it frightening, evident by the amount of people, colored, running wildly away. It was standard. "TEN, calm down. Save energy. Stronger are coming." Ren reprimanded him easily.

    "Southwest." Akira spoke.

    Ren, without looking swung her Scythe that way, someone screaming out as he was cut in half. It was a Colorless guard. "Yeah. Sorry." She looked down, poking the man's upper body with her blade to see if it was beyond repair. It was.

    "Sorry. Delilah's southwest." Akira clarified her instructions for where attacks where coming from. ​
  10. Standing outside of house with guards and attackers fighting, Coy blinked and sighed as he slid a open palm down his face. " Incompetent," Coy sighs to himself. Looking for an way in that is not filled with dead bodies, he looks around the outside of the building and sees a slightly open window. Walking to the window, Coy makes himself invisible, to make sure that no one sees him come in. With a light thump and a soft screech, he slips into the room and closes the window. " Nothing. Looks like a spare room. " Coy says to himself looking around the small room with nothing in it, only one door that has screams coming from the other side of it.

    Coy blinks again and his cloak goes off, letting him take a breather.
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  11. "Who let them go?" Nick's commanding voice yelled across the room, straight at the man that brought him the news of the invasion. "It wasn't supposed to start until I had gotten there! Whoever gave the orders to attack, I want them here in front of me." Even though Zack is colorless, I hope he doesn't get involved, as there may still be some hope for him. He walked down the hall toward the kitchen and got himself something to eat. If he didn't eat and someone made him mad, no one knows what would happen, because it is different every time. Going back to his office he sat down and waited to see how the battle would turn out. All the while, trying to decide what horrible punishment to dish out.
  12. ✡Ten✡, #B22222

    A strange, almost hollow laugh escaped him as Ten feigned to stumble back at Ren's prompt push. He rolled his eyes at her scoldings but obeyed nonetheless and released the hold he had on his remaining victims, leaving them to die slowly from excessive internal bleeding. But just when he thought he could return to his interrupted sleep the alarm blared again from the southwest entrance. A flash of irritation sparked at the thought of such weak prey when it was instantly doused by a seemingly separate part of his brain that was ecstatic for some fresh meat to toy with. It caused an unnatural 'smile' that was in between the points of a scowl and a grin. To say that the sleepless shadows that were also cast from the bottom of his eyes were unsettling was an understatement.

    There was a reason that Ten was the only one who wasn't required to wake up for early training like the rest. His sleep was a priority in itself if the rest didn't want to start a bloodbath in their own home. The only one he really indulged when it came to early wake up calls was Ren and he had nearly strangled her twice both times. It was only a playful gesture really and besides it was rare for anyone to visit him alone his room.

    There was no need to wait for Ren however as his powers had already been released. There was also the fact that he wanted to slaughter all of those colored guards before she could sustain another annoying injury for him to feel. He had barely reached the corridor when he heard a thump come from one of the empty bedrooms. With a bit of a playful grin, Ten knocked politely on the door in mock courtesy before kicking it right of the hinges. It crashed nearly an inch away from the intruder in a shower of splinters and plaster. The first thing Ten took notice of was the different attire this one seemed to have from the rest of his colleagues. He resisted his urge to kill him outright and waited for what this bloody little sausage could do.

  13. As the door was broken down, Coy tried to cover his face with his arms but failed due to the surprise "attack". Leaving his clothes cut in few places, and his face now filled with pieces of wood and fear. Coy has never been in combat before much less on a raid like this, so this is unheard of. After all of the projectiles have fallen onto the floor or stuck into coy, he looks over to the blank expression of the man in the doorway with fear and regret. Slowly, Coy decides to stand up and keep his hands out reached so this lunatic can see that he means no harm, even if he does have two sickles at his hip semi-hidden by his overcoat. Finally, coy decides to speak with very noticeable fear in his tone . " Uhh, Hello. I am Coy. Nice to meet you. Ill, uhh... Be leaving now!" As he finishes, coy turns invisible, leaving the splinters still hang off of his face and clothes with the window looking like it was twisted and bent in many ways. And starts to frantically open the, now locked, window. Auto locking windows. Figures. Coy thinks to himself still trying to open his only way of escape.
  14. ✝Chrome✝, #2F4F4F

    The taste of tension was thick in the air and resonated with the stiff guards that Chrome passed. Those that seemed to fall across his calming atmosphere only seemed to become weary and tired from finally being released from their worry only to become rigid once again as he continued his pace through the facility. From the look of things the attack had already commenced but the fact that he hadn't been alerted was strange. Though it was when he happened across Nick still stationed in his office had his calculated suspicions confirmed. For if the plan had gone accordingly he, Chrome, and the rest would have already been fighting on the front lines. His cloak fluttered, giving the effect of him gliding, as he slowly entered the room. It was beyond rare for him to approach others on his own will but he was in need of a casualties report to evaluate the situation further.

