Identities: Young Magi in a Modern World

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    Long ago the basic structures of society that we take for granted did not exist. Humanity was isolated from itself, enclaves walled in able to eek out a living but little more; monsters in the lands between the walls were too great of a danger.

    Then one thousand years ago, magic woke within humanity.

    The first mage, a man named Merlin, swore fealty to his trusted friend Arthur, and together they established the first true kingdom, ruling over multiple walled cities successfully. The Kingdom of Avalon was the first of many, and easily the most successful of such kingdoms, growing over the next millennium to be the Empire of Avalon.

    Now, petty kingdoms, walled city states, dot the countryside. Populations in them outnumber the wildest dreams of global population before magic. Metal arteries line the world, as vehicles chug along transporting goods and people. Even the marches between the cities have become safer- due to well funded paramilitary anti-monster patrols called CRIT.

    And the twin legacies of humanity and magic, endure.

    You are a student struggling to find yourself. Your weekdays are spent at a secondary education school in the Kingdom of Kuakilla, a cell within the greater Avalon Empire. Your life consists of homework, internet memes, and your shitty taste in music. Between classes and hating that school uniforms are a thing, you hang out with friends and talk about tonnes of unimportant bullshit- because that’s what kids do. Not all of those you know are your age, the school covers from 11 to 19 year olds, but you mostly stick to people closer to your age. Older kids are jerks and younger ones are idiots.

    You dream of maybe one day getting to become a mage like the Kuakillan Wardens, or like one of the hedgemagi, but that’s unlikely. Magi are rare, about 1 in 50’000 people are a magi- a 0.002% chance of being one, and magi rarer still if you’re not a legacy case.

    You’re not one, by the way.

    But today, today will be different. Because it’s the day that you’re proven wrong. That you have your magic awaken. That you get your power. That your entire life changes forever.

    But when you are risen above your peers, you are burdened with responsibilities, and as you struggled before to find yourself human, who are you really now that you’re more? And in this world where magi live double lives, secret identities and false personas are the norm- to protect oneself, to protect one's family. If you can even find yourself, who will know the real you?

    Identities is a RP about finding yourself. About young people coping with the realities of a world that would burden them with responsibilities beyond their capabilities, and the further burdens of holding power in such a world.

    Identities will be employing an unobtrusive mechanical system to help regulate things ( for me ) with regards to the magic powers your characters get, and how well they interact with the world through both mundane and magical means. Mechanics will come in two main flavours, Perceptions and Studies. Perceptions are based around labels, how your character views themself and how society begins to view them too. Studies are more concrete, things your character knows and skills they have learned. The character sheet will have those available to you and you shouldn't need to worry too much as to how the systems work, just know that higher numbers means you have more of that thing, and are more likely to pull off things related to that thing than lower numbers.

    Simple stuff.

    If this RP interests you, then... well, let me know! This is TECHNICALLY a reboot of the RP I tried to do a lil bit ago but with some cleaning up and thematic restructuring and refocusing. Things are a bit more concise with regards as to what I want to do, instead of just everything that came to my mind being a thing with the ultimate product fundamentally different than what I started to make. So that being said, if you were one of the people who regularly were posting in that RP ( the few of you that did ), you will get preferential treatment here- just as a full disclosure.
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  2. And for a much shorter and less thought out (forced by the GM) post-!

    I am the CoGM for this RP. I help out with story / character aspects and make sure everything stays in order. I can answer any questions or requests you have, and if not I can get in contact with Elendra fairly quickly.

    So yeah.
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  3. I'm interested :3
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  4. I'm interested as well
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  5. Hm, this seems interesting. You have my interest.
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  6. Woo! Interest. I think I'll put up the WIP info sheet that has everything when I get home. It's WAY more than you'll need to make a character, the important stuff is at the top but if you're as big of a loser as me it has stuff there for you.
  7. Will likely throw up an OOC by Saturday. Will be busy tomorrow and friday- busier friday than tomorrow!

    That said, here, a lot of information that you don't need but if you want it's there.
  8. Dear Maria, count me in.
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