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  1. So, how many scars do you have because you were being an idiot?

    Oh I have plenty. I have a fresh wound on my finger from catching a mouse bare handed at the barn and damn it hurts like hell. I don't like killing things so I have really mastered the art of catching them with my hands, and i grabbed one out of the feeder bare handed and the little bastard sank his teeth into my finger. I threw the bastard outside and treated my wound but it looks pretty narly.
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  2. I have a scar on my left palm. It's rather prominent, about an inch long and half an inch wide. I got it back when I was seven years old, running up the cement steps outside my house with a glass bowl in my hands. I tripped, the bowl and I fell. The bowl broke and cut my hand. It took three months for it to heal. The docs couldn't stitch it because of the way it was sliced open. I'd have to go to the clinic every week to get it cleaned and the dead skin removed. In the end, it was all healed up. They did have to use silver nitrate to close up one part.

    I'd lost all the lines on my palm for a while, but they all returned. ^_^

    A few months ago I punched a concrete wall because I had gone above my level of being pissed off. Besides my hand being swollen and bruised, some of my skin ripped, and the scars are still there. The hand itself is no longer in pain, though it's my weak hand now. x.x"

    Besides these two, I have quite a few burn marks on my hands from careless cooking and baking, mosquito bites which I wouldn't stop scratching, and scratches from my various cats.
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  3. I have a fairly big scar zigzagging down my pinky finger. I was putting away dishes back when I was... 14, holding a glass by its base. It knocked against the shelf pretty hard, and shattered in my hand. From the way I was holding it, I ended up pushing one of the pieces into my finger, severing both tendons and nerves in my pinky. Didn't bleed a whole lot, and didn't hurt until I tried to bend it. So I didn't go to a doctor for a few days. Ended up getting surgery. Still can't bend it very well, but at least it was like, the least important finger.

    I also have a small burn scar on my stomach. Its barely noticeable, but its there. Happened this year. I was frying something on the stove, and lent over to grab some sort of spice. Aaaand pressed up against the very hot pan. This has just been a bad year for cooking accidents for me. On top of this burn, I've also set two small fires in my kitchen, which in all my years I have never, ever, done.

    But I think my biggest idiot moment is one that didn't leave a visible scar. When I was... 6? 7 maybe. I went and stuck a coin into an uncovered light switch. Right into a bunch of live wires. Cause I was a dumb, curious child. There were blue sparks, so I'm pretty sure I got zapped. The coin came out with black electrical burns. And I was well enough to excitedly go show my mother. Who promptly told me to never do that again.
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  4. I ran on rocks. I tripped on rocks. I now have a big scar on my knee. Fun fact I didn't even feel it until I looked down at all the gushing blood. Embarrassing fact, I halted a softball game cause I screamed I'm bleeding at the top of my five year old lungs. Sad fact my dad didn't get me stitches cause the five year old said no.
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  5. Not sure if it's still there but I used to have a scar behind my left ear. When I was a kid I had this idiot moment where I thought hey why not spin around so much until I'm dizzy. And then I did get dizzy and collapsed. My head, specifically by the back of my ear, hit a sharp corner since I decided to be a dumbass inside the house near that corner on the floor (part of the floor is raised, blabla). Was dizzy for minutes while my mom and brother rushed me to the hospital to see if I didn't rip my ear off or whatever lol
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  6. I have a red scar on my forehead (Like Harry Potter without the lightening bolt lmao) Because when I was four I had a dream I could fly, then the next morning I jumped off my mother's bed, forgetting that dreams aren't reality 8)

    I also have another one right under that in my eyebrow, same shape. I got that one from racing my brother down the hallway, of course I ran into the square banister :D Now my eyebrow doesn't grow past the scar, so I got weird eyebrows lmao.

    My friends used to call me scar face because of my collection 8)
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  7. I was with a group of friends and started to be a playful pest with one of them, poking his arm a few times while he was doing some fake wipes in response. One of the swipes ended up not being so fake and created a scar across my left forearm. Fast forward about 6-7 years after the incident and the scar is still there (but a little hard to spot). Making it his longest memento. :P

    +Said friend insists that he's a fox. So when my Cousin asked about the scar I told her I got it annoying a fox. She think's I'm nuts now. XD
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  8. On the back of my right hand, I have a small circle scar from when I burnt myself on a fresh off the stove frying pan I had to wash that I didn't let cool down because my sister was nagging at me when we were kids. Other than that, my only other idiot scar is on my head where I ran into a wall as a kid.
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  9. Can it be a story of someone else's idiot moment? My best friend as a kid found this spoon in his yard one day while we were hanging out. He thought it would be cool to see if he could sharpen it like some stupid jailbreak movie we'd watched or whatever and decided to run it back and forth across the sidewalk really fast for a few minutes. He wanted to ask me if it felt any sharper and didn't realize it would be hot as hell and touched it to my arm. I got a huge blister and it has left a scar for like ten years now.
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  10. Not a scar, but just yesterday I think I sprained my elbow slapping my friend on the ass :I
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  11. -3- The only scar that is not self inflicted is the one on my right foot on the side of it. When I was like four or five I had this herniated muscle in my foot that they thought was a tumor at first.I had to have surgery for it to be removed and have had a long scar ever since. My family jokes that it was my sixth toe. XD
  12. Only one, and it's recent. =/

    I was trying to pull something out of the oven while talking to my husband. I didn't pull the oven door down all the way, thinking I could reach in, grab the baking sheet and toss it on the stove before the oven door decided it was going to slam shut on me. I did manage to get the sheet halfway out before the oven started to shut, however, as the door started closing I freaked and yanked my arm back and somehow in the process ended up sliding the baking sheet up my arm. I got burnt, and still have the marks to show everyone my stupidity. =/
  13. A couple years ago I was grabbing a cup from the cupboard (it was really round, almost spherical) but I forgot(?) to grip it, so when I turned around I ended up hurling it across the room like some sort of glass grenade. There was shrapnel. Very messy...and sharp.

    I also have a lot of burn scars from being a forgetful idiot and just grabbing cookie sheets with my bare hands and stuff.
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  14. I pet a cat when it didn't want to be pet.

    It's probably the worst I've ever been scratched up by an animal and it really shows, because of all the scratches I've ever gotten these are the only ones still visible after several months.
  15. I no longer have the scar, but I once hooked up a 9v battery to a tiny signal diode, then touched the white-hot glowing component. Instantaneous second-degree burn followed by scarring.
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