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    Beneath the smoke and neon lights milled a crowd of several hundred Friday night party-goers. The club, set in a downtown location, was a popular gathering place for twenty-and-thirty-somethings as well as teens with fake IDs and too much time on their hands. The dance floor was packed with bodies swaying and jiving to the club's music whilst trying not to spill their drinks. Couples hung on each other and singles prowled around like hungry wolves, often in packs with their friends. The night was still young and as the music faded out a host climbed onto the stage where every weekend live performances were held by local bands. The dancers paused and a good portion of them took advantage of the lull to make a bar run. A dozen or so young people made their way to the front near the stage with shrieks and whoops of anticipation.

    The host stood in the spotlight held a mic, and behind him cast in a red glow the band waited, as motionless as statues. "You may have heard some bad things about our band tonight, but rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, they may be Idiots With Instruments but damn, can they make some great noise!" A handful of the front group cheered. No sooner had the host ducked out of the way then the guitarist, a long-haired young man with oriental features, pierced the murmuring of the crowd with a breathtaking solo, and the rest soon followed his lead. They played through the first song perfectly. It was one of their earliest and most popular singles and thus made for a good opener. By the time it was over they'd captured the attention of the majority of their audience. It was the perfect opportunity for their frontman to introduce the band, even though it was likely at least half of these people were already familiar with them.

    "Hello hello hello!" Rob began bumbling around the stage with a massive grin and sweat dripping down his face. "Who wants to party?!" He gleefully shouted at the top of his lungs and got a screaming reply. "Alright alright. That's pretty good, but you know I think we can do better than that." He chuckled. "So, who wants to RAAAAAAOOOOOOCK!" He screached out the word as loud as he could at the very peak of his quite impressive vocal range, and in return he got a thunderous reply. "Well that's good to hear, because we are Idiots with Instruments and we are going to rock your fucking world!"

    Before he'd finished speaking the band was launching into their next song. The crowd was swept along with them, anywhere between fifty to a hundred people with their hands in the air, even more watching with passive enjoyment. The real hardcore fans were pressed up near the front of the stage, most of them had driven in from out of town and had been with IWI since the beginning. They cheered the loudest and knew each member by name.

    They played a handful of other songs, including a couple of new ones, before wrapping up their time on stage. It had been a big night, and they'd been really privileged to play in such a high-end establishment. Everyone felt fantastic.

    ~ ~ ~

    Vince Hall

    As the last notes were swallowed by applause and cheers, Vince lowered his guitar and raised his hands to the crowd in a gesture of thanks, eliciting a round of shrieks from a few fangirls up front. The lights on the stage went down and it was their cue to start packing up the equipment. They didn't have a tech crew, but luckily a few friends had volunteered to help pack everything up so it didn't take long. Besides, between the back door by the stage and the trailer outside he was able to sneak a cigarette. By the time they were finished the crowd had thinned, either returning to their previous activities or heading for home now that the evening's highlight was over. A number of people came over to congratulate the band, some even wanted autographs, and most of them crowded around Rob.

    Vince located Daphne, their youngest member and someone he felt personally responsible to keep an eye on. Almost everyone had had their doubts about the girl when he recruited her, and she was probably the most inexperienced when it came to playing live shows. So far she'd been cool though, and he had a lot of faith in her. Giving her a congratulatory pat on the shoulder he said, "Good job tonight. The band was a big hit, I think--" he was interrupted by a tap on his arm and turned to see a timid looking girl, definitely not old enough to be in a place like this, holding out a notebook and marker. Vince recognized her from some of their other shows, he smiled and took the objects, quickly signing his name in the book and handing them back. "Thanks for coming tonight."

    She nodded and smiled back, then asked for Daphne's autograph too. "And, um… is Tam still around?" Vince checked, then pointed her in the direction of the other guitarist and she scampered away. In hindsight he was a little disappointed they didn't have any CDs or T-shirts to sell. Someday they would, he knew, but right now the cost outweighed the benefit.

