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    A Rift in the Woods



    The Kingdom of Riv has seen some days. Some of them bad, but most of them good. The word 'war' is nothing but a laughable memory, brought up in taverns or bars as nothing but olden tales of valor and chaos. Riv's war filled days are over, the land basking in peace, bliss, and tranquility for what seemed like the rest of it's days.

    However, priests never liked to keep their mouths shut.

    Word spread to the High King of Riv about the priests predicting the destruction of Riv by an ancient magic. This magic comes from a man and a spell book: a wizard, if you will. This wizard is young, but the book he holds is as ancient as time itself. For, in the book, are unspeakable spells that even he can not decipher, though the power it brings is unlike any Riv had ever seen. The High King listens to the priests story with interest. Being somewhat of a wizard himself, once hearing about the book being in the hands of a mere young wizard, the High King formulates a plan.

    To the land of Riv, he warns of the dangers from lands ahead, warning them that many will come to Riv and try to lay waste to the land in order to find more information on the book.

    However, behind closed doors, the High King dispatches his own men to find said wizard and kill him in cold blood, stealing the spell book so that the High King can wield it's power, announcing himself as the most powerful man in the land.

    Among the sent men is an elf sorceress by the name of Miriel (Mee-Ree-El), a young elf who was appointed by the High King himself to find the wizard and aid in his death, seeing as though she holds a good bit of magic in her as well. Miriel, inspired by the High King's plight and not knowing of the true evil of his ways, sets out with the band of men to find the wizard and kill him, bringing the book back to the High King.

    Once Miriel and the wizard meet, however, what he has to say about the book and the High King's desire for it sets her a bit on edge. Should she trust a wizard who she barely knows, who is also holding the most powerful spell book in the land? Or should she murder the wizard in his sleep, taking the book and giving it to the High King, trusting in him more than the words of a stranger?

    Someone play the Wizard! :D He gonna use this book and chant spells, and fight, and try to convince Miriel that the High King is BAD NEWS!




    Yayyyyy romance! Romance in which I will be the dude/wolf!

    A long, long time ago, Haru was cursed. He was only a babe, crying for a bottle while he viciously kicked his tiny, cute, stubby little feet. He wailed when he saw his mother thrown across the room, her body sprawled at odd angles on the floor as an elderly woman advanced her. For an old lady, she held a strange power, making her strength dominant over that of his mom. Haru continued to wail as his mother begged for the witch to spare the life of her only son. The witch laughed, complying to his mother's wishes. Suddenly, the witch stabbed the woman in the stomach, dripping the blood from the dagger onto Haru's pure white head. As she did so she murmured a curse:

    "By blood slain
    By blood remained
    Daylight's peace and
    Night fall's pain

    By love born
    By love slain
    By blood the peace
    Will dawn again"

    Haru's screaming ceased as did the life of his mother. The witch left Haru in the house, until night fell. It was then that Haru began to change. The white hair babe morphed into a tiny, baby wolf with pure white fur. the pup left from the crib, barely able to walk, though managing to wobble from the cottage and into the forest. The wolf made it all the way to the doorstep of two elderly folk, quickly taking in the wolf to five shelter. In the morning, however, the blood from his mother soaked into his hair, turning Haru back into a human.

    Years passed and Haru grew up, accepting the change from night and day. However, in his child years, the blood from his mother faded and Haru never turned into a human again. Now nearly 22 years old, Haru prowled the forest floor until one day, he was attacked by a wild boar. Wounded deeply, the wolf limped to all the way to a small, burning fire, belonging to a girl. He lay there, slumped on a rock and awaiting for his death. The sky began to turn brighter and Haru closed his eyes.

    It wasn't until the girl cut herself trying to cut a bandage for his wound did a droplet of blood land on his fur...causing him to change. Immediately a fully, bare human Haru lay there, staring at the girl in the new morning light, wondering...why did her blood change him back to his human form?


    RANDOM GIRL! Basically, this girl will need to spill her blood each and every night onto Haru to return him to his human self. However, there is only so much blood a human has! XD Will Haru let the girl eventually kill herself to keep Haru a human as long as possible or will Haru refuse to accept the blood offering because of his feelings for her? CUTE AIN'T IT?


    Right to an Attorney


    Modern! I may or may not make this a Mature Rp...I figure that whatever happens, happens! If it needs to be moved, then I will do that, but for now...Modern! >:D

    Flynn Erving has been charged for the rape and murder of 38 year old Ylonda Tent on March 6th, 2011. Several articles of evidence were found at the crime scene, the most important ones being: a stud from his belt, several follicles of his hair, and his shirt, coated with the blood of Miss Tent. The cop on duty found Erving at his home, sprawled out on the couch with half a bottle of Morgan in his hand before being whisked off to the homicide department.

    Though he is 'innocent until proven guilty', the judge said that there ins enough evidence against Erving to put him away for a long time. However, Attorney Miles Parker stands up in Flynn Erving's defense, saying that there had been rumors spread that the reason Erving's things were found at the crime scene of Miss Tent's home was because they were once lovers. The judge, still weighing the choices in his head came up with a decision:

    Until further notice, Flynn Erving will reside with Attorney Miles Parker on house arrest until the trials continue and until he is proven innocent. Though Erving would rather be thrown in jail than residing in the home of a 63 year old man, when Attorney Parker suddenly gets a stroke and is hospitalized, the irresponsibility falls on his second Attorney, a woman by the name of Jada Becken.

    The bad thing? Jada Becken wants Flynn Erving behind bars as much as anyone else, for Ylonda Tent was her best friend.

    REQUIREMENTS: I need someone to play Jada! A woman forced to harbor a 'criminal' in her home until the trial ends. Hehehe...


    Aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done. @__@

    Just post which one you wanna do and I'll PM you the details! It's a first come first serve kinda thing, so just scream at the top of your lungs that YOU WANT THAT ONE, and bam, there ya go!

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