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  1. Girl Dorms (open)
    Dorm 1 (open)

    Elisa Lotton ~ @DuchessAriel
    Delaney Johnson ~ @CylciaAlyann
    Lyndsay Gunstruben ~ @UnboundDestiny
    Phoenix Ariel Taylor ~ @Aleczandrya

    Dorm 2 (open)

    Amalia Bard ~ @Alice Falling

    Boys Dorms (open)

    Dorm 1 (open)

    Cai Garde ~ @CylciaAlyann
    Antoine Calixte Eustius ~ @Rilette
    Damien Wilson ~ @UnboundDestiny
    Ilya Silver ~ @Rilette

    Dorm 2 (open)

    Bellamy Bard ~ @Alice Falling


    Today was the first day back for Thalia and the first day in general for others. She was currently in the student council's office waiting for the staff to open the gates to the school. This school had everything you needed to learn about your particular Idol art which was what the school called it. The shcool had everything from a dance studieo to an ice skating rank. The school had amazing dorm room which you would share with four other students. The dorms had a main living quarter and five small rooms which the student could decorate to their liking. Thalia sighed as she watched the gates open and people flock into the school grounds. "Time to get a move on. I have to make that speach for the head Mistress." She says walking down from her Council room which was in the main building down the hall up stairs from the main office and the Head Mistress's.
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  2. Lyndsay walked in through the gates, near the back of the throng of students. She was slightly excited for this, ready for learning how to become the best at her style of music and become well known. However, there was plenty to do at a school, and she had no intentions on missing out from the normal romances, parties and such that were associated with schools this large. She had her headphones in, listening to her own recorded music and thinking whether the songs worked or not, mentally writing down any potential lyric or music changes. She ran a hand through her hair as she walked, stling it absent midedly as she entered the school grounds, now slightly stumped as to where to go next although deciding to just follow the others who were entering.
  3. -ACE-

    Well, day one of the new school and Ace had already messed up. He was experiencing delays getting to the school, and according to his watch, he was probably going to be about 15 to 20 minutes late for the first ceremony. How long was it supposed to take to get two suitcases across the ocean in a jet? His stuff was supposed to be there two days before he arrived, but it had only just arrived, and now in order to pick them up he'd be so late... With a sigh, he slouched on to the door of the car he sat in as it carried him to where his luggage awaited him. Well, if he was going to be late, he was going to be late. Nothing to be done about it.

    Ace glanced out the window and watched the surroundings passed by. The vibe was somehow different than it had been in big-city America. He vaguely remembered bits and pieces of living in France previously, and noted that although Italy was quite different, it was nice to be back in Europe.

    Within a few minutes, he arrived at the school gates. Wait... the gates? He was supposed to get his suitcases first! He straightened from his relaxed position in a panic. "Grandma, my stuff--" he began. His grandmother, who had moved to Italy a little while after he had left France for America, parked the car and looked back at her grandson with a peppy smile. "Don't worry, Antoine," she said in French, which Ace had taken a year to refresh in middle school, so he could mostly understand the language again. "Your grandpa's gettin' your stuff. He should be back with it within half an hour." Oh, well if it was already taken care of, then great.

    The sandy-haired teen hopped out of the car, thanked his grandma, shut the car door, and walked up to the gates. He followed the crowd to get to where he needed to be. A small smile crossed his pale features.

    So, he was finally going to be able to act for real.
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  4. CaiCai sat up out of bed, laying his guitar gently across his pillow. According to the clock, it was time to head to the building where all the new students would gather. Thalia would be making a speech. Although he doubted she would need him to say anything, he had prepared a few words as well. He threw on a shirt and considered the formality of the first day event. Nice jeans would do, provided he wear a button front shirt as well. He dressed quickly, and looked in the mirror, running fingers through his hair and tying it at the nape of his neck with a band.

    As he left his dorm, he rolled his sleeves up to the elbows. Cai wondered how this year would go. He had spent the previous year here, which earned him a spot on the student council, but this year would be much different. Instead of a few students who got very close, there would now be many. And he was expected to show them the ropes. He smiled at the promise of helping new idols achieve their dreams.