    "I don't remember what I was talking about but I was wondering if Daxton's here tonight, did he say if he was coming?" He'd become pretty good friends with Daphne's brother. "Ohey, Solly!" he waved to get the piano nerd's attention, "Wanna get a drink?"
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  2. Daphne Davidson

    At the end of the performance Daphne let out a breath to calm herself. Every live performance was a new terrifying experience for her and it always took a minute for her to come down off the high and the fear and back into reality. She loved it though, she loved the fear, the anxiety, and the crowds. Years ago she couldn't imagine herself being on stage playing at this kind of venue with some of the coolest people she had met, but here she was. She packed away her own drums, she didn't like anyone else touching them because they had to be put away in the right way.

    Daphne smiled up at Vince who patted her shoulder, she loved that he always made her feel like she belonged. He had slowly become another brother like influence in her life and enjoyed that he watched after her, even if at times it was annoying. She doubted her brother, Daxton, would approve of her being in this crazy band if it wasn't for Vince.

    When the timid girl came to Daphne she signed the book and smiled at her, watching her scurrying away to find the others. "I think he said he was going to come but he has a new girl in his life," Daphne rolled her eyes, "She thinks she can replace me."

    When Vince waved at Solly and asked about getting a drink Daphne slightly cringed at the words. She hated she was too young to legally get a drink, even if she didn't find it interesting she still wanted to be able to legally hold a drink while the rest of the band drank. But Daphne would shrug it off and let band drink while she sipped on water, like every other night.
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  3. SollyAs he always after a good gig, Solly was buzzing. There was something about putting yourself out on a limb to entertain people, risking humiliation and public failure in order to achieve adulation, that took him to a level nothing else did. Whether it was the recitals he played in when he was nine, or a gig in front of a mass of sweaty, drunk people as it had been tonight, it had always been the man's greatest pleasure.

    And boy, had things gone well tonight! Judging from the frenzied dancing, the crowd had enjoyed the new songs - something that always worried Solly - and everyone had been at the top of their game tonight. All in all, he couldn't have asked for anything more, and when he walked back into the club, it was with a grin spreading from ear to ear. As usual, he had to navigate his way past a couple fans passing on their compliments. Solly took this in his stride, quickly finding his way to a girl he recognized as a worker in the bar and leaning over to speak into her ear. He'd just leaned back, flashing her a smile, when Vince called out to him.

    When he reached them, Solly gave both Daphne and Vince an enthusiastic clap on the back. "Daphne! You killed it tonight, great work! I'd say the say the same to you, Vince," he grinned, "but I bet you already know it. And speaking of drinks..." the grin spread further as the barmaid he'd just been talking to came over carrying a tray that held an assortment of drinks. Solly grabbed a beer, popped the cap, and held it out in front of him.

    "Cheers to a good performance, and many more to come!"
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  4. Working with Solly and Vince as the main writers, Anastasia got a lot of time on the front of the stage. Her music examplified the value of Musical Theory for a musician - and she had plenty of time to write herself some bass solos, although sometimes they passed it over for a drum or guitar solo. Her fanboys crowded the front when she was on, and many had been with her since before Idiots with Instruments, since her (now side) job as an erotic model. Nausicaä "Ms. October" Quasimodo helped bring in the boys.

    She made a show of blowing kisses to the boys in the crowd as they left the stage, her solo in that one song driving them into a whooping sensation. Without them, she wouldn't have as much lime light - and she enjoyed playing with them, too. Why, on her last show, she met with one back stage and—

    "Nausicaä! We love you, baby!" While some of the others went to the bar, she went to the floor to mingle. This was her scene. These were her fans, die hards to the end. Whether IWI ever got famous or not, she didn't care. People loved her for her art and her body, nobody judged her for her habits and modeling. These fans, though comparatively few, couldn't be counted on both hands, and would follow her and love her wherever she went, whatever she did. As long as she made music, and for some, kept modeling. These few were her fans. And she loved them like they loved her.

