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  1. I am asking for a couple of Roleplayers able to type at least a paragraph or more per post. Doesn't let the roleplay die and can keep the roleplay interesting. I have a few ideas that will consist of Fantasy, Horror, etc. However they will have detailed mature scenes and that is why they are categorized as such. PM me or post here if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    Mystery of Murder

    When the most loved man in my life vanished I swore to search till the ends of the earth to find himNo matter where he may be, no matter how far
    He will always be my one and only
    My one and only
    But now even when I swore to find him he escaped my grasp once again.
    Shall I resort to strangulation?
    To end his life?
    Or bury the cheater alive
    I only wanted to love him, but he pushed me away
    Threw me into the depths of my nightmares
    So I threw him into his.

    * This roleplay consists of the poem. The woman who wrote this became a ghost to forever haunt her past husband. This borders on Paranormal, for both the husband and wife are ghosts. The husband is a playboy and fell into a vampire's soul, a 1920's mafia godfather at a young age. The woman fell into a human's soul, a professional assassin in order to hunt down her husband. She's halfway there, for the vampire has the human around for killing enemies. The mystery is if she will forgive him or drive the very death she brought him into reality. This can be a MxM or MxM.

    Any questions PM me*

    Asylum Love

    Based on Batman's Mad Love comic. Basically the plot is simple. A psychiatrist falls in love with a criminal, murderer, D.I.D patient, etc. This love goes far beyond listening to their story but trying to break them out of jail and failing the first time. Until the patient come up with a plan that involves his best talent, killing. They end up escaping and running away together while he continues to finish his tasks. But they fall in love.

    Fandoms(Can be with Gender Bend versions)

    Sherlock Holmes X Watson
    Joker X Batman
    Joker X Harley Quinn
    Iron Man X Captain America
    Iron Man X Loki
    Iron Man X Hawkeye
    Pepper X Tony

    Random(these can be both maleXmale and FxM)

    Vampire X Human (no twilight)
    Vampire X Demon
    Master X Slave
    Demon X Human
    Student X Student
    Princess X Assassin
    Mafia member X Target

  2. *peeks around corner*
  3. I am interested. If you are willing to roleplay with me.
  4. Indeed I am very interested. Have anything catch your eye?
  5. I like the asylum love one but I am willing to do just about anything if you'd like.
  6. If you want to do Asylum Love than we can do this one. Either way I'm fine wih it
  7. I usually like doing whatever my partner is craving at the moment so Its all up to you.
  8. Still open for another interested player?
  9. Lawkheart, I am willing and interested in doing all of them. Asylum love would be fantastic.

    Raya, I am looking for more players, you are welcome. Any thing you are interested in?
  10. which one do you want to do, surprise me
  11. What are your preferences, your best genre?
  12. i'm really into fantasy with a pinch of other genres.
  13. Then pick anything on the list that you would like to try
  14. vampire x human (mxm). How does that sound? with a twist master and slave.
  15. If you are interested I ould love to do a slave x master with ya :)
  16. what do you think of a human/demon one where the human has schizophrenia and when they see the demon they thing they're just seeing things?
  17. @raya. That seems wonderful, this discussion can go into message so we don't overload this thread. :)
    @Stheno. Sounds great, message me as well.
    [MENTION=2953]YamiNoOkami[/MENTION]. That sounds awesome. Have any idea's on gender roles?
  18. dont care about the genders it can go for either one you have any preferance?
  19. Nope, I can do either MxM or MxF, so really it goes based on what you are most comfortable roleplaying.
  20. then we are at a stalemate good sir call heads or tails. heads for MxM tails for FxM
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