    DelaneyDelaney arrived at Salem just in time to enter the gates with the rest of the students. Her belongings had been sent ahead of her, so now she only carried her laptop bag and a tiny notebook, pen in hand. Her eyes darted every direction, taking in the scene and absorbing it, then channeling it into words on the pad. She flipped a few pages back and made a face at her notes from a few days before, setting descriptions for her next novel. They weren't what she wanted. Not yet at least. She made a mental note to revisit this section of her binder.

    She walked through the gates to the school grounds, and put her notebook in the pocket of her laptop case. She followed the swarm to the front of the building.
  5. Elisa stared out the window as the cab cruised down the road. She watched the left side of the street, which was the side they were driving on - a change for her. The vehicle was silent other than the small bumps in the road and the sound of a passing car here or there. The Italian street looked different from the roads back home and her eyes were drawn to the older architecture, also very different from her own back home. Her fingers tapped idly against her jean-clad thigh, tapping away the time she had to wait until they would arrive at the school. She pulled her phone from her pocket to glance at the screen which displayed a message from Jared, the drummer from her band back in the states. 'Don't be gone too long. What'll we do without a vocalist and bassist?' She smiled at it hummed to herself, moving her free hand to join the first to help type out a message back. 'Take this time to work on writing your own mixes. Send them to my DropBox and maybe I can record my parts from here. Don't know how long I plan on staying.' She already knew that she would be at this school for as long as she could. This would be the best thing for her to advance her music career and ultimately reach her goals.

    Pressing her lips into a small 'o', she blew out a stream of air before her cab stopped just outside the school gates. She quickly checked the meter and grabbed some cash from her wallet, passing it forward to the driver. "Keep the change." She smiled at the man who was already getting out of the car and popping the trunk. Her bag was handed to her and she took it with another warm smile. "Thank you. And thank you very much for the ride." With her departing words, she waved to the man and turned to walk through the gate, making her way into the school grounds.

    One white earbud was secured in her right ear. The left earbud was hanging down freely in front of her, lightly tapping against her diaphragm every now and then. She pressed onward and walked through the gates, one piece of luggage dragging behind her and a guitar strapped to her back. She quickly found her room and stored her things before making her way toward the so-to-speak entrance hall. She tugged on. Simply black hoodie, zipped up two-thirds of the way, and let her long dark hair fall down over her shoulders. This his part of her face on each side and covered the extensive earrings on both ears. But one small stud was still visible on the left side of her nose. She tucked her hands into her pockets and followed the crowd of students to find where she needed to go.
  6. Making her way down stairs you could hear the clicking if the black leather heeled boots with belts around them, which she wore normally. She easily slide her thumbs into the front pockets of her dark blue skinny jeans as she looked up with aquatic orbs. Students migrating from the entrance to the student dorms then to the auditorium. Thalia chuckled to herself when noticing just how excited most of them where. She got a few odd looks from some of the students almost like they were making fun of her waist long raven strains. Shrugging it off she made her way over to the front of the building which was still locked. Being Student Council President Thalia had a key for nearly every door in the school, she swung the key around her fingers before stepping up to the door. "Okay! I need everyone to back up so I can open the door!" She says to the nosiy students before she unlocked the door. Once the doors swung open the students make their way in and the word auditorium was an understatement to this building it was more of an indoor amphitheater."Jeez, You'd think the head Mistress would have at least unlock the door." She sighs waiting by the door for everyone to walk in. Students pasted her and she simply paif no mind to them unless they needed to ask a question or something. When she saw Cai, she flagged him down even yelling at him to help her.

  7. Lyndsay was still at the back of the group, following the crowd into the large interior hall. She noticed the person who had opened the door, walking past her into the hall with a small smile on her face, although whether it was directed at Thalia or just general excitment of being here was very hard to tell. She had her hands inside the pockets of her tight black jeans as she walked, phone in the right back pocket with headphones running up under her shirt into her ears.
  8. Phoenix silently stepped out of the taxi and paid the driver before grabbing her bags. Salem. Didn't seem too bad she supposed. She confidently sported a black crop top and a royal blue waist-high skirt as well as canary yellow pumps and a matching necklace. She quietly walked inside, her eyes immediately darting to the doors to the auditorium though she didn't bother going over. Instead, she waisted no time finding her dorm, noting the only empty bed and walked over to it, setting her things down. She touched up her hair and makeup before hurrying down and quietly joining the crowd. She silently walked into the building, gasping softly at the interior and the size. It was amazing to her. Hearing the woman's statement, she offered a small smile. "How long has this place been open? You'd think she'd be used to it by now," she said simply before continuing to walk.
  9. Getting smiles for the giddy students she couldn't help but laugh. She hadn't said much to her vice President after he'd joined her. They didn't have to talk for their understand of each other could go off from silence. When getting asked a question she chuckled. "This is the third year this school has been open however this is the first year more then ten students where allowed." She chuckled. Most of the ten students didn't stick around. Only about four of them stuck around and those four made up the student council. She looked down at her black leather crop top and smiled at her nice skin. When she looked up she noticed the head Mistress walking their ways.