    Passing through the raging (and a bit grabby) crowd, she spotted Tam and made her way over. "Hey, girlfriend, you're looking lonely. Hang out with me so boys will call us beautiful and shit!"
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  5. Tam had been last off the darkened stage, throwing guitar picks into the crowd as she walked away. One of her YouTube fans had sent a large collection of personalized picks, engraved with a stylized, cartoon version of her face, and what better way to reward the oldest fans than by giving them a piece of potential history? She couldn't help but chuckle as a quiet "aww" followed her offstage, but whether it was disappointment from fans or just people trying to get free stuff, she didn't know.

    She noticed someone had packed her gear up while she was preoccupied (she made a mental note to find out who so she could return the favor), and so Tam made her way to the bar instead. She downed two shots in quick succession, and was about to turn to survey the crowd, when suddenly a third shot appeared in front of her. Tam looked at the bartender, who jerked his thumb towards a patron a couple seats down. "Says he's a fan."

    Tam caught the eye of her admirer, grinned, lifted the glass, and tossed it back. Already she was beginning to feel the effects-- alcohol on an empty stomach is almost never a good idea, but Tam rarely gave much thought to her drinking habits or drug use. She ordered a cocktail to sip and leaned against the bar, feeling solidly buzzed, with adrenaline from the band's earlier performance still racing through her veins. She high-fived fans as they passed by, grinning ear to ear.

    "Hey, girlfriend, you're looking lonely. Hang out with me so boys will call us beautiful and shit!" Tam laughed at her bandmate Anastasia's words, and tossed an arm around her shoulder. "You just want me around so boys will call YOU beautiful and shit. Let me get you a drink? Then I might have to find someone to bum a smoke off of, before I end up too wasted." She winked, then looked towards the patio door just as a young girl clutching a notebook to her chest squeezed into the club. She looked around briefly, then made a beeline for Tam and Anastasia, and Tam knew what she was after before the words had even left her mouth.

    "Hi... c-could I have your autographs?" she stammered, gazing in awe at both of the women standing before her. Tam happily signed the notebook, writing "stay in school!" And of course, she had to give the ecstatic young girl a couple of extra picks. Little else made Tam as happy offstage as the huge smile on the faces of fans after they got their autographs.
  6. Rob enthusiastically left the stage with the waving of his arms and smiling. He was very happy with his performance, and the rest of the band's performance tonight. They had all been right on point. He then made his way out backstage before winding around to come up to the bar with the rest of his band members. "Hey guys! We were fucking awesome tonight!" He shouted over the returning music provided by the DJ. He took a shot of tequila from the bar and downed it. "Woo! Man, I don't know what to tell you guys but I am still riding that musical high." Rob's throat had just begun to be a little sore, which for the performance he had given was pretty lucky for him.
  7. Alexandrina Steele

    Alex—actually Xandri sounded better for a club setting; exotic and fun and all that—sipped from her drink. She occupied one of the bar stools, watching the dispersed band members in the corners of her eyes. The actual talent scout, a kid barely out of college, looked at them the way all new scouts looked at their first find: stars in his eyes, fanboy excitement, and oh so serious. When she took another sip, he paused his fidgeting to turn to her.

    "Should you be drinking on the job?" he asked. She chuckled in reply. He was trying too hard to look professional. No one wore a formal suit to a club; even Xandri had dressed down to a business casual. Regardless, they still didn't look like they belonged in a rave like everyone else there.

    "I'm volunteering to be here. The only one on the job is you." She took another drink to emphasize the point. He frowned but got flustered when she added, "Anyway, I don't know what you're complaining about. You were the one who sent a drink to Sanchez."

    Xandri let him worry over his perceived immaturity in the face of a senior employee. The newbies were so easy to poke fun at. He spluttered for an answer and settled with, "They're all off-stage now, so let's just go up to them," thus thoroughly avoiding her question. Getting up, she gestured at him to lead the way only to pull him toward Hall and co. when he tried heading toward Sanchez and Quasimodo instead.

    She rolled her eyes. "Alright fanboy, calm down. Always head towards the majority especially if the leader's with them."

