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  1. He was a god. He supposed to his kind that seemed silly (although many lost themselves to their power), they were no more gods than humans were to ants. Their numbers were many though unlike the humans who strove for order out of the madness that was creation, they carried few. Sure, certain areas had at some point belonged to certain groups, but as time went on and human belief in them staggered off such boundaries were lost. Their power as no less-humans believing in one god rather than many did not in some way magically make it true. Ha, one god alone? Humorous and yet so sad that mankind and fallen to believe such folly.

    Like many of his kind, when attentions were turned away from him he lacked the compassion to do or provide as he had in the past, petty it might be but he enjoyed a bit of preening every now and then. As it was, the sun was setting on the west coast of America. The new moon was on the rise-humans had their reasons and science to explain it but he knew the truth, his battle with Set-more powerful than any other god’s claim to the sun and moon. He had bested Set and yet been wounded in the battle. One night of blindness every moon cycle, it was during this time he hid plainly amongst the humans. Their battle may have been centuries old but being found by Set in such a state would not end well.

    Air rushed over his form, sharp eyes spying his target he dove, falcon form darting to the earth below and the open balcony window, shifting forms as he landed. He retained the bronze complexion of the people he once ruled and his hair was as dark as the talons from his falcon form. Though they were free mostly to appear as they wished his form was a late twenty something, with storm gray eyes, eyes that even as he walked forward into the suite that served as his hiding nest, became clouded and unseeing. Dark shades were picked up with practiced ease-he wouldn’t remain here, locked away in a room overnight, for starters his very being rejected that idea, in addition doing so might attract unwanted attention.

    Instead he headed out into the hall, skillfully navigating his way to the elevator and eventually out of the luxury hotel- the Luxor fittingly enough, and out into the busy streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. He’d had centuries to practice and though for another god he’d be at a disadvantage tonight, for mere humans he still be a god among men.
  2. Loki sighed as he stared down at the pathetic looking earth. Humans had always perplexed the God of Mischief. He need do nothing to them. They certainly didn't need his help in causing and mischief themselves. Maybe that was why he heard nothing from them in ways of prayers. He was no longer needed.

    Loki chuckled to himself. If the humans would not cry to him to cause mischief, then he would go down and do so himself. Standing up, he contemplated on what mischief he should cause. What would happen if Loki courted a human? No chance like the present to give it a try, right?

    Thinking about his wife, Angrboda, Loki chuckled at the thought of what she might do if she found out what he was planning to do. Then again, she would probably laugh at the Idea and encourage him to do what ever he wanted as long as it didn't get him killed.

    Loki dived down to earth, shapeshifting into a crow. He knew exactly where he would start. Las Vegas, Nevada. Landing on the railing of his hotel room in the luxurious Excalibur Hotel, he shapeshifted into his human guise. His shoulder blade length black hair was as black as obsidian, his eyes as dark gray as a storm cloud. He didn't want to look too out of place so his skin tone was a peach color like most humans were except he made it slightly darker to look more natural in this sundrenched land.

    Throwing on a white dress shirt, black vest and a nice pair of black slacks and dress shoes, he caught the elevator down to the entrance of the hotel. Vowing he wouldn't stop walking till he found a interesting place to start his mischief, Loki set out on the streets with a mischevious grin plastered on his handsome face.
  3. He didn’t need his sight to know what waded around him, a sea of bodies cresting in waves. There was sweat and smoke, booze and more. He didn’t need sight to see how horridly most were dressed, his own far sharper than most who stumbled about this evening. Black slacks and shoes, leather belt with a simple gold buckle. Tucked into his pants was an emerald green button up completed by a crisp gold and soft red tie, glasses tinted gold worked well enough to hide the glaze to his eyes this night.

    He navigated skillfully, dodging drunk and druggie, avoiding the random tourist staring at their maps of attractions. To any human it would be hard to note a difference in him though if he were near his own kind his movements would not seem so smooth and natural, hence why he hid. Set would take every chance to strike him down even after so long. Even after the world no longer called for them- he supposed he understood, during their time he had reigned over much of Egypt, few prayed to his brother in that time.

