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    Year: 2355
    Location: Rival System, Constellation of Aquarius

    This is the thread set for all those who want to play villains in the RP Idlaide - The Rays of Fortune. The Ray pilots are in charge of keeping order in the Rival System. You are the extremists, businessmen, crime lords, politicians who don't care who you hurt to get ahead.

    There are three types of villain here:

    Religious - Fanatical extremism has been around for as long as there's been a faith to skew for one's own personal agenda. No religion is more dangerous than the Sacrificial Pious in this regard. Their faith believes in a cosmic oneness that connects everything. The soul is but a part of the divine essence of creation. The entire universe is, quite literally, the body of their god. The Unists believe the same thing, but the Pious take things a step further. They believe they can surrender their souls back to the essence of the universe, and they're bodies become nothing more than vessels, guided tools of the divine. For the villainous factions of the Pious, this means they're no longer responsible for their actions, and are among the most heartless of warriors.
    Ultimate goals: Spreading their enlightenment, restoring "purity" to the system.
    Primary world: Paipas.

    Political/Economic - Just like on Earth, planets in the Rival System have countries, and none more so than Rivas. Even Rivas doesn't have as many nations as Earth, and the casual observer would have a difficult time telling them apart. The economy is flush in Rivas, but it has power in every planet and moon in the system. Money is everywhere. Smaller countries are often endangered by larger ones, but a reversal of that trend can change with a little surprise force and some clever coups. Competition is steep as well, and often very cutthroat.
    Ultimate goals: Change in world orders, monetary conquest.
    Primary world: Rivas, but can be found in virtually any part of the system.

    Criminal - Where there is wealth, there is poverty. Where there is poverty, there is inevitably crime. In time, there is even crime lords, mobs, mafias - whatever you want to call them. They're tough, no-nonsense criminals, muscling in with drugs, human trafficking, unlicensed electronics and weaponry. They're as much a direct threat as they are suppliers of outside threats. It's rare for their power to spread beyond the atmosphere, but not impossible.
    Ultimate goals: Get ahead, earn respect in the criminal underworld.
    Primary world: Rivas.

    We will be running villains mostly in terms of themes. The current theme we're running - Plot of the Pious. Looking for villains in the religious order.
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  2. This OOC is for the most part under @Lykaon's supervision, but as GM I will be popping in now and then to voice my opinions and introduce ideas. The character sheet is as follows:

    Age: (Don't get crazy. You're a baddie, so you can't be a little kid, and we don't do ridiculously old here)
    Appearance: (can be picture or description)
    Affiliation: (What type of threat are you? Criminal, Religious fanatic, economic powerhouse, ambitious politician?)
    Planet/moon of origin: (Where were you born?)
    Brief Bio: (Don't go too in-depth, but I'd like to know how you got recruited, why you came, and what you left to be a part of this.)

    Rules and worlds:
    This is a copy of what's in the regular Idlaide OOC:

    No Aliens - Everyone in this system is human. You can introduce a few bizarre genes if you want, like a result of cosmetic genetic engineering, but only if it meets my approval.

    No God-modding - You hear this all the time. It doesn't need to be explained, but I will anyway. No controlling other characters (unless the other player discusses it with you in the OOC), no making yourself so crazy awesome you're invincible, and just don't try to control everything. That's my job. *wink*

    Death is natural - And it will happen here. Especially to baddies, who die in usually really spectacular ways. You're expected to keep coming back for more here.

    Unfortunately not Earth, or any world you know. There are at least 80 moons and planets that are habitable in this system, but of them these are the ones with the most people:

    Rivas - Main planet of the Rival system. The most economically stable, the biggest importer and exporter of goods and people. Biggest problems: terrorist attacks. Petty crime is manageable.

    Aguaceles - A water world with a pristine, generally calm surface that reflects its floating cities perfectly. Known for their exquisite seafood and wonderful sailing - great destination spot. Biggest problems: tidal forces brought on by their moons and cyber terrorism affecting the equilibrium of their cities.

    Paipas - the religious hub of the system. The planet is home to a massive holy city, Arabus, and is the mecca for eight different religions. Biggest problems: hate crimes, political unrest. Brought about by so many conflicting faiths.

    Please stick to these three as the main worlds. If you have others to suggest, please explain your world's purpose in the system and it's main problems in your character sheet.

    A side note: Anyone in the main OOC is welcome to play a villain as well.
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  3. While the plot is focused on the Pious right now, free to make a separate kind of villain character. Right now we have one and could use a couple more.
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