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  1. Looking around with her grey eyes, Evangeline tilted her head softly to the side unsure of where Carmela was taking her and sighing softly she looked to her friend beside her and wondered if there was actually a point to the fact that she was dragging her out to go and sing. I do think this will be fun... I just... There are going to be boys there... And to talk to them... I don't think.... Biting her bottom lip, Evangeline looked to her friend who was happily tapping her foot away listening to the song that was playing on the radio. But... I guess with Carmela... I should be alright.... Thinking softly to herself, Evangeline nodded her head slowly.
    "Hey where was it that you wanted me to drop you off?"
    "Oh right over there Adrian~ That would be awesome~!"

    The male in the front driver seat pulled over and Carmela lent forward from the back seat beside Evangeline and kissed the boy's cheek. Following her friend as she hopped out of the car Evangeline knelt down to look at the eyes that were exactly the same as Carmela's and smiled at her friends brother with a shy smile.
    "Thanks Adrian~"
    "Not a problem Angel~ Make sure my baby sis doesn't cause any trouble alright~? Keep her safe for me~"
    Nodding her head, Evangeline smiled and waved good bye with Carmela who was shouting at him for disregarding her like nothing as the male drove off at the speed of light.

    "Urgh he is so bloody annoying!"
    Kicking the rock near her Evangeline gave a small giggle and looked up at her friend who looked at her and rolled her eyes giving up at the unspoken sentence.
    "Yeah yeah I know~ I love him anyway~ But are all older brothers like that?"
    "Uhm.... I wouldn't be able to tell you...."
    "Ah yeah that's right you are the youngest of four females.... That is really strange how even though your mom didn't change your guys gender and things like that you are all female~"
    Shrugging clueless as her friend Evangeline then looked around them unsure of where they were suppose to be going.

    "Ah~ We should probably head to the location~ We are already pretty late~"
    Sharing Carmela's smile Evangeline nodded to her friend and then giggled softly as her friend linked arms with her and began to sing.
    "We are off to see the wizard~ The wonderful wizard of OZ~!!!"
    Despite the strange looks they received from passerby's, Evangeline didn't paid any heed to them and allowed herself to fall into the wonderful world that Carmela could see with her eyes.

    It didn't take too long for the girls to find their way to the Karaoke Bar and with Carmela leading, the two girls headed in and made their entrance into the room as they made their way in.
    "HEY PEOPLE~!!!"
    Making a large entrance Carmela shouted out to those who were waiting for them and many of them grinned and waved back at Carmela with shouts of replies. Those that didn't reply were a little confused who this loud girl was and seemed to have never met Carmela before.
    "Hey~! I thought Evangeline- Ah~ There you are! Come on out~"

    The girl - who was the organiser of the event - smiled gently at Evangeline and peaking around Carmela, Evangeline looked down at the ground shyly.
    "This is where you say hello Angel~"
    Teasingly Carmela nudged, whispering softly into Evangeline's ear - who looked up at her confused.
    "Hmm? Oh! Hello! My name is Evangeline......"
    Looking up shyly her voice getting quieter as she spoke Evangeline blushed a little at the amount of eyes that were open her.
    "Hehe~ You haven't changed Evangeline~"

    Looking at the girl who smiled at her Evangeline gave Lillian a shy smile and shrugged shyly unsure how to react to the comment. Is she complimenting me or...? Shaking the thought out of her head, Evangeline then felt herself being seated down and Carmela sat beside her. On the other side of Carmela a male sat there and beside her Lillian was smiling kindly at her. Thank goodness the two didn't make me sit down next to a male... Sighing softly she allowed the room to fade out around her as she stared at a corner of the room.

    ((@Rylarth the other two pictures that you haven't seen before are Adrian and Lillian~ I thought I would place their appearance on here~ Hope you don't mind what I did~ Oh! And also the male mentioned that is sitting beside Carmela it can be Damien or Sebastien if you want but it is open for you to decide~))
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  2. Pleeaaaseeeeee~~!! You have to come, Seb! It’s been a long time since we last had this sort of thing, you know!

    I will have to refuse, Damien. You do know that I just got home yesterday, so can’t this wait?

    No! You absolutely have to come! My friend invited me and I need to bring someone along – and my best friend just happens to be you~!

    …fine, alright, I’ll come.

    Awesome!! I’ll meet you there! – beep.