  15. "Chrome, did you know of the attack?" Nick had an ominous calm about him. He stood and moved closer so it was more of a conversation and less of a report. Even with Nick being young, he still understood the difference between chain of command talking or a friend talking. This made him a lot more approachable, and sometimes a bit more open. "Do you know who is running it?" If this went beyond his control, he was afraid that the head of the attack would need to face a larger punishment.
  16. Matt yawned as he waited behind everyone, why he waited was for some strong metal they where getting. He was sitting on the ground waiting hearing faint shouts and gunfire, he wasn't the most impressed with his current situation having too wait doing nothing but waiting. He really doesn't like waiting but his orders were to wait so, he had to wait.
    All he had on him for protection was a hand gun something he wasn't a fan of but did work as a weapon. Unfortunately He wasn't able to use his gun because everyone he would shoot was in side the colorless base and all he saw was colored go in and no one coming out just the sounds of gun fire.

    "Well this is just a waste of my time," he says a bit ticked off, "Why not just give me a sword that I can use and change into what I want."

    He jump to his feet the second he hears footsteps coming from inside. Taking aim with the hand gun he waits to see who appears. It was a pair of colorless guards holding assault rifles. Matt knowing they can out match him with weaponry he backed up firing two shots towards them before ducking out of the way from a stream of bullets barely missing him. Out of the two shots he fired one missed and the other was stopped by the armor of the first guard. They where quickly followed by another pair of guards. At this point Matt was hiding behind some rubble getting shot at, but none of the bullets hitting him.

    "Hello Yellow," a familiar voice said out of his walkie talkie, "We are ready to drop off your package is now a good time, roger."

    "Now is a great time, roger," he replied grinning, because his wait was finally over.

    "Dropping," the voice said as a large metal clank could be heard above.

    A second later a large cube of metal came crashing out of the sky, stunning the guards for a second. Matt took the second to run too the square he places his hands onto it and begins to create a long katana that he stabs into the ground to free his hands while he uses his powers again on the metal to cover himself in a suit of armor, that is strong enough to protect against bullets and flexible enough to allows him to be agile.

    "Now this in better," he says leaving the cover of the cube.

    He rushes the first guard cutting him down quickly before he got to take a shot, before attacking the second he kicks up dust to blind the third and fourth to give him time to kill the second. As the dust settled he cuts off the head of the third guard and stabbed the fourth and final guard through the heart. All of this leaves a pool of blood on the ground and a bloody weapon that he cleans off on one of the guards. He then returns to the metal cube to made some throwing knives he places along the side of his armor.

    "Finally ready to go inside," he say walking inside the base.
  17. ✡Ten✡, #B22222

    A bright almost childish sense of curiosity flashed vividly across Ten's usually blood hungry eyes. Of all the guards and weaklings that were thrown his way none had the ability to do the little magic trick this one could. He awaited what actions the slice of meat would take and was slightly disappointed to find his interesting find trying to run away from him. It was much more interesting when they fought back. Then again who didn't love a good chase? But there was nothing more Ten hated and loved than a coward. They were the best kind of play things and he took a particularly disturbing amount of satisfaction toying with one. But their predictability and lack of resistance irked him to no end. Didn't they know it was common courtesy to quickly end the lives of those that threatened theirs. He found such docile natures pathetic but also deliciously stroked his ever flaring need for violence. Though Ten always did take special care not to carelessly break his toys.

    An almost inaudible sigh escaped his lips as he pulled away from his own musings and focused on the rattling window pane before him. He quirked his head slightly in a gesture of curiosity as his eyes focused on the distinctly warped edges of a human. It distorted all those it stood in front and painstakingly revealed what it tried to hide. In a sort of playful gesture, Ten casually walked towards the fluctuating figure until he all but loomed over their slightly hunched frame. He took a moment to examine the strange translucent invisibility before abruptly slamming his fist against the wall with a carefully constrained force that caused a faint crack to appear along the window glass. Just as quickly, a knife found its way pierced against the man's sleeve after Ten needlessly grazed it along the persons cheek to satiate his never ending blood lust.

    "I wonder if I can turn invisible if I use your skin like a cloak. What do you think?" He asked in a dangerously soft tone.

  18. ✝Chrome✝, #2F4F4F


    The blatant response and ever emotionless countenance gave nothing away if Chrome did in fact know of the perpetrators where abouts. After a forbidding stretch of silence he deemed it permissible to continue. He was more or less forward with his previous intentions and made his interests clear.

    "Do you know the current status of the raid?"

  19. "The only thing I know is that they left early this morning, and that was because of security feeds, but other than that I am blind" Nick replied calmly, as he did worry the state of the raid, because if it was not going well, that would mean that reinforcements were needed. "Shall we go there and see for ourselves how it is going, and even open up some bodies ourselves?" Wartime was Nick's favorite, mainly because no one ever really gives him a chance to use a sword on a live target. It is one of his many pleasures, not that its his only one, however.
  20. Now Matt had finally gotten to the good part he slowly made his way through the common room and headed down the stairs to floor -1. He met a small group of colorless guards on the way they took some shots at me, but none hitting anywhere unprotected by his armor. Before they could shoot another round he threw two of his knifes at the guards in the back heads and quickly cut through the guards with a couple of swipes, all at once they fell to the ground. He picks back up the knifes and continues on to the floor searching for colorless.
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