    Then, he felt it, just a tingle at the edge of his senses, setting off all warning bells even though the sensation was still far off, approaching. Horus played an epic game of hide and seek each month, his presence as it were dampened greatly to avoid discovery, though he could sense another of their kind-called gods by humans without a true name for themselves. If it was Set, his presence had changed greatly, and he didn’t sense the typical rage in his brother that he often felt, this was someone different. Exhaling slowly Horus moved to sit on an unclaimed bench as darkness set and yet the streets remained well lit, he could feel the warmth emitted. In a city that was constantly on the move, he remained still.
  4. Walking down the streets of Vegas made Loki laugh internally. He could see the trouble and chaos around him. He felt right at home. However, a slight sense of another one of his kind made him a little anxious. Undeterred, however, Loki pressed forward, manuvering his way through drunken men and lines upon lines of human women who constantly threw cards at him for some sort of place that seemed to condone sexual activity in public. Not to mention many of these women were trying to seduce him to come with them.

    However, because he could sense another of his kind, all of this chaos and craziness going on around him didn't stop him from continually walking forward. He muscled his way through it all, trying his hardest to control his urges to go off and fool around with the women. Did human's really enjoy public love making and dressing down to nothing but undergarments? Maybe he should be paying this place more visits. Just this mischief alone was all he needed to know that his influence long ago was still in effect today.

    As he neared the presence, he looked around to see if he could see anything out of the ordinary. Lights, big pieces of moving metal, also known, he had come to find out, were called automobiles, and smoke from those awful things he found out were called cigarettes plagued his view. Walking forward more, he stopped. The presence should be right in the area he was in. Now if this presence was indeed another God, the mischief he could cause with this God trumped his original idea. Although he could sense that this God wasn't of his origin. It wasn't Odin or any other Norse God he might have known. It was a different feeling that what brutish aura's those gave off. This aura seemed to be a bit more bright, yet alluring than that of a Norse God.

    He looked to his left and spotted an oddly dressed man. Oddly dressed for his skin tone and hair color. The green button up shirt made him almost stand out from a crowd. However, that isn't want drew Loki in. Oh no. This man was his kind. Despite him looking rather attractive for a guised human male, he was a God. Which God? Loki was anxious to find out. He walked over to this man, taking a seat next to him. He turned to him, tapping his shoulder.

    "Don't you think this is no place for a God?" asked Loki, a mischevious smirk on his face.
  5. Were he a lesser god he might have been able to pass right under the radar, avoid detection entirely. As it was, he’d dampened his presence enough to appear as little more than a lesser deity. Similar to one prayed to for good luck, or speedy message delivery-idiots the lot of them. Sadly, and ironic as it was, Horus had gained too much power to completely mask his presence.

    Instead he sat, his world in darkness this night and yet his mind could paint a picture around him of the moving humans, the stone and brick they walked on, the rushing vehicles and the curious presence that grew ever closer.

    Fleeing would do no good, if it was a foe they’d give chase and if this was simply the path of two gods crossing his fleeing would certainly draw curiosity. So he sat. The other took interest in him though, and why not? While they were not few they were also not many in numbers, and each of their divisions mostly kept to their own-why take on more enemies when you often enough had more than you needed within your own religion as it were? He heard the other approach, his footfalls separate from the rest of the noise around them, felt the presence as the other god sat beside him, there was no use denying the other’s claim, he could only hope the other could be convinced he was little more than a lesser god, not someone of any interest. “Dens of gluttony, carnal pleasure and greed? I do believe this is the perfect place for a god.” Their kind weren’t exactly known for their virtues. His head remained forward, gaze appearing to be on the crowd that passed them by, feeling as the humans subconsciously gave the two powerful beings a wider berth.
  6. Loki laughed as the stranger appeared to not deny his heritage of being a God. However, he could sense something deeper about the God. So if he wasn't of Norse Mythology, then what mythology did he appear to be from? Loki would weasel it out of him, even if it took him every effort and trick on his part. Loki's smirk remained as he continued to try to get the man to talk. However, one thing God's didn't appreciate was announcing their presence and maybe this God was masking his presence for a certain reason. What reason? Loki didn't know. Yet, he felt like he could get it out of him sooner than later. There definitely was something deeper about this God that was alluring to Loki and sparked his curiosity.

