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  1. Idols have been popular for years. Idol groups, more so. Thing is, the usual stuff is starting to get stale, so some managers are starting to try different things. This particular idol group is another attempt to bring a fresh focus to the Idol craze: Idols on Ice. It's exactly what it says: taking Idols and putting them on the ice. The name of this project: Frost Sirens. Slight problem, though: it's cold on the ice. Most Idols are used to working up a sweat during performances, but how would they react when it's likely they'll spend more time shivering than sweating? In the end, all things considered, the Frost Sirens project is volunteer only, and the volunteer count is, unfortunately, rather low.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: "Luna Angelo."

    Age: "I'm still only 17; sorry to keep you guys waiting~!" *giggles playfully*

    Height and Weight: "I'm 5 foot 4, 110 lbs."

    Measurements: "36-24-36 -- yes, you'd better believe it!"

    How do you feel about being in a group?: *laughs* "They'd better be ready to work as hard as I do, because I don't want anyone holding us back. If I see someone slacking, I'm going to say something; I'm going to let them know what's up! I'll do my best to help the others, but if they're not willing to give it their all, I'm sorry -- they've got to go."

    Cold Tolerance: "Oh yeah, I can stand the cold. People tell me all the time to put on a jacket when it's chilly out, but it doesn't really bother me. I never notice it's cold until someone touches me and I realize how warm they are, and I'm like, oh my god I must be an ice-cube in comparison!"

    Skating Ability: "I've never tried ice-skating before. I am a little scared of getting sliced open by someone's skates if they fall." *nervous laughter* "I mean I'm a quicker learner; I will need some lessons, and it might take some getting used to until I'm comfortable balancing on just these thin razor blades, but it shouldn't be too bad." *cheeky shrug*

    Singing Ability: "I've been singing since I was 7 years old. I wouldn't have gotten noticed so early in life if I wasn't talented, so to answer your question, I'd say my singing ability can be listed as 'professionally trained'. I was previously a pop-star, you know... I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of me... or are you one of those hipsters who only listen to unknown musicians? Ugh."

    Artistic Background: "Um, hell~ooo, I'm Luna Angelo. Come on, what kinda question is this? Now you're just making yourself look old and out of touch."

    Personal Background: "Oh boy... where do I begin?" *adjusts in her seat* "Umm, well, as you know, I started my career when I was real young; my parents took me to talent shows, singing competitions, that sort of thing..." *she waves her hand dismissively* "But you can look that all up online, on wikipedia or whatever! I guess what's more important to know about is my personality...? Well, I'm gonna be blunt; I can be a real bitch sometimes -- I have to, to get results! I don't have time to tip-toe around other people's feelings! I'm a hard worker, I know what needs to be done, I've been in the business and I only got this far by being competitive, because that's just the way the world works! You either get up or you get out of the goddamn way."

    Other: "I think that's about it. If you need to know anything else about me, just ask!" *smiles*

    Theme Song:
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  3. -Reserved-
  4. Please fill out the application as though an interview were being conducted.

    (If you're not 14 or older, you're too young!)
    Height and Weight: (These are required for dress-fitting purposes.)
    Measurements: (Required for dress-fitting purposes.)
    How do you feel about being in a group?:
    Cold Tolerance:
    (Yes, this is a thing! You're gonna be in relatively revealing dresses in sub-freezing temperatures. Of course it would be.)
    Skating Ability: (Please be specific so we know whether or not you'll need lessons)
    Singing Ability: (Same as above.)
    Artistic Background: (Do you have any experience in any activities related to being an idol? Ballet, figure skating, choir, anything like that counts.)
    Personal Background: (Tell me about yourself. Yes, this includes your personality.)
    Other: (Anything you think I need to know, relevant or not.)
    Theme Song: (Please bring a recording of a song you think fits you best. They made me put this on here.)

    NOTE: For diversity, I'd like at least one ability rating listed as "poor" on a character. Preferably, the three different ratings will be listed as "poor' on three different characters, but I'll not force the issue.
  5. Let me know when you're finished.
  6. WIP


    Yukinoshita Yukine


    Height and Weight:
    1.46 metres, or 4"9.
    37.0 kg, or 82 pounds.


    How do you feel about being in a group?: "I'll aim to be the top idol! I'll save the school! I'll make everyone smile! Wait, what's the motive of this series again? Unity huh? Then unity it is!"

    Cold Tolerance
    "Air conditioning is always set to 18 degrees celcius. Any lower and it's chilled out!"

    Skating Ability:
    "Ice is my weakness. I've been learning to skate ever since the rumours about you guys rose, but I still trip and fall from a lot."

    Singing Ability:
    "Umm... I'll do my best! To be honest, 'my best' is somewhat a little higher than average, since I'm pretty rusty right now."

    Artistic Background:
    "I was in a Church Choir at some point... that's pretty much it. Back where I come from, I was quite the Child Actor, until I stopped being a child, and an actor."

    Personal Background: (Tell me about yourself. Yes, this includes your personality.)

    Theme Song:

    Other Information:
    She has somewhat of a crush on her Manager, a reference to the absolute bollocks that is THE iDOLM@STER.

    She can break through the fourth wall.

    Her image colour is a bright, sparkly red.

