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  1. An idiom is a phrase or proverb that has meaning to the culture of its origin.
    Every culture has it’s own, and it is often difficult for someone new to understand the meaning of these sayings without some study.

    Personally I’ve always found the stories and history behind these phrases fascinating, so I would like to know what idioms the members of Iwaku know, and their meanings.

    Here are some I grew up with:

    To be wide open – to be unprotected
    This originated in the boxing ring. A person who left their guard open could easily get hit.

    Over my head – to not understand something
    A way of saying something is out of reach

    Like a drowned rat – soaking wet and disheveled.
    This phrase came as a comparison to the way a drowned rat looked.
  2. There is also'in over ones head' which refers to being overwhelmed like you are in water deeper than you are tall; the panicked feeling of drowning.
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  3. Play it by ear- means that rather than sticking to a defined plan, you will see how things go and decide on a course of action as you go along.
    Comes from playing music without reference to the notes on a page.

    Know the ropes- experienced at what they are doing
    Started in the golden age of sailing, when understanding how to handle the ropes necessary to operate a ship and its sails was an essential skill

    Barking up the wrong tree- means that someone is pursuing a line of thought or course of action that is misguided.
    It refers to a dog barking at the bottom of a tree thinking that its quarry is up it, suggesting that the phrase has its origins in hunting.
  4. Oh no, don't get me started on Swedish idioms. Seriously, don't.

    I'm gonna leave one of them, though.

    "Skita i det blå skåpet" translates to "take a shit in the blue cupboard" (example, "now you've taken a shit in the blue cupboard, give me back my car!") and it basically means somebody has managed to make a fool of themselves or made a huge mistake. It's usually said by the person who is about to fuck up the culprit for making the mistake in the first place.

    Aaaanyway, a personal favourite is having bats in the belfry- being cray-cray (crazy).
  5. There's gotta be more to explaining the origin of this one. What the fuck does a cupboard have anything to do with fucking up? Why is it blue?! xD
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  6. Apparently it's from a movie that's rather popular, Göta Kanal. One of the characters uses it, so that's probably where it came from. No idea what the cupboard has to do with it, or why it's blue. We sort of just, use it, I suppose. It has some great impact on the situation, though. xD
  7. "Bless your heart"
  8. I always thought it was like a drowned cat?
  9. nope, Drowned rat ^^

    Messy hair is also called a rat's nest.
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