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  10. Elisa saw what appeared to be the student council president standing by the door to the auditorium. Elisa gave the woman a warm smile as she walked in past her, her eyes suddenly widened at the sight before her. Whoa... This room would be excellent to sing in. Unknowingly, a bright smile split her face and she squeezed her fists together in her pockets, moving forward to find a spot for the opening ceremony. Her eyes continued to take in the room, wondering what genre of music would sound best in here. Unheard music played in her head, the fingers of her left hand wiggling as if tapping the strings of an invisible guitar. She watched the crowd, noting a few individuals that caught her eye.
  11. ~Damien~​
    Damien found himself leaning against the wall outside the main auditorium, watching the new students flood into the hall. He was stood on the other side of the doorway to Thalia, every now and again glimpsing over to the student president. As per usual, he was wearing a tight white tee to show off his toned chest, along with blue skinny jeans. On his feet he had some black and white vans, tied with grey laces. To say it blunly, he was dressed to impress, both Thalia and the new students. In a short amount of time he waded his way through the flowing tide of entering students, eventually finding his way to lean on the wall next to Thalia. "So, ready for the first year of a crowded place?" He asked her with a smile on his face.

  12. Thalia looked over to her right. "A crowed school? Yeah right there are more then ten people hear this year but its far from crowed." She chuckles playing with the keys in her hand. "Good day Madam President." The head Mistress says walking by. Thalia simply bows her head. "Oh! That reminds me. Today is Friday so I was thinking I'd hold a welcome back party at my place. Are you up for hot chicks with reveling clothing, load music and of course the title of Party of the year." She chuckles looking to him. "Stop by my house after school today. It seems the CEO of Salem has taken a liking to me, giving me a contract to work with them once my years at this school is up. I now live in a penthouse outside the school. Meet me by my car and I'll give you a lift and you can help me set up." She smiles at him

  13. -ACE-

    Ace watched everyone flood through a set of large doors. Yep, that was probably where he was supposed to be headed. His long legs carried him in the direction of the doors. However, one of the shorter students had been nearby and, not seeing them, he didn't get out of the way when they tried to pass by. He was pushed right into Damien. He stepped back and tilted his chin up to look at Damien over the bridge of his nose in what seemed like an arrogant gesture, although really it was just Ace doing whatever felt normal. "Excuse me," he apologized in what could have been easily mistaken to be a cold tone, and he passed into the auditorium, looking for a place to sit and waiting for the opening to begin.
  14. Amalia and Bellamy Bard

    Amalia stared at the gates, she decided her next few sketches would be this gate and what she felt while facing it. She gripped the small sketchbook in her hands a little tighter, itching to plop down on the ground and begin drawing this instant. Her brother, Bellamy, stood on her left and he glanced at her with a stern look in his eyes. He knew her well enough to know she could easily get distracted by new experiences, especially ones as grand as this. Bellamy was excited, scared, nervous, and playing it off cool all at the same time. He scanned his sister with his brown eyes, thinking of what to say or what a character from one of his plays would say, "Well, I guess we are in this together. We better get going to the opening ceremony, you can sketch in there." He motioned with his head to begin walking and the two did.

    Amalia felt a wave of intimidation when she passed by students, especially ones that stuck out to her, but she didn't let the fear show. She was pretending she was on a runway, walking her model walk in her designed clothes. Today she wore a short light blue dress with creme mesh on the top, little pink flowers had been hand sewn into the dress from the bottom hem up until they faded out. Her brother, on the other hand, was wearing one of her favourite designs. Fitted dark denim jeans with grey stitching, a plain grey V-Neck shirt with an iridescent black jacket. She insisted he wore her clothes on the first day of school, she wanted them to make a statement.

