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  1. Hello, let me introduce myself! 'Tis Valic and I'm looking for a butt load of new role plays to start up! You can expect, depending on what I'm given, several thick paragraphs that's a story on its own or several good paragraphs that aren't that in depth. Often times, on a bad day, I can produce three to four good paragraphs if I'm given something to work with and you can expect roughly four to seven good paragraphs on a great day if given something to work with. If I'm given three to four sentences or less, please don't expect much.

    I have decent grammar and good spelling, my wording can be kind of funky but that's just me. I'm a pretty chill person, I'm really patient so don't worry about getting back right away, I'm sure I can survive a day or so without a response so there won't be need for apology, I understand if stuff pops up and I don't typically badger for replies unless it's been quite a while.

    Typically I stick to MxM because it's what I'm most comfortable with however, I wouldn't mind trying FxF (I may be picky on who it's with). I'm actually curious to try it out but I'm inexperienced towards it all so, yea. When it comes to MxF, no thank you. My male characters tend to be weaker and normally I get stuck with the guys, that and my female characters are too vicious or too shy to be used. You can try but it might not end well. :/

    When it comes to bedroom scenes, I find myself being pushed to the dominant roll more often than not, most times I don't care much but on occasion I do like to have characters switch or have a strictly bottom character (in the bed). A good amount of people, also, seem set that they're bottom characters which is kind of, for lack of better words, boring. I do tend to have several role plays with a single partner (if they agree to it) and it just gets to being the same old story, I like the change up.

    I do enjoy darker, more graphic violence scenes as well, if you have a faint heart or weak stomach, I am most certainly not your gal. I like the nitty-gritty grimy role plays that include blood and cannibalism and kidnapping and all that good stuff, too, so if you can't really handle that, I'm not the person you're looking for because I like to keep fluff to a minimal and even when there is, it's not always so peachy. (✿◕‿◕)


    Anyway! There are a few movies I've seen and I'm really, really interested in making plots based off of them (The perfect host, the perfect guy, Stakeland, American Mary, The barber, Chappie, etc), the RP wouldn't have to follow strictly in the movie's plot line or it could, it's perfectly fine with me. c: I have a few ideas for them, so if you're interested in one of these movies or have a movie that you're interested and wish for me to check out, I'll gladly give it a go!

    I also, in the spoiler tag, have some random pairing lists if movie based plots don't appeal to you, I can always help make up some random, original based RP or dig some up from my sticky notes.

    Also!! Please be able to play 'switches' or at least more than one character!! c:

    Lists and Kinks (open)
    Religious Themes
    God ▼ God
    Demon ▼ God
    Angel ▼ Demon
    Demon ▼ Human
    Priest ▼ Demon
    Satan worshiper ▼ Christian/Catholic worshiper

    Incest Themes
    Step father ▼ Step son
    Brother ▼ Brother
    Distant blood relative taking care of relative ▼ Younger relative

    Mythical Themes
    Monster ▼ Human
    King ▼ ...
    E.T ▼ Human
    Nymh ▼ ...
    Elf ▼ ...
    Fairy ▼ ...
    Pirate ▼ ...
    Centaur ▼...
    Shape shifter ▼...
    Lycan/Werewolf ▼ ... (please be creative )
    Vampire ▼ ... (please be creative)

    IRL Themes
    CEO ▼ Intern/worker
    Prison/jail inmate ▼ Prison/jail inmate
    Prison/jail inmate ▼ Officer
    Prostitute ▼ ...
    Drug addict ▼ ...
    Cop ▼
    Bully ▼ Victim
    Murder ▼ Victim
    Detective ▼ Suspect
    Older brother's friend ▼ younger brother
    Cross dresser ▼ Homophobe
    Doctor/psychiatrist ▼ Patient
    Cannibal ▼ Prey

    Kinks/ Likes
    Forced slavery
    Cross Dressing
    Shower sex
    Peeping Tom
    Forced femininity
    Pet play
    Age difference (significant or minor)
    BDSM (most kinds)
    Derogatory taunts
    Non-consensual acts
    Dirty talk
    Forced submission / willing submission
    Fear play
    Body worship (Excluding some parts/aspects)
    Video taping/photography in the bedroom
    Size difference
    Controlled asphyxiation
    Controlled orgasm
    Sleep invasion

    Please PM me or comment below!! (I now have access to a computer so faster responses!)
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  2. @Valic I am extremely tempted to see if we can work something out. I love that you seem to prefer plot of porn - same here. I also love that you enjoy the darker RPs with graphic violence, because oh boy, do I like getting graphic in all its gruesome detail!

    I have... one character in mind. He's an OC I've had for nearly 10 years, but because I've been so focused on getting the head world he lives in all set up, I haven't been able to RP him for years. *sad face* However, I have the basics fleshed out by now and I have a mighty NEED to RP him (I'm just reluctant to throw him at people, but here you go). And there is a 'canon' way for me to play him in a sort of... modern day setting (or what have you, I'm very flexible with time frame settings) that requires very minimal knowledge of everything I've thought up concerning his 'world' (though of course I'm willing to share everything I have in case you're interested), so that would give us a lot of free reign in terms of setting.

    Also, he's a necromancer. There will be blood and gore a-plenty! :D
    This is him.
    Another pic.
    Obligatory fanart.

    And yes, I can definitely play switches, no problemo! He is, leaning more towards dominant, especially in the beginning. Just... don't expect sex with him to happen soon.

    This also could/would be similar-ish to a demon-human theme, I suppose. Anyway, let me know if you see potential in this and we can discuss this further. :3
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  3. @Endee

    I'd love to hear more, we could probably build a good foundation, PM me with more on him and if you have a plot based out for him? I think I might have the perfect character for you (or options if you'd like to choose for him.)
  4. Hi, hello, still looking for a few more partners!!
  5. Still looking for a few more role plays!! (;v;)
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  6. Looking for at least one more!
  7. Still open uvu
  8. I'm interested in all of your religious themed pairings as well as Bully/Victim and Crossdresser/Homophobe. We can do any of those! As for my posting schedule, though, itll more than likely be at random. I just recently had surgery so I'm still working on getting well again.
  9. Hey~ I'm interested in RPing with you since I looooove dark/graphic and the bunch. I would like to do the Murderer x Victim or Cannibal x Prey pairing if you still interested in doing that pairing~
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