    Her voice actor is imagined as Hanamori Yumiri.
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  7. Can we keep the fourth-wall breaking in Informed Ability territory?
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  8. @Wolfsbane706
    Quick question for my CS... are we going with Japanese naming conventions -- listing the last name first?

    btw, I assume when you said Please fill out the application as though an interview were being conducted. you meant a verbal interview, in person, right? So I should be answering everything in-character like dialogue, yeah? Cause that's what I've been doing... >_>
  9. I'm planning on using a character with a western name, so no, we're not using Japanese naming conventions. However, if your character is used to introducing herself that way, feel free, just make sure to explain it.
  10. I guess the better question would be -- is the story taking place in the U.S. or Japan, or where?
  11. The U.S. Where, exactly, I won't specify in the story.
  12. @Wolfsbane706
    Well now that I know we're not in Japan, I decided to make my idol American. Her CS isn't finished yet, but take a look and tell me if there's anything wrong with how I'm writing it so far.
  13. If I were playing the manager, my response would be "I'm going to have fun breaking her." However, since I'm playing one of the Frost Sirens, all I can say is "I like her!"
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: "Lilian O'Reilly, but please call me Lily."
    Age: "I'm 16."
    Height and Weight: "I'm 5'4" and 118 pounds."
    Measurements: "Erm, 35-20-30? I don't remember."
    How do you feel about being in a group?: "I just hope they're nice. I wouldn't admit it to anyone else, but I'm in over my head."
    Cold Tolerance: "I don't like the cold very much, but I'll handle it if I have to."
    Skating Ability: "I can skate a little bit, but don't expect anything fancy."
    Singing Ability: "I've been told I have a good singing voice, but I'm not certain."
    Artistic Background: "I've been taking ballet for a few years and recently started pointe classes. I also took Choir in middle school."
    Personal Background: "I'm Irish. Yes, that means I've got the famed Irish temper, but at least I know how to keep it under control! And anyway, I'm only here because a friend suggested I try it. I still don't think I'll do well. How do I act around others? Well, usually, I'm the one being talked around. Unless I'm addressed directly, I won't join in on a conversation. I'm usually polite and there's very little that can make me angry, but please don't insult my friends and family."
    Other: "I don't think so? I mean, I'm allergic to peanuts, but that was filled out on the medical form."
    Theme Song: "This song really does a good job of reflecting how I feel, sometimes."
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  15. Working on it
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  16. So the bitchiness is a front. I look forward to seeing what's behind it. Approved!
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  17. [​IMG]

    "My name is Aria Sliverbane, but most people have named me Acchan~"


    "16 and growing! Don't get any funny ideas!"

    Height and Weight
    "5'6" and 124 pounds!"

    "A 32 Bust, 36 Waist, and a sad 36 Hip."

    How do you feel about being in a group?
    "Well, I am just glad I was chosen! All the idols seemed so cool, and I just love skating, even though
    a lot of time its too cold for me. I used to take lessons, but I kind of stopped a while ago, for reasons....
    But! I think if we try we can get along! And then the audience will be able to feel our love!"

    Cold Tolerance

    "Ahh, about that.... Since I haven't skated in a while my tolerance has gone down to zero. I can barely leave my house in the winter
    let alone fall!"

    Skating Ability
    "I have tons of skating ability. As a kid a lot of people said I was headed for the Olympics, and they would all see me there. But obviously,
    I haven't been on the ice in a while. It's kind of... intimidating. I am sure I will get over it."

    Singing Ability
    "Well, I haven't had formal lessons but I took choir in middle school and one year of high school, and I still like singing quite a bit. I'll need
    to stretch my vocal chords a bit."

    Artistic Background
    "I used to skate a long time ago, but about seventh grade, I think I was 13 at the time, I ended up dropping out.
    My good friend that loved to skate with me got into a car accident, and I couldn't continue skating because I would think about her....
    *wipes tear* Anyway, I also sung a bit in choir, and a little dance when I was young."

    Personal Background
    "My name is Acchan! I was born in Seattle, but even the rain didn't bring me down. My parents often told me that I was their little
    ray of sunshine. I grew up on skates, and I have skated since I was around 3 years old! I loved it soo much I would spend most of
    my days in there, rain or shine. I had my own pair of skates, and I would constantly come home with bruises from trying to hard. I meet my best
    friend, Koisumi, through skating. We loved hanging out on and off the rink. She understood what it was like to love skating as much as
    I did because she did as well. We promised one day we would make it to the pro's together, and be friends forever.
    But then, she got into an accident, and she lost all feeling in her legs. She lost everything just due to some dumb
    idiot. After that, I couldn't forgive myself, and I haven't been back on the ice since. I rarely left my house,
    except to go visit her for a few years. She finally pushed me to go outside and socialize. We still go
    to the same school, and she was my support to try out for the Frost Sirens. I wouldn't be
    here without her! She continued to stay positive though she lost her legs, and she
    wanted me back on the ice. Her love for the sport and my happiness
    made me realize I had been digging myself into a hole, and so
    I decided to sign up! And so here I am!"

    "I love singing! I hope that everyone in the audience will hear our sincerity and the feelings from our hearts!"

    Theme Song
    "This song is always picking me up when I need it!"


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  18. Slightly morbid background, but that just makes her more endearing. I think she'll get along well with Lilian. APPROVED.
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  19. Seeing as everyone else was using Love Live images, I went ahead and used one meself lol.
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