If a ninja helped you keep healthy.

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  1. You ever just sit down and watch ninja movies and enjoy the action?

    The way they move in the night.

    How they are like a shadow.

    Their unbelievable speed.

    I was watching a movie about ninja's the other night and thought to myself....

    What would it be like if a ninja used their skills to help you stay healthy?

    This is what I think it would be like:

  2. yeah watch them take something from me and see how long they live...ninja take my chips and they get a foot up their ass lets see them try to avoid the wrath of a hungry girl.
  3. Fighting obesity one silent strike at a time!
  4. Lol@Night: Thats if you see it coming lol

    @Prime: Yeah! he keeping them in shape! Lol
  5. *silently eats her celery coated in sprinkles wrapped in a pretzel*

    *munchmunchgulp* Ninjas indeed... *munchcrunchmunch*
  6. *appears before Iliana with a sword in hand. Cause she thinks she is getting away with it, when she's not* >:[
  7. have you ever noticed all girls know when your doing something stupid even when not in the room...we have a dumb ass radar and well a ninja trying to steal my food would be high on the dumb ass scale so i would find him even before he got near me

    "hey hun arent you getting alittle big."
    "did i ever tell you what happened to my last bf who told me i was getting big....i had to run for a week just to get the fat off from eating his dumb ass."
  8. *ninja backs away slowly* Yeahhhh...I'm not even going to try to ninja her calories.....
  9. I got ninja willpower.
  10. That was awesome. Whoever did that has my eternal thanks, and my eternal wrath if Ninjas start stealing food from me.
  12. He....will....find....you...

    When he does, your calories will be destroyed >:[