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  1. You see, I have taken an interest in these series, and after looking at how most of this site's RPs are awesome fighting, academies, and whatnot, I do have negative feelings about this. The feeling that no one here would like to be an idol in my new roleplay. I want to rid of this feeling. I need a little confidence here.

    You see, in the iDOLM@STER series, a person known as a Producer(in this RP I'll accept two, one male and one female, as opposed to only one), basically a Manager, Produces idols, gets them into auditions, stuff like that, so that they can become the top idol. If you've watched any other idol show, you would understand. The series is all about making friends, getting along, rehearsals, auditions, rehearsals, singing and having fun.

    I'm thinking of sticking to female-only idols(traps are allowed though, but try not to overuse this.) like most of the series, since 315 and the Jupiter krew already have their own spinoff.

    And an important note that might drive you away: I do not want canon characters to be played, and it would be preferred if your character wasn't related to an already existing character.

    So, who's interested?
  2. I'd be willing to give it a try. IM@S is fun stuff. And it isn't like there'd be nothing to do even if it won't be much action and adventure. The life of an idol is tough.
  3. Glad to hear another P hangin' around. Looks like I'm not the only one who's l@dy for action.
  4. Hopefully it isn't just us.
  5. wait so we're going to be the manager? or are we going to be idol? if we're the manager that's mean we can move our Idol as well? do we need some knowledge beside their production rival history and so forth?

    XS sorry for the question
  6. I'm thinking of, like in the series, there's one(two in this RP) manager/producer being hired, with many other idols. So yeah, most of the roles will be played as idols.

    So, we're going to be the idols.

    I'm intending for most of the idols to start off as fresh idols, rookies who have potential, skill or talent, but have not debuted.

    President will be NPC.
  7. Say, I ponder.

    876PRO could start with a simple three.

    Even with that, I will need to think of a good company name with three numbers that fit in nipponese. 765 being Namco, 315 being Mishiro, 876 being Bandai-Namco or Ba-Nam, and so on.
  8. Sadly, I'm not too up on Japanese puns off numbers, or I'd try to help. I wonder if there's one that matches Iwaku's syllables, though. Probably 1 something 9 I think?
  9. Well I know 359=Sangoku=Three Kingdoms, not sure if that even fits.

    1... Wa... 9...
    Well, that's not a bad idea, if we can ever figure out what number Wa could be.
  10. A quick google search suggests there isn't one. So we might be out of luck there. We'll have to keep looking, but pun names are always good. So they're well worth the effort.
  11. Hmmm... 'Ha' can sometimes be read as 'Wa' depending on the situation.

    It's a different 'Ha' from 8, but I think 189=Ihaku=Iwaku sounds good right?
  12. That's probably good enough.
  13. I'm trying something new as in trying to write as many different characters as possible. A character in a idol setting no surprise I have yet to do. I am familiar with idols however. I'm actually caught up on an idol manga AKB49: Ren'ai Kinshi Jōrei thats up to its 172th chapter. I'm interested. Im just unsure what role or character I should play.
  14. Hmmm... how does THE iDOLM@STER: Puella Aeternus sound for a title? I tried to get something that didn't sound too similiar to the current spinoffs.
  15. That sounds good to me. I don't think it matters too much, title-wise, but they've had a lot of spinoffs. And a couple hundred characters now, all told.
  16. I'm sorry for my absence, so which mean we'll be all an idol~

    kay" I get it~
  17. Yes, we all must play at least one idol.
  18. I want to dazzle...
    I want to shine...
    I want to be...

    Puella Aeternus

    189 Production. A fine, fancy little Production Centre. It doesn't have much of a reputation now, and it looks as good as new, like a star ready to rise before it shines to its fullest. The President of 189 Production, Nobunaga Kodaka, has chosen to hire two Producers to aid him in managing the new idols. With the talent of these two Producers, he knows that the company's idols will begin to flow in....

    .... and so they did. Now what? The rest of it is up to the hands of our Producers. The goal of 189 Production - produce the greatest idol, and make our idol girls turn from girls to l@dies!

    Sounds simple? Sounds simple. Done simple? No! This idol journey will be like any idol journey that ever existed - idol-like, a journey, and full of obstacles! There is fun and games, but it isn't just fun and games.

    Like most of the series, I want a female-only crew of idols. If you want your character to be a trap for some apparent reason, do drop me a message.
    This Roleplay will mostly be idol activites and conversations. You have been warned.
    I know the youngest idol in the series has been younger, but let's stick to a minimum age of 10. Maximum age - I'd like a 40 as long as you don't look too old then. You'll need to be energetic if you're an idol, so I would prefer it if most of the idols to be below 20.
    Basic Iwaku rules.

    Basic Trivia and some information:
    189. 1 is I, 8 is Ha, that can be read as Wa in some cases, and 9 is Ku. 189 means Iwaku.
    In the series, the Producer is never really called by name in audio, but simply 'Producer'.
    Like the rest of the series, I will not describe how our President looks.

    Applications for Producers (1 for male, 1 for female)
    Name: (Optional)
    Age: For these chaps, a 17 and above is a must.
    Role in Story: Male/Female Producer
    Other Information:

    Applications for Idols (Max. 14 spots, twins or sometimes siblings e.g. Futami twins or Jougasaki sisters share one spot)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 to 40 please
    Noteworthy Skills or Talents:
    Interests and Hobbies:
    Image Colour:
    Role in Story:​
  19. Well, I intend to expand on what I have sometime later. So, how is this?

    I will post a sample application later, for example.
  20. Gah reserving male producer ! I'll get the app done by morning~ (my time ~)
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