iDOLM@STER Roleplay Ideas?

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  1. So basically, I kind of lost confidence the last time and... well... I'm sorry to say I never really started the RP. Sorry, anyone who was interested.

    With the new airing Cinderella Girls anime, I am confident that I'll get more activity!

    So, here are the ideas.

    1. This. 189 Production. It's rather akin to 765 Production at the start of the anime, or 876 Production before the Dearly Stars trio came along. New company, new idols, you know.
    2. The setting is 346 Production, the grand castle-like company featured in the Cinderella Girls anime. You play both a Producer and all your idols(1 to 15). There will be multiple Producers in this. If you don't feel good about controlling both Producer and idols, you can always get a friend to play the idols. Canon idols can be used, but only if they are from Cinderella Girls. There's a list on which idols can't be played.
    3. Basically idea 2, except 189 is the big company. Like a less-evil 961 that actually kicks off. No canon idols at all.
    4. THE iDOLM@STER Break: Million Live. Yup, the notorious Break manga. The one with the 16(now 17) year old Producer and the 765 idols. Now, the 13 idols of 765 have sprouted into the 50 idols of Million Live.

    Well I could do Million Live but I don't really know much about that, save a few idols and main 13 765s.
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  2. *raise hand* I'm still interested on doing Idolm@ster rp
  3. Which one, specifically? First one? Or would you like a change of heart?
  4. the first one~
  5. Very well then.

    Say, have you learnt more about the series since we last met?
  6. Nothing much apart from playing the game and watching the introductory episode of the idols (not the cinderella ones)
  7. Anyone else ready to voice an opinion? Don't worry guys, this isn't a realistic celebrity simulator. We don't have to catfight every single second.
  8. I added a fourth idea for old 765 and Million Live.
  9. I am VERY VERY iffy about my fifth idea but my senses tell me that it's better than the fourth, so I will question before adding it to the list.

    THE iDOLM@STER Collection

    Basically, it's an alternate reality where canon idols from throughout the series ride mechs and block moon fragment meteorite things and deal with aliens or be aliens but serious f u Xenoglossia attend the grand Academy of Arts, Namco Academy. Namco Academy is where men and women alike reach towards their dreams and rise to become dancers, singers... oh, not any ordinary dancers or singers...

    ... wait for it...

    ... IDOLS!

    Well, through this, idols you never throught would ever interact can befriend each other, chat, get into arguments and all that.

    Every canon idol will be playable, and you can even make some of them staff members.
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  10. Alright, I have already decided on my fifth idea. I will be making it much later. Here's what to expect.

    Like mentioned, this is completely seperate from the main canon, yet I would wish that certain canon-based friendships would remain intact in some form.

    You can play any idol in the iM@S universe, be it MAIN WORLD 765, 765 Million Stars, 876 Production, Cinderella Girls aka 346 Production, and last but not least 315.

    What, you think I forgot something?

    Place your reserves. Takagaki Kaede is taken by me as a staff member, and thus I will await the rest.

    Let's take a break from the idol industry and settle on the tale that we all wish could happen.
    As the decade passes, let us welcome the next decade.
    Or better yet.
    Let us visit the story that never was.

    THE iDOLM@STER Collection

    Namco Academy of Arts. A school of arts and talents alike. This is a place where hundreds of budding idols learn, meet, interact and even debut.
    You are a new student at Namco Academy, along with many others. Prepare for a magical, star-studded, ultimate journey, the start of a new story. You, along with many others, are similiar yet different, reaching out for your dreams.​
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