    "You sure know about the true nature of Gods. True that this place contains many a pitfall for any or all Gods that come, but I sense that this place, even for you, is a little bit out of the way. However, I'd like to talk with you more. Is there a place we can go that we can talk about this more openly? Or are you not interested in talking to a God not of your same mythology?"

    Loki really wanted to understand and get to know a God from another mythology. That would help him expand his view of other kinds of God's like himself. Loki sighed.

    "You don't have to worry. I won't divulge where you are or what you are doing to those of your same area should they come around, if that's what you want. In exchange, all I want is to talk to you a bit more...Cause I just sense something about you that I might be able help with...."

    Deep down, Loki was good. He had a caring heart, sometimes. Most of the times he was caught he was causing trouble hence why he got the name Loki, but deep down, he had urges, inklings to help his fellow God's in any way he could.
  7. Horus was stuck between a rock and a hard place, or rather a god and his secrets.
    “Of course I do.” He was a God was he not? Sure some fooled around more than others-Zeus (though he’d never met the other) was a tale of guilty pleasures that spanned around the world for example. Though he hummed at the idea that this place was out of the way, “For both of us, unless you are some rain dancing demi.” He gave, speaking of the native Gods of this land. It might not be very common to mingle with Gods outside their own histories but this would did have books and wonder of wonders the internet. Still, such information barely scratched the surface of the truth in most cases.

    The following questions put him in a tough spot, here and now he so far had the other fooled, at least he believed that to be the case anyway. Moving from this location? Humans might take no notice but his step would be just slightly off. He could reject the other’s request but there was no telling what another God might do with that answer and whoever this other God was he was certainly no lesser deity.

    While he mulled it over the other continued and Horus snorted, a short laugh. This being help him? He was Horus the Greater. Son of Ra, the sun God, patron deity of Upper Egypt, God of War and Hunt. He had little faith in help of some unknown. Still, he saw no way out of this, “You’ll forgive me if I do not invite you back to my quarters here. Perhaps a nice lounge?” They were Gods, could command any room they entered, if they wanted privacy clearing a lounge of guests would be easy enough, unless this stranger had another suggestion.
  8. Loki smirked. He expected as much from this God. He didn't feel like the type to invite others to their quarters unless you were a beautiful woman. Loki wouldn't have had a problem with that. Shape shifting was something he used on countless occasions to carry out his mischief. However, that would be awkward if he did that now. Loki nodded and chuckled lightly.

    "No, I am not a demi-god. I am the real deal. However, my identity will be revealed to you when we move to a more convenient place to talk. However, I am assuming that if I'm revealing myself that you reveal yourself to. Don't bother lying about your identity either cause I can tell you're more than you let on. Call it a God's intuition. Ah! Sorry. Back to the original question posed, yes, a lounge would be fantastic. I leave it to you to pick the place cause I am fine going anywhere. I love every bit and piece of this wonderful, mischievous city of Las Vegas"

    Loki was thoroughly enjoying himself. He hoped that this God would trust him enough to let him in on his identity. However, Loki also knew that the chances about him letting him in on his true identity were very low since the two didn't know each other very well. Also considering they were Gods in different parts of the world. However, Loki had many ways to make God's talk.

    He looked to this alluring God, waiting for him to lead the way.
  9. “Perhaps.” He offered in response to the other’s request that if he shared his name the same courtesy would be extended in return. “You seem to want my name far more than I want yours.” Which meant the weight of their names did not equal each other’s wants of said names. “I will at least, promise not to lie to you.” And that was about the best Loki was going to get for now.

    Still sitting for the moment he thought over the options around him. He could suggest the Luxor, but he’d already walked a fair distance away from there and in his current state the shorter the distance the better. Caesars was behind them and upscale but also a favored hunting ground for Greek Gods. Those sort rarely left the hotel where they could be pampered and find warm bodies for their beds but perhaps given the location he was dealing with a Greek God.

