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  1. Hey, some of you might know me and some may not, so let me take a minute to introduce myself. I am Autumn_Burns_Red or just Autumn. I really love RP! I am working on expanding the quantity that I write and the quality.

    I have tons of ideas, and really would like to explore them with you! :)

    Here are some of my expectations for you:
    1. Can manage to post at least two post a day. Of course if something comes up in RL, just let me know you will be gone for a bit, and I will understand.
    2. You don't message me about making a RP than when it comes to actually RPing, you fall of the face of the planet and never explain why! Again tell me if we can't do this anymore, because I am super understanding!
    3. Be respectful!
    5. If you have ideas for plots, let me know! I love to hear ideas about advancing a plot, combining some plots, or even creating a new one! :)

    Well, without further dragging on some rules here on the plots (I will be adding more!) :


    Here without you...
    Modern| Tragedy/ Romance
    Plot: Two families are brought together after a mining explosion leaves each without a father and husband. After moving in to a larger home that both families together could afford, the begin to rebuild their lives and find out they are stronger together. Though the road is bumpy and hard they learn to accept each others differences, with the slight help of a romance blossoming through the youngest daughter of one family and the oldest son of the other.

    The long road home.
    Modern | Fantasy
    Plot: When a boy goes on a parachuting adventure, something goes wrong and must land within the woods. a Day goes by and the boy is still stuck without any help as a violent storm nears. Building a shelter underneath some thick tree cover, he falls asleep and the storm passes. When he wakes, he sees a girl in the distance, who runs away, the boy chases after. After finding the girl and explaining his situation to her, she agrees to help him. Though the boy can't distinguish if she is real or his imagination.


    The Animal In Us.
    England | Modern | Supernatural
    Plot: When things turn up side down for a college graduate, she finds herself in a national forest in England. Not only is it half-way across the world, she is with a clan of werewolves. She has been brought here as the next leader of their clan, and to start the war against a rival clan. Though she finds things difficult as she soon falls for her so called rival's leader. Will tradition's trump love, or will she be able to change her clans mind and love the one she was meant to be with from birth.

    The Queen Has Returned!
    Supernatural | Royality
    Plot: When Symphony is taken from work a thrown down a hole, she believes it to be her doom. Though she is reawaken to the fact she is the long lost Queen of IronHaven. IronHaven isn't your ordinary Kingdom, and neither is Symphony; this is home to the Witches of the supernatural Kingdom, and she is the most powerful witch in existence. Although she is rightfully Queen of this land, her now ex-husband has remarried and a new Queen rules the land. Seeking help from a Neighboring Kingdom, Hollow Fay: the home of beasts, Symphony finds new love in their King, but her want to learn what had happened to her leads to a war between IronHaven and Hollow Fay. Will her relationship with the King of Hollow Fay stay strong? Will her people not see her as a threat? Will she find the truth? Will she reclaim her Kingdom?

    (Need someone to play King of Hollow Fay)


    Fashion for Royalty
    Modern| Romance
    Plot: When Natalie is aside to be the Royal designer for the Kingdom of Falconport her dreams have come true, but when she arrives she is given the 'unending' list of rules and regulations. Though she sets aside the hatred for rules for every last thing she does, she completes a piece for the Queen to wear at the party for her newly engaged princess, who has become friends with Natalie. After learning she is to invited to the party, Natalie attends, but things go down hill for her when she accidentally falls down a few stairs and kisses the crown-prince. Remember the rules, well the rule of 'no commoner will have any form of intimacy with a member of the royal court.' The next morning her and the Prince are summoned to the throne room where they are told they are newly engaged.


    The Ruins of Rome.
    Fantasy | set 50 years in the future, Rome no longer exists
    Things are turned up side down for a male college student travels to Rome, where he visits the Colosseum. Though as he gets ready to leave, a flash of lightning strikes the ground and when he goes to investigate, he finds a young girl dressed in ancient Roman fashion, who claims to be a princess of Rome.


    Welcome to Anti-Wonderland.
    Dark Fantasy | Modern | Maybe a dash of romance.
    What is Anti-Wonderland? Well it isn't a land filled with a white Queen and a Red one, instead Anti-Wonderland is ruled by an evil Cheshire cat.
    Well a Alice like Girl named Rebecca Alice Carver had stumbled over a hidden cave with close friend Jeremy Biggins. While inside a earthquake hit, and caused the pair to fall down the 'rabbit' hole beneath their feet. Waking up in a unfamiliar land, becomes almost maddening and the worst part Jeremy is no where to be found. With the help from a not so twisted Mad Hatter, can Rebecca get Jeremy back from Cheshire, or will she go home empty handed?


