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  1. Please fill out the application as though an interview were being conducted.

    (If you're not 14 or older, you're too young!)
    Height and Weight: (These are required for dress-fitting purposes.)
    Measurements: (Required for dress-fitting purposes.)
    How do you feel about being in a group?:
    Cold Tolerance:
    (Yes, this is a thing! You're gonna be in relatively revealing dresses in sub-freezing temperatures. Of course it would be.)
    Skating Ability: (Please be specific so we know whether or not you'll need lessons)
    Singing Ability: (Same as above.)
    Artistic Background: (Do you have any experience in any activities related to being an idol? Ballet, figure skating, choir, anything like that counts.)
    Personal Background: (Tell me about yourself. Yes, this includes your personality.)
    Other: (Anything you think I need to know, relevant or not.)
    Theme Song: (Please bring a recording of a song you think fits you best. They made me put this on here.)

    NOTE: For diversity, I'd like at least one ability rating listed as "poor" on a character. Preferably, the three different ratings will be listed as "poor' on three different characters, but I'll not force the issue.

    Anything related to the RP goes here. All things considered, I'd like everyone to be able to post at least once every couple days, since we're a small group. I'll be playing the group's manager and will have a separate skeleton set up for that purpose. So, with that in mind, let's get going!
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  2. Glad to hear it!
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  3. Still here, got stuffs to do, but still working on the character
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  4. That's everyone, glad to hear it. Check in every now and then, k?
  5. Woot, I'm (finally) finished. Been a pretty weird trip: ended up with something completely different than what I expected, but all well.

    Character (Fran) (open)
    Character Sheet

    (Appearance)*The girl had walked into the interview room with an easy gait, hands locked behind her head and sporting a relaxed grin. There wasn’t a hint of nervousness about her as she fell back into the seat, bright eyes absently gazing about the room. She wasn’t exactly dressed to impress: with a faded hoodie, frayed cargo shorts, and some garish trainers with some kind of rabbit emblem being her attire. Her hair didn’t exactly help, since while the deep red strands could have reached her lower back if they weren’t all pooled up in her hood, the whole thing was an unruly mane around her head. It even looked like some strands hadn’t even been brushed properly. The only other thing of note about her was her darker skin complexion, and the fact her body seemed to be somewhat toned. It wasn’t immediately obvious, but a glance at her legs (or her stomach when she carelessly lifted her hoodie and shirt to scratch said stomach) revealed a pretty well cared for body.*

    Name: “Name’s Francine Satomi-Jackson, though only my dad calls me Francine; you guys can call me whatever ya want, right?”

    Age: “I turned 18 just a couple’a months ago. Guess that means I’m finally legal in the eyes of the world, haha!”

    Height and Weight: “I’m standing at 6’2”, and weighing in at 158 lbs. Don’t worry though, it’s ALL muscle.”

    Measurements: “My what? Oh, you mean my rack, stomach and butt, right? Yea, I remember being told that would be in the interview. It was something like 33B – 27 – 36. The ‘b’ must stand for ‘total babe,’ right?”

    How do you feel about being in a group?: “Hell yea I feel good about being part of a team! Coach always said that even if a team has a star, they only managed to make it to the night sky by standing on the shoulders of their team. I might have never known what it felt like to be that star, but it did feel good to share in their success. Heck, I was my team’s bonafide ‘big sister,’ if you can believe it.”

    Cold Tolerance: “I used to spending plenty of time on an ice rink, so you’d hope it’d be pretty good by this point. But, then again, I’m also used to wearing a ton of padded clothing while I’m there, so I’m not sure what that’s worth. Still, I’ve gotta be pretty used to the cold by now.”

    Skating Ability: “Well…if you asked me shoot a puck through a goalie’s guard, or sprint down a rink as fast as I could go, there wouldn’t be a problem. Buuuut, I’m guessing singing and dancing doesn’t really include that kinda stuff, so lessons are probably a good idea. You can trust me to not fall onto my butt, though.”

    Singing Ability: “Is this the part of the interview where I start lying through my teeth? Haha, seriously though, I’ll tell ya up front I’m not a strong singer. I’m not super good at sustained singing, and those higher pitches are just a far off dream at this point. Hell, I don’t even know the first thing about the technical aspects: you start talking about Sopranos or Tenors and I ask if you’re thinking of some weird Italian food. Still, you only live once, right? I’ll give it my best shot.”