    Bellamy loved his sister's designs and didn't mind looking fashionable on the first day of school. When they entered the auditorum together he scanned the aisle way for seats, carefully pushing past people and creating a small walkway behind him for his sister to follow. Eventually they found an empty row of seats and sat in the middle of them. Amalia put the sketchbook in her lap, wanting to take in the beautiful auditorum before drawing. Bellamy straightened his back and fixed his posture and silently waited for something to begin.
  15. Damien smiled back, nodding at Thalia. "Well seems you know me too well." He chuckled. "I'd never be one to refuse a party with hot chicks in revealing clothing and loud music." Someone was pushed into him at that instant, although leaning against the wall he was not knocked over or anything. When they said excuse me he registered it as something cold, but didn't really mind. "Some people need better manners." He said to himself, turning back to Thalia. "Yeah, I'll meet you at your car then to set up, but you have to promise you'll be one of the hot chicks in revealing clothing." He smirked playfully, obviously flirting.

  16. "Sweetheart I am a model this body is ment to be show cased." Sephiria chuckled poking at Damian. "Look at her. She's a model and makes it obvious, acting like she's superior. Either that or its her way of dealing with intimidation. Not to worry though I'm already famous." She mumbles to herself before elooking to Damian. "Oh that reminds me, I did a photo shoot for Victoria Secrets over the summer. It was lots of fun." Thalia says happily.

  17. Damien chuckled, looking Thalia up and down discreetly. "I have to agree there, your body definitely deserves to be shown off." He smirked, listening to her say about her VS shoot over the summer. "I imagine it was. I got a Calvin Klein shoot over the summer, now that was interesting." He said in response, feeling it only appropriate to point out she wasn't the only one doing shoots for big brands. "You're not the only one who can do revealing photo shoots for big brands." He said playfully, chuckling.

  18. "Awe, that maybe true but I do it better." She chuckles before looking he up and down. "That reminds me. A friend of mine had done some sketches for males clothing and needs a model. So what do you say Damian, want to work with me?" Thalia looked at the time and smiled gently "Looks like its almost time to get going. We better go take our seats at the front of the stage." She says dragging Damian along with a smile. "Let's show them what third year student of this school can do." She smiled.

    Thalia looked around and smiled. Her long longs carried her elegently down the aisle. She wasn't strutting her stuff as if a runway model however just by how she walked and carried herself it was obvious she knew what she was doing. The fact was she didn't do runway modeling that simply bored her she had more fun acting infront of a camera.

  19. "I think you have me there." Damien chuckled. "You probably do model underwear better than me." He added before hearing her offer on the work. "Well, it would be fun getting to work with you and your friend." He smiled before being dragged slightly before walking behind Thalia to the front of the stage where their seats were. He noticed that she walked like a model whenever she moved, slightly admiring how she always looked so... Professional. He however was more relaxed in his walking, except for now as he was walking professionally as well, to impress the first year students. He was surprised she didn't do runway modelling, although he remembered she had said it hired her at some point. "Of course, we wouldn't do well to not impress the new students." He said in reply to her earlier comment.

  20. Shortly after taking their seats the room goes dark. Lazer lights fly across the room in aray of shapes and colors. The stage then lights up with all sorts of lights as the head Mistress walks on stage. "Welcome everyone to Salem Idol Academy!" She says before introducing herself. She then goes on about the rules and regulations of the school. One of the major rules she talked about being do not talk to thoughts outside the school about what goes on in the school. She basically ment details, for security reason. "Now I would like to introduce this year's Student Council." She starts "I would like to call to the stage!"

    Thalia stands up and walks towards the stage with Damian and Cai in tow. Before even getting to the stage she had a mic attached around her neck. She stands center stage with her student council standing behind yet beside her. "Let's start with an introduction shall we? I am your Student Council President, Thalia Silaria, and a third year student here. The occupants which I have come to Master are Music and modeling. Having the occupant of Music I can say I have mastered composing, instrumentals, singing and recording, leaving me able to assist all of those in the fields of music. As for modeling I don't do runway unless I actually like the designs, however I know the field from the modeling itself to photography and photoshop. I am here to help you so if you need help don't bother to stop by the student council office for help." She says taking a small bow before her other council members introduce themselves and their fields.

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