    He made his way to them and stood awkwardly by the side, seemingly unsure how to approach them. Xandri nudged him with her elbow and he cleared his throat. "Hello, my name is Drake Lionel and my associate is Miss Steele. We represent Hathor Records and I've been following your progress from unknowns to local celebrities. As a talent scout, I would like to extend to your band, Idiots with Instruments, an offer to sign you on to the label. If you accept, the managerial functions will be given to Miss Steele who will provide all the resources she and her connections can give you."

    She gave a little wave to most of the band and said, "It would be a pleasure to work with you. If you have any questions, I can answer them and if you're ready to sign now, I have the forms on hand." In Lionel's hands, but details.​
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  8. Anastasia frowned as if hurt, then gave Tam a friendly hug.

    "No, no, sweetie, if I wanted to get laid, I wouldn't need any help. Actually, I'm just hoping we can... connect. I haven't known you as long as the boys, so fuck, let's have a girl's night out! If you're offering, I could go for a mojito - this place is too lively for Jack and Coke."

    Turning to the young girl asking for autographs, she offered a hug while Tam signed her book.

    "Aw, you're a little cutie, huh? You've certainly got the look of an up-and-coming rockstar!"

    As Tam finished, Ana politely took the book from her and signed her stage name - Nausicaä Quasimodo. She made sure to emphasize the umlaut and made the Q underline the signature. Below it she wrote "Go get 'em, kitty". As an added bonus, she took out her lipstick and applied a fresh coat, then kissed next to her signature, reaching for a napkin to wipe off the excess.

    "There you go, sweetie. I'll see if I can get Vince to consider getting the next show booked at somewhere you'll have an easier time getting into."

    Giving the girl another hug, Anastasia looked to the boys and noticed a woman in business attire and a young man in a suit with an especially clean shirt. He was likely her intern - and he was cute. Would it still be a girl's night out if she tried putting the moves on him? Maybe Tam would like to join in... Ana laughed through her nose at the thought, a charming yet unattractive display - a quirk, as far as she goes.
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  9. Vince Hall

    "Well he's a loser then," Vince said to Daphne as he snatched a Coor's from the tray, twisting the cap off and clinking the bottle together with Solly's. "Cheers!" he laughed and took a drink. "That was a smashing good show, and no one even ran away with their ears bleeding this time," he joked as Rob joined them, talking about musical highs, "…especially with those girlish high-notes you're so good at, Rob. Hey Daphne that guy's checking you out," he motioned toward the young man in a suit--odd attire for the affair but so long as no one criticized his own choice of clothes, which were sometimes borderline gothic, he wouldn't criticize anyone wearing a suit to a club. That would just be hypocritical. "He looks like a nice guy. This could be your chance to get back at Daxton." An older woman standing next to the suited man elbowed him, prompting him to step forward and introduce himself.

    At first Vince thought they were just a couple more fans until the formality of the man's speech sank in. It was a proposal. They wanted IWI to sign on to a record label. This was it. "No shit, you're serious?" he grinned from ear to ear and shook both of their hands. Glancing between Drake and Miss Steele, he wasn't quite sure of who to talk to. Drake had approached them first but Steele seemed to have control of the situation judging by the ease with which she spoke. It was obvious she'd done this sort of thing before. Oh yeah, and she said ask her the questions. Well that settled it.

