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  1. Ok I'm looking for a partner.

    Here are my standards


    -MxM only
    -I play submissive
    -no one liners
    -no porn without plot
    -don't join unless you can post at least one a day. (With exceptions)
    -18+. Only
    -I love character growth
    -furrys allowed
    -basic readable grammar

    (MxM) (DemonxHuman)
    C 1-human,subbmisive, my charecter
    C 2- Demon,dominate, youre character

    C1 has recently moved to a town called Salaam. He attends the newly built highschool there. C1 has a fascination with the supernatural, not knowing that the supernatural run free in Salaam.
    One day C2 sees C1 well hunting for food. He likes the look of my charecter and lusts for him, C2 plans to rape my charecter and follows him around for days waiting for a moment, as days go bye though that lust turns into something abit more and C2 begins to just enjoy following around C1

    C2 eventually takes the form of a human to meet C1. And this is were this story begins

    (MxM) (FurryxFurry of FurryxHuman)
    C1-My character, submissive, younger then you're charcter

    C2-you're character, dominate, older then mine

    (Kinda a morenatsu based thing)

    C1 and C2 live in a small village and have been friends since we'll forever. Eventually C1 moves away to the city for school and such. C2 realizes just how much he loved C1 and well C1 is away. He bodybuild and dose whatever he can to make C1 impressed with him. Then he sends a letter to C1 asking him to come back to the village for summer break. C1 comes back and that's were this story begins

    (MxM) C1-human-me-subbmissive

    C1 is a special person that has an extremely special soul. With this soul comes the power to reincarnate. Every time he dose so though he forgets everything from his past life, but the most important memories lay asleep in the back of his heart. With this special Soul comes a price. C1 always dies, demons come after him, or he even kills himself. The longest he can go without dying is 18 he is currently 17 with two months until his birthday.

    C2 I an angle, he was assigned along time ago to guard C1 and his special soul, but to never reveal himself to him or develop affection. But C2 against his orders fell in love with C1 he showed himself to C1 and soon they fell in love, made love and had the perfect relationship. This was before C1's first death.

    Since then C2 has protected all of C1's reincarnation. He makes C1 fall in love with him again. He protects him to the best of his abilities. He cherishis the few good years they get together before C1 dies again and all most be restarted.

    The roleplay starts with C1's most recent reincarnation. C2 has found him and tooken the form of a fellow highschool student. In hopes of stealing C1's heart once again. But this time C1 feels strange feelings about C2, C1 dreams about his own deaths and remembers fragments of his past life, he still dosent remember C2's love though.

    C2 figures this out and belives he has a chance, a chance to help C1 live this time. C2 will try anything to save C1 this time, this starts with C2 adding the return of C1's memories.


    C1 has lived his whole life in the city of Salem he may be young but he is the highest ranking priest in the order. He is considered the voice of good, his song can put any monster into slumber and turn wars into peace. But the rest of the church has been dabbling in something dark combing blood to make people goods and summon old ones to earth. The church eventually masters the mixing of blood and comes up with a special blood that can cure any illness. People from everywhere head to the church to be healed. This works for a year. Then the side effects of the blood come to play. People turn into beasts that harvest souls or melt into insanity turning into zombie like beings. The moon becomes red and a perminate night falls on Salem.

    C2 despite the danger heads to this city to find his long lost sister who became a member of a church he alost dies getting into the city the only reason he lives is due to the fact his siter injects him with Salem blood before she turns into a beast herself. With this new power C2 kills his now beast siter.

    After that C2 can't leave the city he must find a cure to the blood. This is when he meets C1 who must repay the gods and save the city he has to awaken the sleeping idols in 4 temples and then give his life at the grand church if this is done the city and its people may be free again.

    The story starts with these two charecters meeting at the city plaza. C1 is being chased by beasts and C2 must save him.

    -more ideas




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  2. I like your first plot but I'll be honest my posting can happen a lot or it can be slowed down to once a week. My life changes from excruciatingly boring to very hectic without much notice. If that's fine then I'm game
  3. I can deal, just post whenever you can. I like it when people at least try to post and arnt lazy about it.
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  5. A third plot was added :3
  6. 4th plot added
  7. I'm still looking for interested people
  8. Anybody interested in a plot if not you could always Pm me with ideas.
  9. Hello. I'm interested in the first one. It seems very interesting.
  10. Ok then, if you can post on average a few times a day. I'll put up a thread
  11. I can post a few times a day, though Saturday I will be pretty busy so I might be slow then.
  12. Ok then, I'll put up a thread later or tomorrow
  13. Okay no problem
  14. Update.

    Plot 5
    Charecters: Tech student
    The true person
    Head of police.

    In a fictonal future Tokyo, industry and electronics have begun to tople all else. There is no room for small buisness or new inovation. There are only a few schools left and they are all bording schools, the children have no choice as to were they are sent. Once they are there the government assigns a student his schedule, this schedule will eventually lead him to his designated job.

    Tech student, is a prodigy, but his classes all point to him becoming nothing more then another janitor of some sort. He wont put up with it. Behind the schools back he practices, coding, diagraming, graphic design and more. One day well using his computer to change his grades on the school network he ran into a peculiar program. He downloaded and ran it, it was a hologram. The hologram, explained to him the government take over and asked for the tech students help, in finding the true person (the holograms sleeping body). After tech student says yes, the hack in the system is noticed and reported. When it is realized that the hologram/messagegot relised the police were imediatly set on the case. Including there head Officer.

    Each person would play 2 roles, Ps the hologram if life sized and keeps visible until its real body is found.
    This will end up having romance in it, when the true person is found. You cant really have sex with a hologram.
    Any race, human anthro furry ect is allowed as this is fictional. I will be playing subbmisive though so keep that in mind, if you are interested speak up.
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  15. Bump again.
  16. I'm still looking for victims...... I mean willing Rp players. All plots are still open and available if you have any plots of you're own pm me.
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