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  1. So, as on any roleplay site, there must be some of you shooting for author. Maybe you're already writing, maybe you keep telling yourself you will sometime, or maybe you've actually finished something. Well, this thread is to share your ideas with the community. Get on it!

    I have a few mainstays I've worked on on and off, here's two of them;

    Woman Sets Boyfriend On Fire

    "Big red curtains, designer dresses and black suits everywhere, more different years of wine than I can count on both my hands, chandeliers worth more than twice my car and a band playing songs I'm too young to remember. So this is how it looks like when rich people celebrate they've made even more money. I wonder how it feels... "

    When tabloid-intern Matthew White gets to write the box-outs on the new years gala celebrating the exorbitant exploits of the largest local real estate agency, his eye is caught by an exotic songstress and dancer by the stage name Lyn. A woman who puts on a vibrant show, but off-stage transforms in a cigar-smoking cynic. Matthew is intrigued, but what looked like it would stay a single night of romance, turns out to become a life-changing event fifteen years fast-forward, when he gets a call from the daughter he never knew he had.

    Cathlyn Summers, found guilty of setting her lover ablaze, convinced her daughter to dial up her father she's always kept quiet about. The two meet as strangers, but quickly learn that they have in common that they know very little about their mutual connection. In what seems a the strangest of roadtrips, a middle-aged journalist and remarkably independent highschooler follow the trail of a woman convicted for homicide...

    The Third Eye of my Summer Love

    "You know this awkward feeling of spending a quiet day on the job, hoping for that one person you've been hoping to show up all week to show up? Well, that's sort of the way I feel right now. It's strange, though it's not quite as strange as the radioactive waste and bomb fragments laying around the beach. A lot has changed overnight."

    Jonathan, twenty-something college drop-out, loads all his belongings an ice-cream stand and pushes it through a barren wasteland in search of survivors of the apocalypse. Was it coincidence he put up with that out-of-this-world young blonde and her friends their conspiracy theories last week? It was certainly worth it, don't get Jonathan wrong, but when the world as he knows it comes to an end twenty hours post-coitus, this young man who was once apathetic about life begins to wonder what really happened. His curiosity drives Jonathan to really live for the first time in the dead world, as he journeys the roads of his home country to find out what has been going on.​

    So, what are your book ideas? Have you started on them? Please do share.
  2. Pieces of Tiana Koul.

    Have a thread devoted to it in the writing museum and showcases area. I don't know if I'll ever actually sit down and put the story into a more proper format. Maybe one day, maybe one day...
  3. Silver Leaf Chronicles.

    Basicly about a guild of mercenaries in a rather average fantasy world. Very "war campaigny" following them as they march with one army or another. Meant to be down to earth and gritty.

    Prince of Martyrs;

    Set in the "SLC" world, It's a book series I started on when I was 16 xD. It's follows a paladin squires journey into Madness when he realizes his piousness doesn't matter in the eyes of politics and the like. The other POV charachter being a mercenary tired of the world who. The two cross paths from time to time, the paladin growing more disfranchised as time goes on. Said squire unknowingly comes across a weapon that spreads a plague. The final chapter of the book had the Mercenary attemp and fail to kill him outside the gates of the holy capital. And the dying paladin dragging the weapon into the center of his faith, and with his death unwittingly doom the entire city into becoming a necropolis :D

    The other books was basicly the world dealing with nad beating the plague.
  4. I have a ton lined up, but so far I have two worlds that form the basis of most of my hopes and dreams for novel-writing.

    In each world, I tend to have multiple independent stories in mind.

    • Fantasy world
      • This is the world in which I have the most planned books. It is also the one I have been trying to actually get around to writing, but I always either lack inspiration or am too scared of messing it up.
      • Basically a medieval world with magic that, over a great many eras, loses magic. By the end of it, it's just common folk with a couple basic magical artefacts laying about.
      • So far, four primary story-lines. I'll put them chronologically.
        • First Age. Tribalistic people in a world of immense magical power. Essentially, the story follows the war against and eventual genocide of a people imbued with essentially an opposite energy to life.
        • Tenth Age. Magic is common, but secluded to immense places of learning. Caerys, the protagonist, must single-handedly collect the souls of about ten thousand people to resurrect his childhood friend. Designed to follow his growth from a naive boy to a ruthless warrior feared by entire nations.
        • Thirteenth Age. Magic very rare, a couple artefacts can be found scattered.
          • WitchFlight follows a young girl who is shunned from her village due to having magical affinity. She goes to prison, get tracked by a small team of mercenaries/soldiers, and then stuff happens. Haven't decided whether the mercenaries deserve their own parallel plots.
          • Shepherd's Call follows a bunch of characters in an isolated, peaceful nation, as they try to fight back an army of one hundred super-soldiers, and pretty much fail across the board, getting massacred left and right.
    • Post-Apoc world
      • The apocalypse itself is unimportant. The world is one where remnants of our technology exists scattered and mostly broken, but society has moved on back to older styles, like Ancient Greece and medieval times. Only one story I've put any effort into. It's also the one I find easiest to write, but the one I most want to be perfect, so I'm always worrying over it too much to get anything done.
        • It focuses on a large cast living on a completely isolated archipelago as two brothers, each ruling half the main island, go to war. The older brother just wants to have his far more democratic, egalitarian, and smaller community be left alone, while his brother wants to conquer everything. The older brother only fights back because despite sailing ships, he has nowhere to sail to to flee.
  5. I have this idea of book set post-apo fantasy world, destroyed by a giant alien entity called God-Machine or Nazaret. The main plot was about a half-medieval/half-cyberpunk Empire trying to repel an invasion of mutants, led by milenia old vampires that serve The God-Machine. Main hero would a be hedonistic nobleman, accused of witchcraft and hunted by a group of witchhunters - knights riding giant bikes/steamrollers. His gould would be to find ancient elven city, last place where magic is used freely in order to gain control of his powers. It would be epic , full of intrugues and stealing from pretty much everything I love (warhammer, Shadowrun, Fallout, GoT, Mass Effect...).
    Unfortunately, my lazy nature always gets the better of me...
  6. I'm working on a multiverse setting called Transience that I plan to set RPs and maybe eventually books in. I don't know if I'll ever have the time to write a full novel, though. The idea of the setting is several instances of SciFi earth where a different defining event (supernatural in the case of a couple of them) changed the world forever, and one of the universes can create portals to the others, and the best of the best travel through them on missions, which is what I would probably base any novels on.
  7. O_O i have a few i guess

    Mostly i have a set universe where i tell different stories.
    It's fantasy sci-fi
    Where humans have evolved to the point where they can manipulate matter and physics to a degree. And gets drawn into a intergalactic war spanning several galaxies and races.
    I have like 5-7 stories that span over 20-40 thousand years or so and are directly connected trough one immortal female. Not properly written them down yet though.

    Then there is that one fantasy about a forgotten goddess that just thinks fuck it all and leaves her temple and goes on an adventure <,<
    Still very basic in it's workings. But so far friends have enjoyed it. And im writing it in my own language ^^;
  8. Refugees of Earth

    Actually in progress but I haven't done anything for it in like five months. It's a story set a thousand years in the future where two young adults travel from the ruined earth to a new home across the galaxy.

    Shifter Chronicles

    This idea takes place in a magic world where elves and avian races and changelings exist, and the gods choose a peacekeeper to have the power to transform into other races and bring them closer. Inspired by Avatar, Last Airbender.
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