    “The Flamingo.” He suggested, right across the street from their current location. It was smaller, but boasted a roof top bar lounge. Call it part of his heritage but Horus liked open air spaces, must be the falcon in him.

    “Shall we?” He questioned, standing up, body tense as he started for the building. His movements were cautious and a bit flawed, nothing a human would pick up on but enough to signal something wasn’t as it appeared to a God.
  10. Loki smirk did not fade as he followed the God to the roof top bar lounge at the flamingo. This place seemed to be filled to the brim with interesting humans, seeing some walk out who were leas than coherent. This place never ceased to impress Loki. He loved the atmosphere of Las Vegas. The building was small compared to the other glitzy, giant places of Vegas.

    As they walked into the place heading for the elevator, Loki couldn't help but actually notice the man's all too apparent skin tone. To Loki, he didn't look from around her. He dare thought that he looked Middle Eastern in origin. Not to mention this God was well buil. Maybe to handle business from where he originated?

    Loki continued to follow this mysterious God all the way to the roof top lounge. Not as busy as other places looked, Loki was glad he had some alone time to talk to this God.

    Stepping up to the bar, Loki ordered a lemon lime Margarita. He was more of a beer drinker due to his land of origin, but he thought he'd try something new.

    He asked the woman to deliver it to him as he followed his guest to the table of his choosing. This would be very interesting.
  11. Horus moved without issue despite his situation, leading the way through the casino floor hearing the cheers, shouts and laughs of the crowd mixed with the mechanics of the slot machines, music, bells and alarms. The elevator ride up was uneventful even if the couple in the elevator with them seemed unnerved-though the pair probably didn’t even understand why, the mere presence of the Gods was enough to make the average human uneasy.

    Similar to Loki’s heritage, Horus was used to beer and fine wine as well, though much like the other God he went with something else though his reasons were completely different. Given that they could change their appearance at will, hell he could appear with a falcon head if he wanted to, he hoped the other didn’t read too much into this hair and skin. Picking a sweet cocktail of rums mixed with cranberry and orange juice would not give anything away just as Loki’s drink didn’t immediately make Horus think of Norse Gods.

    Orders placed he turned to the room, senses other than sight helping him navigate to a VIP seating area, the bouncer not stopping the pair who exuded confidence as he moved to sit on one of the plush chairs within, their space covered by a canopy that allowed them some privacy while still allowing them to watch the rest of the bar area.

    “Now then. What interest does a God have in another? We are selfish, self-centered creatures by nature.” Not all of course but a good portion of them were.
  12. Loki took his sea, crossing his legs and enjoying the plush seating available. Loki's mischevious smirk turned to that of a smile of pure bliss. He was glad this God understood the importance of privacy when it came to matters concerning Gods.
    "To answer your question, I have interest in you because it isn't often for me to see a God beyond my area. Me originally being from the Norse type religion. Normally, I deal with Gods like Thor and Odin...there are more than just them, but those two are the main centers of worship. I don't receive parishioners anymore as my specialty doesn't need those. As long ad Choas and mischief abound, so do I. The Norse God if mischief and disorde, Loki is my name. To tell you the truth, I got bored and came here to cause my own kind if mischief by courting a human woman, but ever since I felt your presence, I have just been so curious as to your name and which land you originate from, cause it isn't everyday that different Gods from different regions meet"

    Loki studied the God as he took the drink from the waitress. Loki took his drink and took a sip, really enjoying the choice in drink he made. He looked up at the God in front of him and waited to see what he had to say for himself.
  13. “Few of us receive any honest prayers anymore.” Fewer still received any sort of offerings. Those who had stood the test of time, like Loki, found other ways around it. For Horus, their history was taught and well known throughout the world and as irksome as it was, his symbol was used throughout the world, even branded on flesh.

    He smirked a bit, a hand reaching up to remove his tinted sunglasses, showing clouded gray eyes as he neatly folded the glasses and set them on the armrest of his chair, “So the God of mischief and disorder wishes me to disclose myself?” Was he the only one that saw the humor in that? And what Loki’s original plan had been? Yes they were completely a self-centered species.