    "Pleasure to meet you Miss Steele, and Mr. Lionel. Yeah, wow um. How about we get a table where it's not so crazy? Someone go grab Ana and Tam, they're gonna want to hear this." He motioned for them to follow him and they managed to find a table large enough to squeeze eight chairs around it. He flagged down a cocktail waitress. "You guys want something to drink?" he asked of Steele and Drake, "It's on me." He waited until everyone was present before asking for more information about the signing process and what that would mean for them, giving everyone a chance to raise questions or concerns he hadn't thought of. "I don't know if we're ready to sign right away," he began, "I'm sure we'll all want to talk it over as a band, and think it over at home. But I've read up on you guys, you just helped that other local band--Jointed I think?--go pro last winter. So I wanna know, what do you have to offer us other than a label?" He expected the usual: studio access, professional recording with a sound team, an official debut followed by scheduled tours, etc. They'd be expecting the band to put out so-many-songs per year, but all that was a given. He wanted to know what they were going to do for the band personally, or if they would try to change anything about their current setup, that was the most concerning to Vince because he'd invested a lot of time and effort in IWI's image and he would read all the fine print before signing away his right to make the call on things like that.
  10. Solly"I'll go get the girls," Solly offered as Vince, Rob, Daphne and the two newcomers, whom he had already affectionately dubbed 'Suit' and 'Mama Suit' - in his head at least - moved to find somewhere less crowded. He moved through the writhing crowd with seasoned experience like a surfer on the open sea, knowing when to follow the direction of a wave of bodies, and when to cut through them, and he managed to find his two band-mates quickly enough. "Ana, Tam!" He leaned close, shouting to be heard over the pumping vibrations of the music. "A couple of suits came to talk to us - all of us! They're offering us big bucks, and all they want are our souls." He grinned as he began making his way back through the crowd. "Come on, you gotta come check it out!"

    Back at the table, Solly managed to squeeze into a chair between Rob and Mama Suit - Ms Steele, he corrected himself, knowing if he thought the name too much he'd probably end up blurting it out. Not a good impression. While it was nice to be sitting down after spending so long on his feet, it was a little too cramped to be completely comfortable.

    Still, he was content to stay quiet and sip away at his beer while Vince did the talking. Vince was the unofficial leader of the band, and while Solly had a couple things he wanted to say, he didn't want to undermine Vince's authority in their first meeting with the people who could very well be offering the band their big break. Instead, he simply nodded his affirmation as Vince finished speaking, and set his now empty bottle on the table in front of him.
  11. Daphne Davidson

    "I think it went swell. You're a doll, Solly." She responded to him as he popped his beer can and drank. Her mind then went into overdrive as she thought about her performance now that she had calmed down. Yes, she had counted right. And yes, she had been able to succeed in the triplets quite well tonight. She had worked really hard on some of the songs at her apartment with Daxton, who had scolded her for forgetting technique.

    Daphne didn't really process anything until Vince talked about a guy checking her out, "What? Oh!" She looked at the suit guy, "I would love to get revenge on Daxton but I have a rule, don't date guys who overdress in life." She rolled her eyes and let out a small laugh, mostly joking. But suddenly the joke seemed really harsh, especially after he explained who he was. Daphne didn't know how to respond to the news, she was wondering if they were legit.

    Daphne followed Vince and sat down next to him. She listened really careful in the conversation for anything suspicious but Vince knew who they were and they seemed real. But what would they do to the band? Give them a new name? A new image? Would they push them to do publicity stunts? Would it get really complicated? Would music still be the priority? And worst of all, Daphne had always been kind of a manager for the band. Taking care of them, getting gigs on occasion, and she was just expected to let someone who didn't even know them take charge? If Daphne had bad posture she would have sunk into her seat.
  12. Tam turned back around to the bar as Anastasia engaged the fan, and focused her attention on getting the bartender's. The club was rather crowded tonight, and even though Tam would prefer to be in front of the crowd than in it, she enjoyed the recognition, the free drinks, the many offers of drugs and sex... Tam never considered herself much of a hedonist, but could easily see herself jumping down that rabbit hole.

    At last the bartender had made his way to Tam's end again, and she gave Anastasia a slight nudge with her elbow, handing her the unnecessarily decorative mojito. She looked out to the crowded dance floor just to see Solomon-- Solly-- burst through and wave the pair over, shouting something about suits, big bucks, and souls.

    "Huh. What's got Solly all a-twitter?" Tam caught Anastasia's eye and grinned. "Looks like we'll have to put our girls' night off for now. What do you think this is all about?" She held an arm out, a veiled attempt to be chivalrous, for Tam was nearly finished with her cocktail and likely to trip over her own feet if she made her way over to the group seated at the large table in the corner alone.
  13. A few sips of her drink and she became less Anastasia and more Nausicaä. A few more and she'd become a man-eater. Now, as Solly waved them over, her understanding much but thinking so little of it. She was, however, good at moving when she'd been drinking, while Tam showed her lack of tolerance. A giggle from Nausicaä and she took Tam's arm, her first thought being "Damn I am such a lesbian," followed by "Oh right this way."