    Sebastian sighed and placed his phone back into his pocket as he pondered silently about the demanding ‘invitation’ he just received. He decided to just comply since he was not in a mood to deal with an upset Damien, if he ever had a mood for that. Making his way into his sleek, black Porche, he begun to drive his way towards the said Karaoke bar, acknowledging his best friend’s request for a ‘get together’. Sebastian had simply gone to a photo-shoot trip out of country for a short while, but then when he came back…

    That unpredictable, self-proclaimed best friend of his seemed to know something worth gossiping over – or planning something, and that he seemed to be keen in keeping it hidden from him.

    At first, he thought it was something involving the semi-explicit act in his latest movie. Maybe he had decided that the girl in that particular scene would be a good match for him and so this is a set-up to match him with her. Or could it be that he found out about his vast collection of limited edition copies of Disney movies? But then it wouldn’t be possible since he stored those precious DVDs in a vault-embedded compartment inside his room’s walk in closet. He wouldn’t have broken into his room… would he?

    But it certainly had to be something embarrassing. And it was confirmed – or at least, he thought it was confirmed, because he wanted practically forced him to go into a group karaoke outing with nine other people. Damien was one of the few people who knew that he hates crowds, and to ask him to join this ridiculous activity…

    Or maybe he was just the one being paranoid, he thought as he stepped off his vehicle. Maybe his friend wasn’t actually scheming anything and he was worrying over this for nothing. But whether it is nothing or something, Sebastian Blackmore is planning to find out just what his friend is up to.

    "Hey! Over here, Seb!"

    Sebastian looked up as his train of thoughts were broken when he heard his name being called out. Seeing his friend waving his hand, he returned it with a light wave of his own to acknowledge his presence. Immediately after he made it where the eccentric friend of his was standing, Damien slung his arm around Sebastian's shoulders, grinning in satisfaction. "So you came after all! Oh man, this is so awesome!"

    "Of course I came, it's not like you gave me any option, Dam." He sighed as he just lightly pat his friend and walked towards the entrance of the bar. He repressed a groan when he noticed just how crowded the said bar was. He followed Damien towards the group of people sitting at a round table 'just like the knights in The Sword in The Stone' he thought to himself in mild amusement as he sat down next to a brunette girl. Great, he could only hope she didn't recognize him... which is a pointless hope. Why does he even bother?

    "Damien, who is this cute guy you brought?" Sebastian heard a girl ask and he repressed another groan. "His name is--" "Seb." He cut in before Damien could say anything more. "My name's Seb, nice to meet you all." He gave them his best casual smirk to end his introduction.
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  3. Looking at the male that was sitting beside her Carmela smirked slightly and ruffled his hair acting as if they were old friends - which of course they weren't the two had just basically met.
    "Why what do we have here~? A model~?"
    Of course Carmela was completely joking despite the way that she had spoke and looking over at Lillian she noticed a somewhat realisation on her face. What? Did she just realise that she forgot something or rather? Tilting her head she placed her arm back to her side and lent against Evangeline casually.
    "What's up Lilly~?"

    "Hmm!? Oh~ Nothing Carmelo~"
    Frowning slightly Carmela knew that Lillian was lying but she dismissed the sentence and looked back at the boys with a grin.
    "The name is Carmela~ Nice to meet cha~ and this cutie beside me is Evangeline~ Say hi Angel cakes~"
    Giggling at the shocked expression that flashed on her face as she returned to the world as her name was mentioned and looking shyly at the boys she whispered softly a hello.
    "Don't be so mean to her Carmelo~"
    "Aww come on Lilly~ She is so cute to tease~"

    Poking the now blushing cheek, Carmela laughed at the cute pout that was made on the shy face and giggled softly and then poured herself a cup of water and then looked back at the boys with a smirk. Most people got uncomfortable as she played with Evangeline, most of the people here though were used to her playfully attitude to Evangeline. But these guys are newbies~ Looking at the two she studied their expressions until a tug was felt on her skirt that she was wearing and looked beside her to the shy female that looked up at her shyly.
    "Yo what's up Angel Cakes~?"

    "Oh no it is just that they want you to sing a song...."
    A grin spread across her face and jumping up Carmela made her way to the male with the song choices and sat beside him and quickly chose a song and then played it as fast as she chose it. Winking at Evangeline as soon as her friend blushed Carmela laughed knowing that Evangeline had figured out what song she had chosen. Hehe it is just too much to tease her~ Grinning she grinned and tapped her feet as the song drum beat came on. Opening her mouth she began to sing and everything around her melted.