    He fell silent as their drinks were brought, taking his own and sipping at it to use as a distraction. “So I find myself trying to decide if more trouble will come my way by holding my tongue or loosing it.”
  14. Loki laughed as he took another sip of his drink. Surprisingly, he knew how to be a sophisticated being, but since Gods were selfish and egotistical beings, Loki didn't really much care for pleasantries. He did it only to look good to the new aquaintance he had made. As he took of his glasses, Loki's eyes caught his. His dark storm gray eyes even added to the allure of this attractive looking God. It was wierd. Loki hadn't really leaned towards guys before in way of romantical pursuits, well, him being a guy and being married to a woman himself, however, he just couldn't tear his eyes away from this handsome being.

    "I understand if your in a bit of a predicament and can't divulge your name, but I must say, and I pray you take no offense to this, but you look like a middle eastern God. My guess would be that your a God of a middle eastern type country somewhere....I have heard of the Egyptian God's before, but I was told by my father Farbauti that I must never mess in other God's affairs, especially the affairs of Egyptian Gods. Of course, thinking about it now, i'm the god of mischief and disorder. Messing in the affairs of other gods now is something that would help me stay in the position I am in now and I am very interested in it staying this way....So if you are an Egyptian God, englighten me. I may not seem it now, but, I can help you in whatever situation you may be in..."

    Taking another sip of his martini, he decided to tone it down a bit. Loki seemed to talk too much when he got excited about something. This man, alluring and attractive, had piqued his interest so much that even trying to get involved in this affair was something Loki was looking to do. His thirst for mischief and disorder called for him to be mixed up in this affair.
  15. Horus smiled a bit as Loki spoke, humming as the other tried to reason out who he might be and where he might be from. “I suppose, in this current form, you would be on the mark.” Not flat out agreeing that he was indeed an Egyptian God but confirming that he agreed with the other’s reasoning. “But you are right, bit of a family feud you might say.” The situation he was in, “If the stories are to be believed you know all about that.” He wasn’t trying to take a jab at the other, just honestly speaking that they both had siblings that were difficult to deal with though in completely different ways.

    He held his drink in two hands, carefully thinking before slowly moving to set it down on the side table next to his chair. “Blood feud.” He gave, still not a name and honestly with there being hundreds of Gods out there unless Loki knew the stories of each and every one Horus was hoping to not give away anything too detailed. All it would take was one summons of his brother for a centuries old rivalry to be over. He knew Set searched the earth for him, every new moon and he was determined not to be caught. “You could say my brother and I had a bit of a…falling out, over our territory. We were both wounded.” He motioned to his eyes, unseeing as they were. “True, my wound puts me at more of a disadvantage…I wounded him, and his pride far worse.” He withheld details that might give it away, that he was only blind on new moon, that the feud had started when his brother murdered their father, those details would give away too much. “He hasn’t forgiven me.”
  16. Loki looked to his drink, a serious look on his face. Uncrossing his legs, Loki sat up, now in serious thought. He was taught many things in the different God's ways and the reasons to not mess with them. He remembered hearing something about a family feud going on in the Egyptian God family, however, there were family feuds in these kinda families all the time. He himself knew that. He had too many children to name and not all of them saw eye to eye or even looked up to their own father. Loki chuckled softly remembering this.

    However, as he tried hard to remember the names of the Egyptian Gods that were in a feud, he felt another God presence. Loki scoffed. Again, it wasn't any of the Norse Gods that he had felt on many an occasions, it felt almost exactly like the man who was sitting in front of him, but farther away. His guess was that, if this God in front of him was indeed an Egyptian God, then the other presence he felt had to be an Egyptian God as well.

    "Well, I think we have a guest. My guess is that he isn't looking for me though as his aura has the same vibe as yours...If you truly are trying to avoid destruction or conflict, I can certainly help. Being the God of Mischief, I've learned to mask my own aura for hours at a time in order to avoid detection by my 'family' as you will. I make many trips to earth to do what I do best so I've had to learn this skill. I can help you remain undetected if you wish, but only if your willing to take the help....What will it be, oh so powerful Egyptian God?"

