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  1. I figured that I should probably make a thread for all my general romance ideas, especially since I tend to enjoy romance alongside any other genres my roleplay is.
    1. One long paragraph minimum, I will generally match
    2. I only RP MxM or roleplays involving nonbinary characters. Keep in mind that I identify MxM as any two male identifying character, cis or trans
    3. I am open for Liberteen roleplays
    4. If you have an idea, feel free to approach me
    5. I RP characters between the ages of 15 and 25, generally

    Current Ideas

    Under Wraps

    Strangers stare and they want to be the first to
    ask for my life in one word
    But it's not that simple
    Why do you care to know
    am I a boy or a girl?
    "Tell Me A Story" by Skylar Kergil

    He came into the school no different from any other new kid, somewhat quiet but willing to talk with a soft laugh and a way of shaking off questions without giving a real answer. People know a few things about him -- he likes art, soccer and debate club. They don't know that he had to change schools to call himself male, or that he binds his chest tight to hide his breasts, or that he's terrified of coming across someone who used to know him. So when one of the other guys in his grade finds out that he's trans, where does that leave him?

    I would play the trans boy and you a cis guy who discovers that my character is trans. Whether he would react badly at first is up to you and we candevelop the plot from there.

    Pairings Without a Plot

    Artist x Musician
    Trans male model x cis male model
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  2. Added a few pairings without plots if anyone is interested.
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