Identical twin x twin romance idea! MxM only! Very active!

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  1. I have few rules -

    1.) Be active a lot. I'm free for about a month and bored out of my mind. I know people become busy, but I expect a reply if you're online. I won't make it difficult, as I only post about a paragraph or even a few sentences if that's what you write.

    2.) I'm pretty casual. I like to chat and make friends :) I tend to wing it with plot, rather than creating a lot of plot - it just ruins the fun of the Rp when we do that.

    3.) My rp's are long term, they last a while and there isn't always constant drama. I like fluff sometimes.

    4.) This is only MxM


    I want to just jump into this. I think it could be a fun, cute, sexy little Rp. One twin is peaceful and meek, while the other is powerful and aggressive. They get together, though my character (the dominant twin) always tries to pull yours into bad situations.

    More romance than smut please!!

    Twin 1 :

    Twin 2 :
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  2. Interested.
  3. Sweet :) I'll PM you
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