    Loki raised an eyebrow and smiled mischievously.
  17. It was true enough, Loki and Thor might fight from time to time, or Loki’s children or Odin’s family. The list really did go on and on, but nothing came close to the violence between Horus and Set. Set took Horus’ sight and Horus made sure there would be no little mongrel spawns of Set to muddy the blood line. And that was putting it nicely. Ahem. What? It was different times!

    Of course the moment Loki sensed a strong presence Horus did too and his relaxed, amused demeaner was gone in an instant. He was still doing a very good job of masking his aura-not like the newcomer who let his power flood over the city, searching, but he would be detected soon enough of something wasn’t done. “Set…” The name was soft, unseeing eyes were narrowed before blinking as the other spoke up.

    “If I did not know better I’d guess you arranged this.” But regardless of how it came to be the truth was he did not, in his current state, stand a chance against his sibling. By sunrise he’d be good as new, sight and full power restored until the next cycle. “But it appears I have no choice. So aid me Loki, God of Mischief and I, Horus, will owe you a favor.”
  18. Loki's eyebrow stayed raised and then he laughed.

    "You finally revealed your name! How wonderful to be in the service of another fellow God! I Loki, will help you, oh powerful Horus! Oh forget the pleasantries, come, let me take your hand and hold on tight. I will mask our aura's. However, I've never tried it with more than just myself so I don't know how long it can last, but I venture to guess that I could hide your power and mine for about an hour, maybe two if I really concentrate..."

    Loki walked over and grabbed Horus' hand, concentrating on masking not only his own power, but now the power that Horus had. At the moment, it wouldn't be hard to mask his power as he could tell that Horus' power had been greatly masked by he himself anyway, so masking the rest of it along with his would be easy. Concentrating for a minute or two, he finally was able to completely mask their identities.

    "Now, mind you, we can still see, interact and talk with humans, but to other God's we will be completely invisible. Now that I know your Horus, the one after you must be Set. His power is great, so that is why I can only mask the rest of your aura for about an hour or two. Hopefully he isn't here that long and we remain unseen or are assumed that you went back 'home' so to speak. I know it isn't the best, full proof plan, but let's hope they give up their search of you within the next hour or two..."

    Loki closed his eyes and continued to hold on to Horus' strong hand. He had to concentrate on keeping the barrier that masked their aura's up. It was inexplicably harder to hide another person along with himself. He himself could handle hiding his own presence from Thor or Odin for 4 to 5 hours, but with Set's unimaginable power bearing down on him, his barrier would only hold for 1 to 2 hours before shattering beneath his power.

    "You have to hold onto my hand though, otherwise you will be seen and there will be nothing I, a Lesser God, can do to help you anymore..."
  19. “You are strange.” Was that okay? Hopefully, what God wanted to be in service of another God? They were petty beings, always fighting and bickering. Did he fully trust this other God? He’d be a fool to do so, but for the moment he had little choice.

    He let his hand be taken, exhaling slowly and being careful to control his breathing. Was he scared of Set? No. He was the God of War and Hunting, Ruler over greater Egypt. He was the favored son of Ra. He was scare of nothing, except perhaps losing.

    “Set is impatient.” He offered up, “He will move on.” Unless he’d changed in all these years, still, he could feel the pressure of his brother’s rage, not even centuries had calmed it. “If he realizes you are aiding me he will kill you.” Not that Horus was going to let go of the other’s hand at any point, he valued his own life after all, just a fair warning to the strange God that was helping him.
  20. Loki nodded, hearing Horus' words, but not letting them get to him. If he wavered, even for a moment, then the barrier he had set up would fall to pieces and then Set would find them.

    "I am Loki, the God of Mischief. I think Set will find it hard to ever find me if he does find out. By the way, are you just hiding from him and waiting it out so that you can recover your own power? Do you plan on killing him once you regain your power?"

    Crap, his attention was starting to waver. He kept his eyes closed, calling all his attention on keeping the barrier up. Luckily if his attention had indeed completely wavered at that moment, the barrier would have collapsed, but thankfully it was still up. However, Loki knew, Horus would probably wait to talk or tell him the details until after Set's threat was gone. Loki didn't expect an answer right away, keeping his concentration steady and precisely on the barrier.
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