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  1. Greetings. I am currently on the look out for a single role player. The posting expectation is advanced or beyond. The rp will have some dice mechanics (simple and only for combat playervplayer or playervBossNpc). This Rp will include posting schedules and deadlines. Finally this Rp will be cooperation focused and you will be expected to participate in the plot the group decides to undertake.

    My world has been in development for 6 years, it has had many iterations and it has grown to be almost alien from what it initially was. However, core ideas remain as well as familiar names. This Role playing world offers you a deep and compelling story to participate in, but in return it expects a certain level of commitment. I do not want this Rp to die, as I have invested quite a lot into it.

    This does not mean I am merciless however, I understand that RL is higher up on the Priority list then RP. I am fair handed and am willing to allow your character to fade into obscurity for the time of your hiatus should an emergency arise.

    That in mind, this advertisement is for not only a player, but a Co-Gm. You will be in charge of Npc interaction with players as well as introduction to new scenes. I would also prefer it if you could have a character of your own in the Rp, as it would bring the character count to 4 (the perfect number for this adventure). However, if you do not wish to undertake Co-Gming and Playing that is fine, tis a big responsibility. Either way, I am in need of an adult member who is looking for an advanced and mature RP to commit too. Please Pm me if you are interested in learning about the world and the specifics of this position. Thank you.

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