If Apples turned pink & Bananas were purple...

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    If Apples turned PINK & Banana's were PURPLE...
    Would you still eat them ?

    Does color conditioning affect taste perception?

    Studies show that it does.

    In philosophy, psychology, and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information.

    "People 'pull' a lot of sensory information from a food product,"
    says Avery Gilbert, president of Montclair, N.J.-based Synesthetics Inc., an multi-sensory research company.

    "As a product is about to be consumed, a person has expectations based on the food's appearance. The brain interprets those cues and sends messages down to the taste and aroma sensory organs which in turn modify the information flow sent back to the brain," says Gilbert.

    "Expectations at a cognitive level affect sensory experiences at a very basic level."

    What about you ? Would the color of your food affect your feelings towards it ? Would you eat spaghetti if the noodles were green or rice if the grains were dark blue ?
  2. If the spaghetti sauce were green...Ughh...With apples....I find that Fuji apples, when they are a bright red color, seem to be very crunchy... And I do love a crunch. So I generally go for the brightest red apples I can find.

    So I suppose, yes. ^_^
  3. If they have been of that color, then I guess our senses would grow accustomed to it, and we would find "yellow bananas" and "red apples" weird...

    Though, I think I have come across some pink bananas in some supermarket shelf somewhere.......
  4. Well it might no be all about the color but it is a funny story about perception. My Dad got up in the night to get a drink. However, this night, the fridge light was broken. So he had to feel his way around the area for the jug of milk. Like any male in this situation popping the top and swigging is acceptable, so he does that. Unfortunately for him it was a suprise taste as he picked up the jug of Orange Juice rather than the jug of milk. He immedietly spit it out in the sink and turned on the lights. It was truly a funny story to hear of in the morning.
  5. They can change the colors of certain fruits and vegetables now and days, some engineered carrots are purple.


    I wanna purple banana..... but then that would be an even WORSE "yum" experience.

    Yum: When something that seems harmless in theory can be seen as sexual, such as eating a banana.
  6. well you would have to eat eventually right? so yeah I would still eat it
  7. Hmm, well, where to start? I guess I'll get right into some specifics first, since Schala's interactions were a bit spread out and all >.<

    @Atomyk I must say, for Schala's first fight in the game, Cap was quite an interesting opponent, not really because of his brute force or anything, but rather his attempts to reason with the group when it was under Umbrella's control, and had I posted more towards hi, they might even have had something going >.< also enjoyed the variety of your NPCs Schala happened to run into along the way, and... Even if my posts did drag on a bit on Genesis, it was always pretty interesting interacting with them.

    @Jeremi Even though Schala and 18 themselves didn't interact too often, it was still pretty fun seeing around! I also did enjoy the encounters Schala had with the NPC's, and often times the battles that ensued sooner or later in that regard >.<, like for instance, Birkin, before and after his transormation for insatnce o.o

    @Gummi Bunnies @Klutzy Ninja Kitty Welp, since Schala had this tendency to interact with both Blake and Senna at the same time, I suppose I figure I might as well lump these two review things together. All in all, I think you two did pretty great! And I guess intentionally or not, Schala just happened to hang around Blake and Senna the most, even regarding the former like she would a brother, perhaps more >.<

    @Kaykay @Midnight Maiden Hmm, sadly Schala did not get to interact as much with Shirou and Setsuna as much as I wanted to, but the times they did meet face to face, it was pretty fun o.o if there hadn't been stuff in the way, I'd prolly have had Schala pop into whatever was going on with Clark in the epilogue, but sadly I had to wrap things up a bit early so I dun drag the epilogue on like I did with my Civil War one

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    @Others/Anyone I missed

    So! In general, Genesis was a pretty great game actually! Even if I was a bit dumb with Schala, drifting so often that I ended up having a bad habbit of typing up waaaay too much fluff for my post (VIA a shit ton of circular inner monologue), I did enjoy the game itself o.o I guess the only gripe I really have about it is that I wasn't as proactive about interacting with other characters and building connections, and that I had to rush out my epilogue a bit due to me having to GM soon afterwards >.<
  8. I'd find the evil genius responsible and become his No.1 henchman.
  9. Some apples are pink they're called Pink Lady Apples. I used to work in produce I KNOW XD Humans would eventually get conditioned to it I wouldn't worry ^_^
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  10. No Tegan you just made this BETTER. I definitely want to try the Pink Pearl apples now :DD As well as the pink bananas :DD
  11. Wow. I knew I should've used green veggies turned purple. xD

    Thanks Ocha. They do look pretty cool :)