    Artistic Background: “Errr… I was in choir when I was a kid, if that counts. Oh! And karaoke was a pretty popular team-bonding exercise, so there’s that. Coach even said I could be pretty good, if ‘used some of that untapped potential.’ ‘Course, he WAS pretty drunk at the time…”

    Personal Background: “I guess the place to start is explaining that mess of a last name of mine, right? Well, if it wasn’t obvious from…just about everything, I was born and raised in the states before me and my dad moved here. My twelve year old self thought it was a hell of a culture shock, but I learned to cope: anything was better than staying where we were before, back with her…

    …Huh? Oh, right sorry. Anyway, to make a long story short, the only reason we moved out here was because dad’s company had a sister branch out here, so we were set for cash and a place to stay. It was around the time I was finally starting to pick up how to speak the language that dad met one Miss Satomi Miki, though it’d be two years before he asked her to marry him. Her family wasn’t super stoked by the idea at first, but my dad’s a charmer; he could sell you your own shoes if you gave him the time to make the pitch, right?
    What else is worth mentioning? Well, if I didn’t make it clear enough, sports are my life blood, with hockey being king of the hill. One of the things that helped me get over the sudden move was dad signing me up to this multi-sport activity group. Hehe, back then I could barely understand what the other girls were saying but they still welcomed this awkward foreigner with open arms, those sweet hearts. I was pretty lucky that the group had hockey on their schedule, otherwise I would have gone insane.
    ‘Suppose the only thing left is explain why I’m here in the first place, right? Hell, it’s not like I’ve always dreamt of being an idol, or even anything related to singing. But this thing you guys are trying to start up? Kinda intriguing. I mean, all dancing and performing idols already do is kind of like a sport-and-music fusion as is, but doing all of that while on ice? Now I just want to sign up just to see if it can be done. I mean, it can’t hurt to at least try, right?

    Other: “I really like making dirty jokes. That’s not gonna be a problem is it?”

    Theme Song:

    Just tell me ya thoughts/if anything needs changing, etc.
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  6. Her appearance? I know it's not on the skeleton, but I'd like to see what she looks like.
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  7. ...Huh. For some reason, it never struck me that it might be important to include something like that. My brain is all over the place lately, sorry. Just give a minute to put something together.
  8. Sheet has been edited. If you need me to change anything etc. just let me know.
  9. Much better. She's in!
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  10. ((Sorry it's taking so long. I'm currently running a play, and having a little trouble on the measurements part of the bio))
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  11. Thanks for letting me know.
  12. Progress check time!
  13. Halfway.
    ALSO loneliness and anxiety are kicking in this season.
    It's depressed people season.
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  14. No it's not. Put on some upbeat music and crank that volume up!
    Here, a sampler:
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  15. [​IMG]
    Name: "My name's Dana Lewis. Wasn't there a form that I filled out that said that? Or am I thinking of something else?"

    Age: "I'm seventeen, almost eighteen. Hope that isn't a problem."

    Height and Weight: "That's rude to ask. But whatever, I don't care. I'm six foot, and I'm one hundred and fifty pounds. Happy?"

    Measurements: _______

    How do you feel about being in a group?: "I won't complain about the group if they aren't idiots. I've worked in a team before. That doesn't mean I'm a team player, though. I'm not afraid to call people out on their bullshit, alright?"

    Cold Tolerance: "I played hockey. What do you think?"

    Skating Ability: "Again. Hockey. I can evade people with ease and stuff. Don't expect me to do complicated jumps, though."

    Singing Ability: "I don't sing. There's not going to be any singing involved with anything I'm doing. Capiche?"

    Artistic Background: "I play hockey. That count? I also was a stage manager. I choreograph and stuff. Guess I sketch a lot too.....but does that even help with skating? "

    Personal Background:
    • Personality: "Do I really have to talk about what I'm like? I don't want to do this. I think you'll be able to tell." ((Dana is serious, calm, and quiet, only speaking when she needs to when with strangers. In fact, she usually comes off as slightly threatening. She speaks up for certain things, among which are telling people to listen and to not do something, but sometimes slides in dry jokes, which can possibly come as a surprise to some. When you get to know her better, though, she'll be around to help out with anything you need. Within reason, of course.))
    • Background: "I have 2 younger sisters, a younger brother, and an older brother. I live with my parents. Done."
    Looks: "Well, if you can't SEE me, I have dark brown hair- a little lighter at my bangs-, medium beige skin, and dark green eyes. We good? Good."

    Other: "I get...sick often. That's worth mentioning. To you ONLY, though. I also can not STAND heights."

    Theme Song: "A theme song? I need that? Ugh. Put on....Mountain Sound, I suppose. Here, I actually do have the recording...."

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  16. Looks good so far. Just rewrite it to first-person and finish filling it out, and you're set.
    Also, I'm gonna laugh if being held about 6 feet off the ice in a lift counts as "high enough to be scared".
  17. Haha, yea, I like writing what I have out first, then changing it to first person so I have a sort of 'script'
    and she'll probably be fighting that position with all her power.
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