INTEREST CHECK Ideas if anyone is intrested

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  1. OK i have some ideas. Here i go:
    • Romance
    1. Teen
    2. Teen Parent
    3. Cruise
    4. Capture (Someone gets captured and then they fall in love)
    • Abduction
    1. Children (1) Wanted children 2) Children were taken from them)
    2. Teen (Refer to romance #5)
    3. Adult/Teen (they where angry at them wanted revenge ya da ya da ya da in the making)
    • Animal
    1. Wolf
    2. Horse
    3. Shape Shifter
    4. Werewolf
    5. Animal Shelter
    6. Pet Store
    7. Wild Animal Sanctuary
    8. Zoo
    • Party(Most would probably be horror but they can be something else as well)
    1. Holiday
    2. College
    3. Birthday
    4. High School
    5. Pool
    If i think of any more i will add them.
  2. no one no like me ideas :'( You make Zalia cry *Said in sad little kid voice*
  3. Wow...I'm surprised no one likes these. I do ^^
  4. Aww thanks :)
  5. You're welcome. I saw this when you first posted it, but I got distracted by anime and forgot to reply.
  6. Thats oske haha
  7. I like them :9
  8. These i deas are awesome :D -epic pose- I say put them into action >:3
  9. What are the ratings for these?
  10. Thanks guys I am willing to do any of them of course ia m duh *Face palm*
  11. wat gene u thinking about?
    I can't feel my face o.o

    Anyway~ Hm....I'm in the mood for romance role plays for some reason. I've been having this want for them for some time now....I really have no idea why.
  13. What about a roleplay with teens on a cruise on a holiday and some of the passengers are shapeshifters and a loooot of romance x) *Random idea that poped up in my head* I don't know, I'm bad at thinking up good ideas xD
  14. We could start one where everyones a special kind of creature or some kinda super-powered being!!!!
    Find a nice setting area, make a few requirements, and put in plenty of romance, then BADDA BOOM!!! >:3 RP CITY
  15. agree with tenshi-roku :D
  16. That dose sound pretty good :)
  17. I agree to combine redblood's and red demon's together and get a good one.
  18. An RP orgy
    -thinks about it-
    I like it, Lets do it :)