    As the song came to an end she could see that Evangeline was full on blushing and laughing as she handed the mike to the next person and returned to her seat, Carmela nudged Evangeline teasingly.
    "What is with that face~?"
    Smirking at the silence Carmela went to continue teasing the shy female before Lillian interrupted her.
    "As always Carmelo a wonderful magical voice~"
    The girl winked at Carmela who rolled her eyes leaning back onto the chair and looking over at Lillian, Carmela rolled her eyes.
    "Come on... I can't sing that well~ I am much better at composing to be honest."
    ".... I don't think so Mimi........."
    Looking over at he shy friend Carmela laughed and ruffled her hair.
    "Aww~ Thanks Angel Cakes~"

  4. It took him a few seconds to actually process what the brunette was doing upon his head. Strangely heartened by the fact that the woman didn’t gawk but instead chose to unexpectedly ruffle his hair, he was actually more surprised than anything, and had thought that for once he might had been wrong. Of course, once that thought passed his mind, that particular sentence left the brunette’s mouth and Sebastian had the weirdest feeling in his gut. Maybe it was because realized that he would have to start faking smiles and enthusiasm in order to keep up his appearance within this gathering, or gravely disappointed as this revelation. “Right…” was all that he could offer as a reply.

    Damien, sensing the poorly-veiled somber mood his friend was projecting, was lost on what to do. He noted that his eyes were subtly marked by disappointment and there was a never ending dull expression on his face – even if he was smiling, as if he were uninterested with what anyone said to him. But really, it was the dark cloud looming over his head that only he in particular could see. “Ahem, alright!” He began as he gathered the group’s attention to him and grinned. “Introductions! To those who doesn't know me yet, I am called Damien and it’s good to be here~!” He finished his line with a bright smile, hoping it would avert their attention from Sebastian.

    Sebastian himself was not really paying attention, but he did learn the brunette’s name to be Carmila. He fiddled with the glass of liquor in his hand, and took a generous sip, signaling the bartender to re-fill his glass. “Keep them coming,” Sebastian muttered and the guy nodded. He watched Carmila introduce the blond girl sitting next to her who spoke very shyly along with her cute, flustered expression…

    Cute? Now where did that come from?

    He took another sip in order to regain his composure and learned that her name was Evangeline, very unique. He kept watching her and nearly chuckled when the brunette poked her in the cheeks and she retaliated ever so shyly. It was… adorable.

    Alright, Sebastian could not stop himself. The blond girl was adorable; he had to at least give her that. He didn’t know why his mind was suddenly occupied by these thoughts, but he only shrugged it off and took yet another sip off his glass.

    Meanwhile, the male beside him stared at how quickly that looming, dark cloud dispersed. He wondered what caused it… scratch that; he was dying to know what could possibly have caused that change. Sebastian was not someone who gets amused easily, he as his best friend knew how his mood shifts all too well. In any case, he was grateful something had managed to bring him back to the surface and decided that it was finally time for some karaoke.

    I say we let one of the girls sing first~” He grinned. “How about you, Angel~?” He playfully pointed at the shyest one in the group. Watching her panic, he let out a light chuckle. “Alright, alright, how about the one next to you then~?

    Sebastian couldn’t help but chuckle very lightly along with the guys as they observed Evangeline’s reaction. There went a brief exchange between her and Carmila, and soon the brunette stood up to prepare for a song. Although he looks up at her, his attention wasn’t actually on her as it was still fixed on the flustered blonde. When she actually sings, he had to admit hat she had a lovely voice which is almost comparable to the voices of the singers he had usually meet on the job.

    He and Damien both clapped their hands when the song ends and Damien accepted the mike. Instead of singing though, he featured another grin as he spoke. “Thank you, Carmila. That was one marvelous job~!” He chuckled briefly. “The next one to sing is… you, Seb! Come on up here, don’t be shy~” By now he was laughing and full on smirking. And his friend, well…

    Sebastian glared at his friend as if saying ‘Why me?!’ but he got up in the end as he did not want to spoil the others’ fun. Breathing in deeply, he recalled when was the last time he had to sing... which was a very, very long time ago. Choosing a song that is familiar to him despite the extreme change of pace from the previous song, he sighed and finally gave up while dreading the result but he started to sing anyway. "Alright... here goes nothing."