    Surf Champions!
    Modern | Summer | Teenagers
    Australian waves, best in the world for competitive surfers. Well at the summer championship for young surfers, two winners come face to face as they are placed on a duo team together. One being the new champion of the girl division, and the other is the champion of the male division three years running. With the newbies experience lacking with the Male's standard, they can't seem to get along. Though during a practice session out on the waves, a hurricane moves into the area, and the pair is stuck together in the same beach house. Will they survive each other, and can they learn to see each others strengths?

    Muse A and Muse B are soulmates. They’ve grown up in the same city all of their lives and despite crossing paths several times, they have not met one another; they’ve continuously missed the other by a matter of seconds every time. One fateful morning, Muse A and Muse B happen to arrive in one another’s vicinity. Muse A spots Muse B from across the street just as Muse B is entering into the path of a speeding vehicle. Without thinking, Muse A rushes across the street and takes the brunt of the oncoming car to save Muse B’s life. Muse B is badly shaken from witnessing the accident and gets ushered away from Muse A before they can see the other’s face. Tragically, Muse A passes away while Muse B is being questioned by police. One week later, Muse B attends Muse A’s funeral to pay respects after learning their savior’s identity through the police report. When Muse B is about to leave the cemetery, they encounter someone who feels eerily familiar, though Muse B’s never seen them before. Muse A isn’t sure how it’s possible still, but they’re certain that they’ve been sent back to look after Muse B until Muse B draws their last breath. Muse A does their best to explain this to Muse B, who seems to be the only one who can hear or see them and their angelic set of wings.

    Muse A is coming of age in their magical family. On their 18th birthday, they learn what element (water, air, earth, or fire) they have been gifted with. Muse A has been under the impression and hope that they will have inherited the same element that their parents and grandparents have been blessed with, however they come to discover that they have been bestowed with the opposite element. According to rules set forth in the family’s grimoire, Muse A must learn to master their gift from a witch/warlock who possesses the same elemental power as they do. Muse B, who has the same element as Muse A, becomes Muse A’s reluctant mentor. Muse B is brilliant and powerful, but lacks in the department of manners and compassion, especially when Muse A shows difficulty harnessing their new abilities. Muse B is condescending and impatient often without provocation. One day, Muse A meets their wit’s end with Muse B’s treatment and they demand to know why Muse B is so hostile toward them. Muse B reveals that they come from rival families and they are only teaching Muse A due to the terms of a 1,000 year old truce. Once Muse A has mastered their gift, however, the ceasefire will be over. And the families will once again be at odds.

    Muse A is a paranormal enthusiast. They spend hours researching and analyzing data that other investigators have collected, yearning to one day conduct an investigation of their own. Right before Halloween, the opportunity arises not too far from Muse A’s hometown to join other amateur paranormal investigators on a hunt, and absolutely nothing can keep Muse A from purchasing their ticket.
    The event location is a well-known building that Muse B had been sneaking into for years, the long abandoned county psychiatric hospital. Although the structure has been empty of cases, doctors and administration for nearly thirty years, most local residents insist that the spirits of the patients, homeless, criminally insane, and terminally ill still reside there. Muse B figures why not get a ticket for the ghost hunt, and see if they can validate the strange experiences they’ve had in the past.
    On the night of the investigation, Muse A and Muse B both show up to the county psychiatric hospital. Most participants are there in pairs. The event organizers insist no one work alone, so they pair up Muse A and Muse B for the evening.
    Will the impromptu team find success and capture the evidence they’ve both been hoping for, or will they simply be left in the dark?
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  2. Gonna upload some more ideas.
  3. I'd like to do the last one with the angel, Anti-Wonderland or The Animal in Us
  4. Okay any of them are fine. I really want to do, The Animal in us with you.
  5. okay, sure, I'll do that one.
  6. I like the plots for The Long Road Home and In Life and Death.

    Are either one still up for grabs?
  7. @xSiryn, In Life and Death, is still up for grabs!
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  8. Gonna be posting some more ideas here soon.
  9. Hey guys, still looking for a few partners.
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