If Fairy tales Were Real

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  1. Tyler walked through the streets of the "slums." They really weren't that bad. In his opinion they were pretty fun. He didn't wear his normal attire, fendi, dolche and gabana, etc. He'd be knocked out and robbed if he did that. As of now he was on his way to a small diner. They were a small family run place but damn, were they good.
    If his parents ever found out he comes here they would lock him away in their cushy little mansion. It wasn't like he didn't love his family and his priveleged life, he just didn't like the numerous amount of fake people and the stigma of snob that came along with it.
    Tyler was dressed in a black hoodie and red tshirt. He wore grey skinnies and vans. He wore a snapback of some sports team that he didn't really care about. It matched so he wore it. His hair was long and black, more of a skater look. If he had a choice he would dress like this everyday. His green eyes scanned the streets as he walked. There were so many people, it was nice.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Kaya Uchiha
    Age: 18
    Class: Middle
    Occupation: waitress at family diner
    I normally let my char's personality develop in the rp

    It was a nice, average day and a typical busy day at the diner. Kaya was going back and forth between tables - writing down orders then picking up orders. She hears the door chimes ring, signalling another customer. She puts in her recent ticket and looks over at the guy that walked in. "I'll be right with you, just take a seat anywhere." She says smiling.

    She picks up an order and walks it to the appropriate table. She grabs her small notepad with a pen and walks over to the guy's table. "Hello. I'm Kaya, I'll be your waitress today." She greets smiling. "What can I get you?" She asks, looking at him.
  3. Tyler smiled and nodded as Kaya told him to take a seat. He wasn't exactly a regular but he made a point to remember her name. He sat in a smaller booth off in the corner and looked over the menu. It was late after noon and the sun was just starting to set.

    "Oh, I would like a, hmmm, bacon cheeseburger aaaand...a....sprite!" Tyler ordered with a smile. He set down the menu and glanced at the waitress. "You...You look nice Kaya." Tyler said kindly before she left. He'd sort of been wanting to talk to her for a while but he just now was working up the courage.
  4. Kaya smiles, nodding as she writes down his order. "Okay. It should take a few minutes." She replies smiling. She didn't recognize this guy so she figured he must've been new to the area. She can't help but blush slightly at his compliment. "Thanks." She says then walks off to the kitchen to drop off the order ticket for his food.
  5. Tyler was proud if himself. He had got up enough courage to say something for once. He began thinking of asking her out. Yeah, that could work.
    Tyler waited patiently for his order. He was more excited about seeing Kaya than eating.
  6. After a few minutes, Kaya returns to the guy's booth with his food. "Here you go. If you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask." She says smiling. She then starts to walk off to wait other tables.
  7. Tyler's eyes follow Kaya until he couldn't any longer. The smile stayed in place the entire time he was eating his meal. Once he finished, Tyler left her a fifty dollar tip and a note saying 'See you tomorrow'
    He waved at her before heading home.
    Tomorrow, I'm asking her out...
  8. Kaya finishes her last order of her shift and sees the new guy leave the diner. She walks over to his booth to collect the bill. She gets shocked when she sees he left her a fifty dollar tip. She can't help but smile reading his note. She puts the fifty dollars in her pocket and clocks out for the day. She then walks home, smiling thinking about the mystery guy.


    The next day, Kaya started work at her usual time. This time she reserved the same booth for her mystery guy, waiting for him to arrive like he said he would. She was still in shock that he gave her a fifty dollar tip the previous day.
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