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  5. As the rest of them teased her Evangeline couldn't help but find herself feeling more and more regret about following Carmela to this event. Looking at everyone Evangeline's face on a full on blush but as the attention drew away from her and onto the male that had introduced as Seb, Evangeline couldn't help but be in awe. He is amazing.... Looking over at the nudging Carmela a teasing smile was placed on her face and blushing all over again, Evangeline looked down at the ground avoiding eye contact. Listening though to the song Evangeline thought about how good he was.
    "He is good~ I didn't expect that~"
    Looking over at Lilian who was leaning down beside her and whispering the sentence into Evangeline's ear who just gave a nod and gave a small peak up at the boy who was singing before looking back at her hands which were placed on her lap.

    "Yeah~ I thought so as well~ Who is this mysterious friend of yours~?"
    Watching as Carmela casually nudged the male beside her. His name is.... Damien... That's right... Nodding her head a little Evangeline half listened to the conversation - well maybe not half she was listening to Seb sing a lot more.
    "I think Angel Cakes likes the voice~"
    "Eh~!? It is a very nice voice..."
    Muttering the last bit she looked down with a blush and the girls on either side of her giggled and nudged her teasingly at the same time causing her to blush more.

    "You guys..... Stop it....."
    "Aww come on Angel Cakes~"
    "Hehe~ Your so cute Eva~"
    Looking up at the two of them Evangeline pouted and looked at them both with a frown causing Lillian to laugh happily with a tease. The others around them seemed to be in their own worlds but each of them half listening to the conversation that was going on with the girls and Damien as well as listening to the gorgeous voice of Seb. Ah I can't deal with this attention.... Hiding her face with her hands she curled herself up and kicked her feet up onto the couch seat and curled up into a ball ignoring the teases happening around her and only listening to the voice.
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  6. Damien was amazed. Not because of how good Sebastian’s singing was, instead it was the sole fact that he managed to get him to sing in the first place. He grinned in satisfaction upon his job well done, and brought a glass of some random liquid towards his lips, tasting it in order to celebrate his grand feat.

    Yeah~ I thought so as well~ Who is this mysterious friend of yours~?

    He felt the nudge and turned to look at the person who addressed him. “Hm? Oh, he’s my classmate from school.” He answered casually with a bright smile. He was not lying, it was the truth… to some extent. “Why? Would you like to have a chat with him~?” He grinned mischievously. “You know, he’s been very quiet these days. If you ask me, he needs more friends to talk to~

    Meanwhile, Sebastian was dawned into the song – or maybe it was just his effort in denying what he was doing right then that he did not even realize someone that he had been watching previously in particular was staring at him as he sang. Of course, he knew full well that people would be staring, but it wasn’t until the song ended that he realized she was actually listening to his singing. And it was not until then he decided to catch her gaze, despite his sudden strange flow of awkwardness… or was it nervousness?

    He was nervous?

    That was unexpected; Sebastian Blackmore does not feel nervous. And to think that this girl might have been the one who caused it?

    Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Wow~! That was really awesome, bro! I'm surprised, you weren't rusty~

    He was snapped from his daze and turned to look at the happily grinning, brown haired fellow who declared himself as his best friend. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t care about the guy – not that he would say anything about that, of course. “Happy now?” He whispered towards Damien, mustering as much annoyance as his could in his tone.

    Oh come on, don’t be like that~ everyone gets their turn, I promise~!

    Damien’s lazy smile while he tried to placate towards him immediately made Sebastian’s expression soften slightly – just slightly. He was still annoyed, although not as irritated as before. He simply gave him a light nod before handing Damien the microphone he was holding.

    They better be.
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  7. Looking over at Damien, Carmela laughed and shook her head at his suggestion that she wanted to talk alone in him.
    "He is interesting~ But I don't want to date him or anything like that~"
    "What~!? He is cute~ come on~"
    A teasing poke came from Lillian who was sitting on the other side of Evangeline and Carmela chuckled some more and lent against Evangeline resting her chin on her friends shoulder.
    "One should not judge others by their appearances~ Right Angel Cakes~?"
    A flustered nod came from Evangeline and Carmela looked at her friend as she was distracted a flash of sadness ran over her face before it was masked again with her cheeky grin.

