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  1. Partner Wanted:
    • Someone open-minded/flexible
    • Can think up many directions the RP can go in
    • Is dirty minded *Q* but loves a good plot line
    • Can write more than one liners
    • Can be descriptive if needed

    Types of RP's I'm Wanting To Do:

    • Rogue (seme) x Normal werewolf pack member/omega/alpha (uke)
    • Teacher (seme) x Student (uke)
    • Teacher (uke) x Student (seme)
    • Shapeshifter x Enemy shapeshifter
    • Rival x Rival (both dislike each other but can't help being attracted to eachother)
    • Teenager x "Old Man" (guy in 30's)
    • Cocky star/popular/etc (seme or forced uke) x Clumsy/Bookworm/Nerd/Cowardly/Smart guy (uke or chibi seme aka surprise top)
    • One about uke with embarrassing boxers (like Hello Kitty)
    • Librarian (seme) x Student (uke)
    • Librarian (uke) x Student (seme)

    Anyone interested?

  2. What about a gorgeous, male idol who has everything he can ever want, but he's not out of the closet? He grabs onto young guys and takes secret lovers, and attempts to snatch the cute boy with glasses that sit beside him in the bus every week when he's on his way home? (He would be in disguise when on the bus, obviously).

    When he approaches the boy, he appears to be arrogant and treats the guy roughly, but it's really in order to hide that he's falling in love for the first time in his life? I have an idea for a backstory about a family creating his life for him and he rebels by becoming an idol instead of what they wanted him to be, and him having been controlled most of his life hasn't had the chance to really fall in love. Or something like that.
  3. That sounds interesting.
    Who would you be, the idol or the bookworm? I can be either so it really doesn't matter.
  4. I would prefer to be the idol, who is the seme, is that okay with you, then?
  5. I'll create a CS now then. :P
    Probably something vague to leave excitement.
  6. *pokes head in* If you're still looking for a partner, I'd love doing the rogue/omega werewolf or the teacher (uke)/student (seme) :3 I'd prefer playing the omega or the teacher, so yeah. If you're interested, I'd love to roleplay!
  7. Name:

    Is that good?

  8. @MiNaGi
    We need a name for the role play, any ideas?
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  9. Hey if you wanna do the Teacher (seme) x Student (uke) I'd love to play the student if that's cool?
  10. That's a nice scheme! (sorry, I was eating)

    Uhh, a name for the roleplay... I don't really know. "Public Appearance"? I have no idea xD
  11. I know I'm stalling you, and I'm sorry, but I have a bunch of things that I've promised to do! It might be an hour before I'll be ready for my CS, is that okay?
  12. @MiNaGi yup ^^ perfect actually.
    It'll give me time to finish cleaning and start my CS.
  13. My CS won't be very detailed, either - I like to make surprises for both myself and my partner.
  14. Adrian Greene

    Name: Adrian Greene
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Nonconfirmed homosexual
    Occupation: Full-time idol
    Pet(s): A tiny, black cat with blue eyes
    Bio: [ To be revealed ]
  15. Hi ^^ I can't help but be attracted to the rival x rival idea. Though I'm curious as to know what the characters are rivals at (That is if there rivals at a certain topic). Anyways I would love to role play that idea with you if you're up for it! Let me know! Thanks~
  16. Name: Ruhi Ganya
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: "Straight." He doesn't have much experience in romance, none at all actually so he wouldn't know for sure but thinks he is normal like every other guy he knows.
    Occupation: Student
    Pet(s): a Great Dane named Cocoa.
    Bio: Ruhi grew up in a family he calls "normal." Both his parents are severe workaholics so in order to get their attention, he tries his hardest at everything he does. As an apology for forgetting his fourteenth birthday, they got him a Great Dane to make up for it. Despite how he looks, he is lonely and quite talkative once you get to know him. [Rest will be revealed later]



    Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had baseball and then got home late last night. So I was too tired to do anything. :/
  17. Well, would you like to start the thread?
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