Idols on Ice - Frost Sirens!

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  1. The title pretty much says it all: the players will be taking the role of an Idol group called the Frost Sirens. The catch is, these Idols don't just sing and dance, they also skate. The Frost Sirens' stage is one made of ice, and as such, the program is volunteer only. Unfortunately, being the first Idol group to take their stuff on ice, there's only four volunteers. Simply put, there's going to be five characters: The four Frost Sirens themselves, and the manager. In the long run, the plan is to become one of the better-known Idol groups on the market. In the short run? They need gigs!

    So, what do you think?
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  2. Made some adjustments to make it more clear-cut.
  3. I'm with you, if you want me.
  4. I didn't get an alert for this. Strange. Ah well. Need three more!
  5. Who's gonna be the Producer/Manager dude?

    @Sakana u fugg get over here
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  6. Probably me, if nobody else wants to.
  7. I'll join, sounds fun
  8. Alright, need one more.
  9. I'll be the manager fug.
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  10. Alright! I'll get the sign-up thread up soon. As the manager, though, you'll have a separate skeleton from the others, which I'll PM to you.
  11. Gotcha! Never played this type of character, so I'll try my best to pull it off well!
  12. I'm interested if there is room xD
  13. Oh sweet jesus, you're over here too?? lol wtf

    says not stalking... yeaaah sure, tsundere...
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  14. Yeah but I think I'm a bit too late on this one.

    Psh, like I would be interested enough to stalk someone like you. In your dreams. >////>
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  15. The slots for the Frost Sirens and the manager are filled. I could take a GM role in the whole thing and let you jump in as one of the Frost Sirens, if you don't want to take a waitlist spot?
  16. What about having one of the Frost Sirens be the new girl in the group, which causes problems with the ones who feel like they're being dragged down by the newbie?
  17. Oh I don't want to do that to you. I don't mind being wait listed. If you happen to think up any other roles then let me know. :0
  18. That would defeat the purpose of the Frost Sirens being an up-and-coming new group. Technically, all four of them are newbies.
    If that's how you feel, alright.
  19. I meant that maybe the four of them have already practiced together or know each other as friends, unlike the girl who JUST joined. *shrugs* An improvised idea, that's all.
  20. Ah, alright. When you put it that way, it works out well.
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