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If Animals Were Like Pokemon

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Stacisaur, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. This is kind of stupid.
    This is kind of funny.
    This is kind of BRILLIANT, but it really isn't.
    I almost spit out my soup watching the second one.. XD The Howler Monkey part. I.. I almost.. almost did. > w<

    I hope you all enjoy this.~ :3 I was amused.
    I'mma put the second one first, cuz, it's funnier, in my opinion.~ <3<3


    If animals started doing this,
    my question is,
    I MEAN IT.

    I would... I would probably... stare for a long time. And try to talk back and see if they would respond again.. And then I'd whip out my Master Ball, and win the game.<3


    What would you think they might sound like, if you disagree with these takes on it?
  2. I think you effectively killed all the brain cells left in everyones brains with this stupidity o_o
  3. :D

    It's kinda cute though.~ <3<3