Iell Sa (Fantasy)

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  1. This is a world I've been building for a personal story over the years. Most of it has sat in my head but I would like to open it up to others for more games in the future. I've only began this write up the other day and there is a lot more to add so this will be an evolving page. Here is the beginning though.
    Feel free to comment or critique. Questions are also helpful for development so I encourage it.
    Iell Sa
    The World:
    Iell Sa is a place similar to our middle ages with little technology ran by a clerical hierarchy of mages referred to as Eternals. They use exclusive knowledge of the Gods to both protect and control their realm. Magic comes from the Gods who appear in all shapes and sizes. The Eternals capture and manipulate these creature for their uses. The common folk lack specific knowledge, especially that pertaining to magic. Most people are also superstitious. Those from the land practice varying religions but nearly all pertain to the Gods. Some worship specific deities whose powers impress them while others revere all the gods equally. There are also those that think of the gods as no more than gifted animals and worship none at all. There are innumerable practices that can be paired with people’s individual beliefs.

    The world itself is vast and varies in terrain. When it comes to Iell Sa the central and largest part of the continent is temperate. It is very green with fields, forests, lakes, and a few small mountains. Up North and Northeast are colder lands blocked off by a large tundra and harsh mountain range, only passable with the help of magic. Down South is a dryer strip of land but soon turns tropical at the coast.

    General Theology: It is common belief that at one point in history there was a singular God. That God offered their abilities for humans to use, splitting themselves into many to service mankind. That is how magic was given to the people.

    Magic Use and rules
    - No innate powers for humans.
    *Shaole - These are a special case because of the intimate process in which the God comes in contact with the person to create the Shaole. This can leave them with a possible ability or an adverse effect.

    - Casting
    These are the methods used to summon a God.

    *By scroll - This is the fastest method to summon a God. Scrolls are created beforehand by any of the other methods. They are made to keep the God from roaming freely and being a danger to the public, but are also cast when needed for practical use and to deter other powerful Gods. To use a scroll you tear it open and the God is released to follow your command. The command does not have to be spoken and the God will only obey whomever opens the scroll.

    *By speech - This can be used on any rogue that is present. You must speak in Ca Vaal to encourage the God to work on your behalf. It is a tricky task to earn their obedience. Each creature is different and displays a unique personality so approaching them requires different methods. Once you have their allegiance they can be either bound into a scroll or commanded immediately.

    * By writing or symbol - This works a lot like speech. The big difference is this can allow a concentration of energy that calls forth a god from any corner of the globe as long as it is not already bound. As long as you understand the combination of symbols that is whatever particular God's name in Ca Vaal, and know how to say it you can summon them to you. Learning this is trickier than it sounds and once present you need to still convince the God to obey your command. From there you may give it an order or bind it to a scroll.


    *The power over any given God is temporary.

    *Commands can be lengthy or short lived. A blast of fire may be instantaneous while sending a god to search for someone's whereabouts may take a couple days.

    *Once a command is fulfilled the God will dissipate and reappear wherever it pleases on the globe. This will also happen if another God stops your command from being carried out or the command is not doable in the first place.

    Terms and Definitions :

    Iell Sa- (e-el-sä)- The name of the main continent this story takes place on.

    Eternals a.k.a. Imathyne (em-ä-thēn) Most commonly known as Eternals, but occasionally referred to in Ca Vaal as Imathyne. A privileged and respected class. This is the title of the clerics that have been educated and are proficient in magic, being promoted into a position that allows them to use it without supervision. Their duties vary. Often they work to capture rogue gods and protect common folk. Some are spiritual leaders while others provide services with their magic, such as safe travel or healing. The most knowledgeable and experienced of these clerics serve as supervisors to leaders and kings. They are considered to hold a great deal of political influence.

    Maulhe (mäl-hē) Blessed Ones- Extremely tall thin leathery looking creatures on digitigrade legs. They are humanoid and look like they could have once been similar to people. You never see their faces because they are covered by masks much like the gods. They are intelligent but keep to themselves for the most part. When they do speak with people it is through a kind of telepathy. Usually they speak warnings or give wisdom. Not much is known about them. Common folk fear they are a bad omen before disaster. Though some of the clerics also believe this there are those that speculate they are related to the old god and are demi gods themselves. Whether they are good or evil is unknown. Perhaps a bit of both.

    Ca Vaal- (kä-vāl)- The language of the gods used to summon then control them. Only people well versed in magic can speak the language fluently. The gods only speak in Ca Vaal as far as all of the world is aware.

    Shaole (shä-ōōl) Hollow Ones- Created through taboo magic. These are people that are believed to exist without a soul which was used in exchange for some great gain. For example a dead loved one can be returned at that cost. The people created through this dark magic are believed to bring bad luck and are considered to be innately evil by most of the population, whether or not this is true. In return they are made outcasts or are often killed early after their making. The sure sign of a Shaole is the color of their eyes which are always violet.

    Duuan- A beast of burden, used much like a horse or mule domesticated for various uses. They are akin to four legged land whales and are commonly found throughout Iell Sa.

    The Gods- These are magical creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. All gods are faceless and wear unique masks. The smaller or weaker the god the easier they are to control and the more simple and animal minded they are. There are more powerful gods that can be larger or humanoid in some ways. These can be capable of speech or more intelligent thought. However these creatures can still be vicious and instinctual making them extremely dangerous. All gods are proud beasts and are easily offended if not treated properly. None speak the common tongue but understand it well enough.

    Rogues- These are gods that are unbound. They roam freely across the globe. More often than not a god is referred to as rogue when they are especially dangerous to people, but a rogue can be any god that isn’t under direct human control.