    Shaking her head with a laugh Lillian looked at Carmela up and down and laughed some more.
    "You are such a flirt~! You just don't seem the type~"
    "The type for~?"
    "The type that would say something like that~"
    Shaking her head Carmela even gave a small giggle to the sentence and then stretching her arms up she sat on the couch crossed legged and then ran her fingers through her hair before looking back at Damien.
    "Oh~! Yeah sure I can be friends with him~"
    "Ooh! Count me in as well Damien~"

    Looking over at Evangeline Carmela raised an eyebrow and the shy flustered girl looked down shyly.
    ".... I wouldn't mind............"
    A surprised expression appeared on both Carmela's and Lillian's faces and the two shared a small smirk and then looked back over at Damien with a nod with a thumbs up.
    "We are all good~ We can be friends with him~"
    Looking at the boy who was the subject of their conversation at the time, Carmela noted the way that he seemed to be acting self conscious and seemed to be nervous. Huh... The guy doesn't seem one to get shy so easily... Tilting her head to the side softly Carmela followed his gaze and noticed who it landed on.

    Ho ho ho~ A sly smirk appeared on her face and Carmela looked at Seb leaning back on the chair - still crossed legged - and folded her arms thinking as she looked the boy up and down. A chuckle came from her mouth at the way that he tried to sound annoyed but didn't really and looking at him as he sat down Carmela looked at him with a teasing smile. I am going to have teasing him with her~ I won't let you have her though~ Maybe~ If you deem yourself worthy you just might be able to~ The smirk remained on her face and Carmela thought everything that she wanted to say to him in her had but she wasn't as mean to say it out loud.

    "So~ You a singer or something Seb~?"
    Her attention snapping back to the reality that they were in Carmela looked over at Lillian who had a sly smile also curled up on her face but this one seemed more flirtatious. Doesn't seems like she has noticed~ Shrugging Carmela didn't think much of it and looking beside her Carmela watched for a bit as the shy Evangeline drank her water timidly and then blushed as she noticed Carmela's gaze.
    "What? ..... Do I have something on my face!?"
    Holding a hand to her face she dapped around the corners of her mouth and Carmela smirked seizing the opportunity and then lent in and licked her friends cheek.
    "All gone~"
    Way too used to Carmela doing that to her face, Carmela chuckled to herself as Evangeline nodded slowly and wiped her face to remove the wet feeling on her face.

    "Awww come on Evangeline! Act more surprised!"
    Carmela watched as a confused expression appeared on Evangeline's face as she looked over at Lillian and tilted her head to the side unsure of why Lillian was saying such a thing. Haha Angel Cakes has known me her whole life~ So she is a little too used to me doing certain things to her~ A sly silent smirk appeared once again her face as she rested her chin on Evangeline's shoulder.
    "...... Why what's wrong Lillian?"
    "Hehe~ Yep what's wrong~?"
    Shaking her head with disbelief, Lillian just laughed.
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  8. Damien couldn’t help but let out a little laugh pass through his lips, amused by her response, and the whole scene basically. “Yeah, I didn’t expect you to do so anyway,” He began. “But damn, how can I let a stunningly beautiful woman standing here like that asking about my lonely friend to just do nothing, huh?” He joked as he gave her a sly grin.

    One should not judge others by their appearances~ Right Angel Cakes~?

    He had to let out a small laugh at this. “Too true, ma’am. Too true~

    When the girls had all agreed to befriend Sebastian (he was listening), he did a victory dance inside his mind where nobody can see and returned the thumbs up Carmila gave him.

    Great~! Hold on, I’ll go drag him here~

    Walking towards Sebastian, Damien still didn’t know why he decided to pull drastic measures such as this one to improve Sebastian’s love life… or, well, life in general. He didn’t always do this sort of thing, concerned of what the guy might do in retaliation, but at this point he didn’t really care as he just casually strolled towards where his beloved friend was sitting.

    Somewhere in the corner of the room, Sebastian sat on one of the sofa as he pulled out a phone from his pocket. He then checked his inbox to see if anyone misses him. Chuckling, he just closed it and opened an app to play as those messages went unreplied. He let the calm karaoke music played in the background to soothe his mind - his currently actually troubled mind. There were thousands of far more important invitations for him to attend out there, and here he was admiring a blonde girl he just met, of all people?

    But then a man had to have his breaks once in a while, don’t they?