    Walking towards the boys and Daphne steadily, coping for Tam, and struggling to look sober, Nausicaä, upon reaching them, helped Tam get a seat and then took one herself, dearly tempted to say "We're girlfriends now," and instead saying "Who's your friends, Solly?" whilst eying the young intern. She remembered thinking he was cute and thinking so still. "Quite the pair, aren't you?" she said, referring to the pair of suits before them.
  14. Rob watched half-assedly as the overdressed man and the older woman approached their little group. He didn't think much of them until they introduced themselves as representatives from a record label. He downed a shot of some dubious hard liqueur before butting into the conversation. "Well well well! This is definitely amazing fucking news, but Vince lets not get too ahead of ourselves eh?" He gave his award winning smile as he looked the two reps up and down. "We should schedule a proper meeting, preferably at your offices where we can see a rough draft of the contract that will un-undoubtedly need some revising. That, and you've caught us at a fairly bad time for any sort of negotiation. We are all on our way to being right and hammered, well except little Daph who should be being a good girl and only getting a little drunk later tonight back at home!" Rob gave a sly wink to Daphne who sat there nursing a glass of water. After a bit of a laugh he turned his attention back to the two reps now dead serious. "I'd also like to bring a lawyer along, just for the purposes of translating all the legal jargon. How those contracts get written up, it might as well be a different language to me." His winning smile returning to his face Rob downed another shot of brown booze.
  15. Alexandrina Steele & Drake Lionel

    "Yes, shit." Xandri—wait, no, it was business hours; Alexandra sounded better—nodded, smiling serenely. Drake quickly butted in and said, "We are very serious about this." They follow Vince to somewhere a bit more private and sat down. When Mr. Hall (gotta work up to a first name basis) offered drinks, Alexandra said, "Sorry, I already had a few and now I'm on business. Drake's technically off now that I've taken control." That said, Drake brightened up considerably and took a glass.

    As they listened to the band's concerns, Drake and her shared little grins. While they listened to the performance, she had gone over the most likely questions that would be asked. It was always some worry about having their whole image changed or not staying true to who they were or whatever. Everyone loved to believe in those terrible movies for some reason.

    "You can take all the time you need," Alexandra said. She took a business card out of her pocket and slid it to Mr. Hall across the table. "Call when you're ready."

    At the mention of resources, Drake said, "Well, you'll have to understand this situation is a bit unusual. Usually the talent scout, in this case," he gestured at himself, "me, would be your manager until you go pro. But, ah, Miss Steele here has volunteered herself up for the role." He looked understandably cross at this. She'd taken his first score away from him after all.

    Ignoring the urge to smirk at him, Alexandra continued, "You'll actually have a bit of an advantage this way. Not only do you have what the label can provide for you, that would be the studios, sound teams, interviews, an official debut, tours, and more listed neatly in," she took a paper-filled binder out of Drake's bag, "these papers on page 15." She slid that over as well. "That's what the label can give you. I have been doing this for longer since you've been a band. I know the people who are going to help you make it to the top without screwing you over in the process, I know the places that'll get you the best turnout, I know the best way to market you people, I know how to make you known. I am, as some would say, in the know. It helps that I understand what being a musician is like; interfering with the music is taboo." God, the power trip was always the best part of all these interviews. She might have a problem, especially with how cheesy these speeches about how awesome she was were getting. And now, after the info dump, came the reassurance.

    "If you're worried about us changing your name or things along those lines, I can assure you that won't happen," she placated. "It costs too much time and money to start all over when you guys so helpfully have already established yourself. If we wanted a band to manufacture on our own, we'd switch to Kpop or make a new NSYNC or One Direction." Drake made that sound a lot nicer and politer by adding on, "You'd be doing us a huge favor if you stayed mostly the same from now until your official debut," in that I'm-a-nice-boy-next-door-kind-of-guy-don't-worry-you-can-trust-me voice.