    Here we go again.

    What do you want now, Damien?” He said in mild exasperation before he looked up at his friend, expecting logical and worthwhile answer from the suspiciously cheerful brunet.

    Oh, nothing~ It’s just that you should really mingle with everyone else, don’t just brood here alone~

    I am mingling by being here, and I’m not brooding.

    Of course you’re not~

    Without warning, Damien took Sebastian’s arm and dragged him out from the sofa.


    Oh come on, Seb~ Just come along, will you?

    Pulling his arm out of Damien’s reach, he sighed again in resignation. There is no denying him when he gets like this. Honestly, he only wanted peace.

    Fine, fine. I can walk. Where to, anyway?

    Damien’s grin returned to his face as he motioned Sebastian to follow as he walked towards the girls’ table. ‘Oh no…’ Sebastian didn’t know whether he should just escape and exit this damned place or hide under the table out of sheer embarrassment – well, of course he’d do neither, but you get the point. Evangeline was sitting there, along with her friends. He had no idea what he would do, should they engage him in a conversation…

    So~ You a singer or something Seb~?

    …And of course they did.

    Mustering up all confidence he had left, he gave the woman a calm smile. “Well, I am not a singer, unfortunately.” He let out a soft chuckle. “So you enjoyed my performance… Lillian, was it?” He replied somewhat smoothly. Sebastian was actually proud of himself.

    He blinked as he was caught in surprise when the brunette licked Evangeline’s cheek. Wondering as his mind races to perceive the situation presented in front of him while Damien just laughed.

    Are they… in some sort of a relationship?
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  9. Evangeline looked up at Seb as he made his way over to them and sat down, her thoughts had been around his voice the entire time until Carmela and her had their interaction and then listened into what Lillian was saying as she grinned brightly at the male.
    "It was fabulous~ Where did you get those killer vocals~?"
    Looking into Lillian's eyes Evangeline smiled softly at the sparkle that they held. When looking onto the group Damien was sitting on the edge next to him was Seb then Carmela, Evangeline and then finally Lillian. Evangeline was pressed against the beck of the seat as Lillian lent over Evangeline to talk to Seb and evangeline grimaced slightly at the fact that she wasn't feeling too comfortable.

    "Get off of Angel Cakes, Lilly~"
    Giving a nervous chuckle Evangeline shook her head dismissing the sentence made by Carmela and smiled at Lillian.
    "Don't worry about it Lillian. I am fine, Carmela is just being Carmela."
    "Awww~ Is Carmela jealous that I get to lay on Evangeline's lap~?"
    "As a matter of fact I am~"
    The two girls on either side of Evangeline laughed and a small giggle could be heard from Evangeline.

    "Okay but seriously Seb~ That was awesome~"
    Looking over at the now returning conversation from before Evangeline picked up a can of pepsi that Carmela had opened before and dipping her straw into it she sipped it quietly looking at both the boys as Lillian spoke.
    "Come on give the boy a break Lillian~ I am sure that he has heaps of people asking him the same thing~"
    HEr attention now on Carmela who was acting like her usual self and draped her arm around Seb's shoulder acting all friendly.
    "Now~ You have go to tell me.... What does it take to get some COKE AROUND HERE!?"

    Shouting the last part, Evangeline jumped as Carmela hopped up and stood up looking around.
    "I am dying for a coke...."
    "I will come with you~"
    The two girls left and suddenly Evangeline was all alone with the boys. Looking downwards and unsure of what she could say Evangeline racked through her brain for something to say.

    I don't want to sound dumb... Oh gosh I should have left with them.... I bet they think that I am weird.... What to do.... What can I do...? What do I say? Gosh I am such a goofball! Her thoughts didn't stop there and although she had a silent exterior the inner workings of her brain were screaming at her to do something to fill the awkward silence that was hanging in the air.
    "........ So....... How do you know Lillian......?"
    Looking up shyly from her cup Evangeline looked at the two with large intrigued eyes glad that she found something to talk about.

    If I hadn't found something to talk about... Sighing softly she shook her head not wanting to think about the fact that it would have mostly had continued.
    ".... Uhm.... Well.... Carmela and I know Lillian from when we were in kindergarten........ uhm......"
    Racking her brain to say something else she blushed lightly realising that she was most likely embarrassing herself during this process and sipped her pepsi that was still in her hands quietly.