    When the band's frontman loudly declared something about a proper meeting and something about everyone being hammered, Alexandra's smile stayed in place even if got just a bit strained. Undoubtedly need revisions and sly winking and being all patronizing to Davidson (who looked put out since they mentioned changing managers), how many times had she met the frontmen and women of bands with the same personality? Ugh, if he turned out to be another narcissist who thought he was always right, she'd resign and become a hermit.

    Drake acknowledged Mr. Lowell with a returning winning smile. "Of course. The address is on the card and the front of the binder. You can keep both to look over and call us to schedule an appointment about your decision. But really, you should think about it. Hathor would love to represent you." Alexandra nodded with a polite smile. "And I would love to help you along the way."
  16. Vince Hall

    He felt a little embarrassed at his eagerness, but at least he wasn't embarrassing himself as much as Rob, who was already well past being able to legally drive anything with wheels. He did have a point though. He patted Rob on the shoulder and tried to keep the mood lighthearted by joking, "That's right, you bring your lawyer Rob, the one that kept you out of jail right? Nice fella." He took the packet form the recruiters and flipped through the first couple of pages, making a pretense of skimming the material when in fact he remembered he was not wearing corrective lenses and could not make out a single word except for the bolded Hathor logo on the font cover.

    "Right," he closed the binder, "We'll have this looked over." Probably by someone who could read. "Miss Steele, Mr. Lionel, thank you so much for coming tonight. I look forward to…meeting you again. We'll be in touch." Saying 'working together' seemed a bit too final at this point. Rob was right, they didn't want to jump on the first offer they came across without checking everything out, but Vince was familiar with Hathor, they had a good rep, and he was actually surprised they managed to find IWI before any of the lower-tier companies out there.

    He tucked the business card into the back pocket of his black skinny jeans and looked at the others. He couldn't keep the grin off his face, it was like Christmas as a kid where you get the one toy you really, really want. Dammit, don't cry, he thought to himself as he realized he was getting emotional. They were really going to do it. Even if they didn't sign on with Hathor, the fact they'd been approached at all meant they had crossed a threshold, passed a milestone, leveled up. Hathor would not have been the only ones to take notice, surely. Their big break was coming, soon.

    "Hey, guys, this joint doesn't have much in the way of food. What do you say we find a bar somewhere and get some burgers." He remembered seeing a bar and grill less than a block away when they arrived. Vince hadn't eaten anything since breakfast that morning, and now that the excitement of the day had peaked, he realized he was starving, and alcohol didn't mix well with an empty stomach.
  17. Good points she wouldn't remember were made left and right, the best being that no decisions should be made because everyone was drunk. Deciding that was as good a reason as any to cut loose (again), Nausicaä stood up and gestured towards cute intern guy for him to approach her, also making a vague attempt at gesturing for him to leave his anchor, miss manager lady. Things loosened up and she was in the mood.

    Upon the suggestion of a change of venue, Nausicaä declined. "You may be hungry, and that's all well and good, but I'm in a partying mood. Bars just make me want to die, so I'll stay here, if that's alright with everyone." She shot Tam a look, mentally asking if she'd be joining her (and cute intern guy).
  18. Tam had been sitting quietly, laid back in her seat with eyes closed, as the group discussed business, then didn't. Though the news was very exciting, life-changing even, Tam was worried she might get too dizzy if she moved quickly. She imagined how her life might change soon. The amount of travel they'd do. All the fans they'd get to meet. The food they'd get to eat. And even... the paychecks. Tam nodded to herself, satisfied with the thought.

    At the mention of food, Tam sat up excitedly, and looked to Nausicaä. But as soon as she caught her eye, Tam knew her dinner was about to be another drink. Ah well, you only live once. She sidled over to Nausicaä, following her gaze to the fellow in the suit... Tam had already forgotten his name.
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